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Anonymous 145988

Does anyone have any advice on how to find a good dentist?

Bad dentists hire terrible dental hygienists who I feel like are actively damaging my teeth. I've had more bad experiences than I've had good ones.

The best dentist's office I've been to was super clean and the dental hygienist (while a little bit kooky) was incredibly thorough with her cleaning of my teeth. Unfortunately it's located 1000 miles away from me and I have to find a new one.

Anonymous 146151


Anonymous 146155

Just look at the Yelp reviews.

Anonymous 146156

I feel like a lot of people are pretty bad at gauging the quality of a dental cleaning though?

Like if they get a cleaning without any major billing issues they'll give the office 5 stars

Anonymous 146157

See if there are dental clinics for low income women and domestic violence victims in your town, and then see who founded it/the dentists who do volunteer work there. Dentists who would participate in something like that will be more likely to hire good hygienists in their actual practices. That's how I found my dentist, and I'm beyond pleased with both her and my hygienist. They're so attentive and sweet.

Anonymous 146159

this is actually pretty good advice anon, thanks

I'll see if I can find a dentist like this in my area.

For a second there I thought you were suggesting I went to a dental clinic for domestic violence victims haha. The hidden gems of the dental industry

Anonymous 146166

I really doubt they are damaging your teeth while cleaning. They normally only use the metal scrapers and that removes the hard plaque build up but the actual enamel of the tooth is orders of magnitude harder. A more realistic risk from a bad cleaning (or overbrushing) is receding gums from being too aggressive. This exposes more of the lower tooth to wear and getting acidic bacteria poop to sit and wear away at it.
That all being said some dentists suck and some hygienists are very aggressive. Reviews are one thing, avoid the absolute cheapest place, those dental chains are never good. Might take some trial and error, if you dont like the person, switch. Annoying to tell the new place to get the xrays but mostly hands off. Good luck nona. I just had a cleaning today!

Anonymous 146171

>stopped brushing for 3 years due to mental breakdown and autistic anxiety about putting anything in my mouth whether it was food or a toothbrush
>now have severe gingivitis and the start of peridontitis due to dental neglect
>have to get dental planing now where they scrape under the gums and put a bunch of antibiotics in there
I’m terrified and feel like such an idiot for neglecting myself like that. Has anyone else had this done. What am I in for sisters.

Anonymous 146188

>stopped brushing for 3 years
what the fuuuck

Anonymous 146451

I haven't been to the dentist in like 5 years and my teeth hurt all the time. I probably need that, too.

Anonymous 146456

Find a Jewish dentist, no joke. My dentist is Jewish he's pretty good. Then again he's been my only dentist.

Anonymous 146833

t. Nora Goldstein

Anonymous 147019

>then see who founded it/the dentists who do volunteer work there
this information isn't readily available at most of these kinds of clinics, at least in my area

Anonymous 147081

I have a Jewish doctor and she’s amazing. I have an Asian dentist and he did my teeth perfectly when they were so messed up before. God damn why are Asians and Jews so good at this stuff. When it comes to the medical profession I literally only trust Asians and Jews.

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