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Anonymous 145424

> "Monkeypox should be renamed for two major reasons," said Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor, a global health equity advocate and senior New Voices fellow at the Aspen Institute. "First, there is a long history of referring to Blacks as monkeys. Therefore, 'monkeypox' is racist and stigmatizes Blacks
I honestly don’t understand people anymore

Anonymous 145430

Sorry. “It doesnt primarily come from monkies”

Anonymous 145486


Anonymous 147319

Hmm I wonder why the scientific community is now making efforts to be less offensive. Could it be anything to do with the fact moid psychopaths have historically intentionally abused ‘scientific’ data in order to justify genocide and other heinous crimes?

Anonymous 147365

I had a dream I caught monkeypox and I lifted my shirt and my whole body was covered in huge welts

Anonymous 148560

Anonymous 148580


>monkey pox isn't transmitted through butt se-
Those poor dogs.
And also children.

Anonymous 148590

This is definitely one of the most vile diseases Ive seen so far.

Anonymous 148592

Gay men are primarily at risk, I don't see how warning them is discriminatory. Is telling someone to be careful and possibly not fucing random strangers during an STD outbreak bigoted? Crazy world we live in

Anonymous 148596

It's a pretty straightforward statement. Congratulations on living a life so sheltered that you've never encountered "monkey" being used as a racial slur.

That's not even the primary reason. It has far more to do with the fact that the disease is not primarily spread by monkeys, nor did it first appear in monkeys. iirc it was a team of researchers in Denmark who called it that, as they were performing some tests with the disease on monkeys at the time. The name has also lead to a bit of monkey-murder in Brazil: https://apnews.com/article/monkeypox-health-united-nations-brazil-sao-paulo-de119cc1dba771eae16dad17cc519739

Hope that clears things up for you, OP!

No one has ever said that.

Anonymous 148612

It is a dumb statement. Just because "monkey" is used as a slur, it doesn't follow that the term "monkeypox" is racist. Monkey still means monkey. Are you saying the word "monkey" is, in itself, racist?
Tons of diseases have inaccurate names. The Spanish flu didn't start in Spain but in China, for example. This is American virtue signaling and no one can take your stupidity anymore.

Anonymous 148614

Is a monkeywrench racist too?
Should we rename chickenpox?

Anonymous 148615

White savior

Anonymous 148617

>no one has ever said that
Wrong. Gays on Twitter have been complaining about that for months. They did the same with HIV, by the way.

Anonymous 148618

What makes you think that science today is not still controlled by psychopathic moids exploiting it to their own agendas?

Anonymous 148619

> No one has ever said that.
Delusional. John oliver even had an entire segment on how “yea ok the original statements that this is a disease is primarily between homosexual men actually ended up being true, but it was homophobic to say it that way they should have said the disease is primarily between homosexual men” (notice how absolutely nothing changed in the phrasing because thats how fucking stupid their point was). people were so desperate to jump on the american “let me be offended for you” train and claim that the disease just happens to be mainly with MSM but it will soon jump to the general population, but that failed to happen because the disease is not that contagious, it only spreads via vigorous contact with open sores such as in the massive orgies these men are having and thus its entirely a concern for these men, the children they look after, their dogs and the poor hotel maids who happen to be unfortunate enough to handle the blood, puss and semen stained linens that come in contact with the prolapsed anuses after the pride parades.

Anonymous 148623

have you considered going back to reddit?

Anonymous 148626

>It's a pretty straightforward statement. Congratulations on living a life so sheltered that you've never encountered "monkey" being used as a racial slur.
Anyone claiming 'Monkeypox' has any relation to this usage is a racist. Because no one else has made this association but you. You are a racist. Meaning no reason to change it on this basis.

Anonymous 148708


>its reductive to tell people to stop having piss guzzling orgies

Anonymous 148721

Every day I go a bit more insane

Anonymous 148732


Anonymous 148733


There's a reproductive rights thread with 300+ replies and now you're like "abstinence works! just stop having sex!". At no point in human history have people been made to stop having sex, you complete dingus.

I explained where the name comes from in that post. I know in and of itself "Monkeypox" isn't racist, but it could very obviously be used as a racial slur by those so inclined to do so. Please don't reply to me again until you have the critical thinking skills of an 11 year old, at least.

Tweets?! Why didn't you say?! I didn't know people where tweeting this opinion, that means it's really serious and widespread and loads of people think it's true and all the scientists I've heard and journalists I've read were wrong! You're really stupid so I'm going to tell you flat out how sarcastic this paragraph was.

The HIV claim you made is complete horseshit too. The LGBT community spent decades campaigning for more awareness and literally any kind of governmental support in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Monkeypox isn't really comparable though as even without vaccination the fatality rate is incredibly low.

Anonymous 148736

Ah so youre just a seething homo. Cool well since abstinence doesnt work can you at least only fuck other adult men while your ass is filled with [REDACTED FOR ULTRARACISM]pox instead of dogs and children? You can still gurgle the shit and puss that slides out in the act you call “love” but spare the animals and kids while you know you have a rash. Thanks

Anonymous 148739

>All people with aids are innocent
When you read about patient zero and how these men willfully ignored their doctor’s suggestions and continued to sleep with 50 to 100 men a night in “dark rooms” while being covered in sores. “I have gay cancer. And you might get it too” comes to mind. No, there may have been some innocents but there were many who were far from it.

Anonymous 148747

imagine being obsessed and sad enough to lurk female boards

Anonymous 148753

lol imagine willingly subjecting yourself to the schizophrenic delusions of /pol/.

Anonymous 148758

I and many others can go complete lifetimes without having sex with total strangers, is it really that tall of an order to ask?

Anonymous 148759

westerners cant seem to live without fucking randoms…

Anonymous 148764

stop putting sex on a pedestal, autist

Anonymous 148765

Stop raping kids and dogs

Anonymous 148767

>cc users on /pol/
meds. now.

Anonymous 148768

>dood I can't believe you don't have sex like all the time!
Actual scrote mindset.
Not being able to sleep with 100+ strangers isn't the end of the fucking world.

Anonymous 148769

for >>148763

Anonymous 148770

Pedo homos need to rape 100s of kids a day

Anonymous 148773

And that’s a good thing. If you have sex with moids, they win.

The only way to win the game is not to play at all.

Anonymous 148947

fit in.jpg

moid hands wrote this.

Anonymous 148967


It's not a racist name at all, but on another note I really can't wait for idiots to cry when they realize that monkeypox doesn't just come from sex because no one did shit since it's a "gay disease". Health organisations are doing a really shit job of getting the word out by focusing on the sexual contact aspect to the point where people don't realize any physical contact can be contagious. It may be the most prominent way to spread but it's not the only one so they really need to make sure people understand it's not just a problem for people who buttfuck.

Anonymous 149141

Its literally only a gay disease though. For normal people not having 90 man orgies it passes on average to less than one other person.

Anonymous 149153

Nta. Are you stupid? Anon is saying that people don't realize you can pass it even if you aren't having gay orgies or whatever the fuck. Like you said, you can still pass it to at least one other person.

Anonymous 149156

They say it needs vigorous contact between injured skin/mucosas to spread though. Diseases that spread like that are always more common in gay men because of the microfissures in anal sex, plus their degree of promiscuity. L

Anonymous 149157

I didn't mean to type "L", please ignore it lol

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