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Fearlessness Thread Anonymous 146961

Pick three or answer all of them

>Are you fearless? Yes or no


>Are you needlessly wreckless?

>Are you cautious in a social environment?

>Are you cautious when you are outside with nature (alone)?

>Which of the above two scenarios do you feel more fearless in?

>Are you more fearless now than you were ten years ago?


>How about yesterday?

>What advice do you have for the anons that are scared to do things (or just scared in general)?

>Are you afraid of (all) men?

>Are you afraid of death?

>What does "mercy" mean to you? (If you have no answer, what initial feeling/thought does the word "mercy" prompt?)

>Do you think you'll wake up tomorrow feeling either more or less fearless than you were today?

>Do you think about fear often?


>Anything else you want to add

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