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Anonymous 144656

What is your sleep schedule like? When do you go to bed, when do you wake up? Do you get enough sleep?

Anonymous 144657

>wake up
>go to bed

Anonymous 144660

I try to go to bed at 10ish. I’ve been waking up at 5-6 recently, but I don’t have to work until 9 so I potato a bit.

Anonymous 144664

Really bad (4am/5am) - (2pm/3pm) 3am-1pm is one of my better days

Anonymous 144701

wake-up at 6, go to bed at 9. been trying to wake-up at 5:30 but it just won't stick for some reason.

Anonymous 144703

Idk, I suspect I don't get quality sleep. I think the only time in my entire life I woke up refreshed it was the weirdest night I had; stayed up talking to a friend for hours, went to sleep in the morning and woke up feeling full of energy, my years-long dark sunken circles around my eyes were completely gone (my friends immediately said I looked amazing and different), etc. I had energy through the day until I slept again.

It makes 0 sense, but I figure that for some reason whatever happened, I got a good sleep for once.
I normally have a 10PM-7AM type bedtime so…sheesh.

Anonymous 144707

How’d that cat get in there?

Anonymous 144712

22:00 or 22:30 - 5:30

Anonymous 144730

honestly i think there's enough space for it to just crawl in from the snack vent area

Anonymous 144731

my sleep is fucked up. i 'go to bed' around 21:30, toss and turn, finally fall asleep around 23:00, wake up between 02:30 and 03:30, toss and turn until i give up, check my clock and find i have to be up at 05:50, which is in a few minutes anyway. i then begrudgingly get up and get ready for work.

Anonymous 144735

Weird NEET schedule. I set alarms to remind myself to goto bed by 5am (typically stay up until 3-5am) then wakeup no later than 3pm (typically wakeup between 12-3pm). I have to stick to this semi regular sleep schedule or I will not get the right sleep and feel bad. As long as I'm not woken up unexpectedly and nothing comes up where I have to do something in the morning, I actually feel pretty good. I think there's a problem with my circadian rhythm or something. As long I can remember I always had the urge to stay up really late and feel like I'm at my most alert and focused then, but could barely function and stay awake in the morning. Sometimes it was a problem back when I was in school, but now I'm living the dream.

Anonymous 144742

>What is your sleep schedule like?
>When do you go to bed
Whenever tf I want
>when do you wake up?
Whenever tf I want, morning, noon, night
>Do you get enough sleep?
kek, no

Anonymous 144765

Very fine, actually. Usually, I go to sleep at 11PM and then wake up at 6AM. Although, I don't get "sufficient" sleep I wake up refreshed anyway.

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