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Dog people Anonymous 14561

Ok, dogs are cute and nice pets but does anyone else think that dog people go completely overboard? Also does anyone else pretend to like dogs more than they actually do to fit in?

Anonymous 14564

it's cat people i always see bitching tbh

Anonymous 14565

Dog people always get the relutation of over the top kind of folks and yet is cat people who I see obsesed with cat merchandiser and a actitud of "dog people are weird and dumb extroverts lol"

Anonymous 14566

images (10).jpeg

Okay bitch

Anonymous 14568

The cat people I know are more obsessed with cat merchandise and cat themed things, but the dog people I know are more extroverted and wayyy over-the-top about how much they JUST LOVE dogs.

Idk I don't get animal people.

Anonymous 14581

Dog owners piss me off. They have to take their shitty creature everywhere and conversation always revolves about their pet. I find your dog cute and all but I do not fucking care how often you feed it or whatever. At least cat owners leave their pet at home

Anonymous 14582


You could say I'm a dog person.

Anonymous 14584


I love both dogs and cats equally and with all of my heart. Whether it's an outdoors cat or a dog being walked I see, I feel warmth and affection wash over me.

But I'm an invertebrate person, really. Love my tarantula and want to own more/a larger variety soon. I really want a giant centipede, probably an S. heros although S. gigantea would be ideal.

Pic related is S. alternans.

Anonymous 14586

Welll dogs are actually affectionate. I want one but I don't have time for it due to work. I'm so lonely.

Anonymous 14588

I can't believe you've done dis

Anonymous 14591

I don't care much for dogs at all. It gives me the shits when dog owners get upset by me being indifferent to their dogs.

Anonymous 14609

Same, but hating dogs is somehow seen as a crime, so i always give the excuse of just being scared, allergic or whatever…

Anonymous 14610

Never personally witnessed that irl but I have seen a bunch of instagram accounts for dogs and they all seem to be older women or fat American Midwestern families RPing as their "furbaby" and I find dog fanatics absolutely mental.

OTOH cat fanatics are more prone to calling dog people dumb normie extroverts and way too many make being a cat owner their entire identity, owning cat paraphernalia, wearing cat-themed clothes etc. It's silly to point fingers since it's always the pot calling the kettle black.

I like both cats and dogs but I don't go crazy over either, both can make lovely pets but it's not really that big of a deal, people have owned cats and dogs for many centuries now.

Anonymous 14622

Yes! I really want a pet centipede but my partner won't allow it :(

Anonymous 14649

Eh I'm not a dog person but have never met any over the top dog people. I'm more of a cat person(yes I love cat themed stuff and collect it too). The only dog I might be fond of are sharpeis but that's just cause they're soft. They're cute to look at but I don't want one as a pet is all.

Not liking dogs has never been treated as a crime in my experience but I've met a couple of people who seemed absolutely shocked to find there are people who don't care for dogs. They're generally the ones who go "b-b-b-bbbut cat people are this/do these things". They seem to be the minority though and everyone else jsut doesnt care so eh fuck those people who make a big deal out of not liking dogs.

Anonymous 14662

OP here, this wasn’t supposed to be a dogs against cats type of thing, and I have no bias towards either of them.

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