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Itt we are stupid cats waiting to die Anonymous 144615

What's the first thing you'd do as a cat if you had to be one for a day

Anonymous 144618

shit all over the place

Anonymous 144622

The pet dog would eat it

Anonymous 144627

id saw meow meow meow

Anonymous 144628

then id bite someoe

Anonymous 144630

i would play with my cat and love on her. she always friendly around my other two cats but they're not as affectionate

Anonymous 144631

also i would get zoomies

Anonymous 144633


Get into a cat fight and win, to defend my cat from the Tom cat outside that annoys her. He would never come back!!

Anonymous 144651



Anonymous 144658


Anonymous 144659

Correct answer

Anonymous 144697

cute! i would do the same. we can run around outside and then when she gets tired we can lie around in the sun or cuddle together in her favorite spot behind the couch. i will defend her from my other cat who likes to beat her up sometimes. we will be best friends we already are

Anonymous 144700

eat a Lasagna and take a nap.

Anonymous 144848

hiss at neighbours

Anonymous 144857

people let cats get into anywhere I would have a camera hanging on my collar then go to prohibited places like Area 51.

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