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Anonymous 14734

So… i found that there are prostitution ads at a free newspaper which is distributed on the subways. I wasn't expecting for that, and it made me disturbed, I barely know what to think. What do you think about that?

Anonymous 14735

That seems weird. What country? I suppose its weirdness entirely depends on your country's prostitution laws.

This is deffo a bait thread btw

Anonymous 14736

Those are on my country as well, in most, if not all, free local newspapers that are on the street for people to pick up.
Thought it was normal, but i guess it's not?

Anonymous 14737


>it made me disturbed
Tbdesu I can't see how is it a bad thing. We should be free to do whatever we want with our bodies, including money. Also it's rather beneficial from other viewpoints: the economy of our country grows->welfare grows->NEET miners' income grows. It's a win-win.

Anonymous 14738

Prostitution is disgusting (muh body, muh decision ^) because despite what people say about empowerment and all that bullshit. Call me a prude but there isn't anything empowering and cool about selling your asshole for a guy because of money, it just makes you more likely to suffer mentally and emotionally in the long run (I wrote a paper on ex prostitutes and the stories are horrible, I had to interview many), not to mention a higher chance of being attacked by some psycho client. All of that if you a prostitute/sugar baby who got into it because you "wanted" to.

I won't even start on pimps and trafficked women.

Seeing those ads out there is sad, but everything comes down to the laws of where you are.

Anonymous 14770

You're a prude who doesn't understand the difference between cause and correlation, or how regulating something can help deal with the potential downsides.

Anonymous 14771

any woman who defends prostitution is either a fucking idiot or doesn't really know how badly it hurts women as a whole. gtfo.

Anonymous 14773

SWERF is a slur for a reason.

Anonymous 14775

>how badly it hurts women as a whole
smdh lol

Anonymous 14776

There are always women who will voluntarily go into prostitution or sex work in general. Why not legalize it so they can be protected better? So many women take the fall for pimps because prostitution is illegal in areas.

Anonymous 14777

doesn't solve much. they will still be inviting strangers into their homes who are the kind of people who bang hookers, or they'll be going somewhere "safe" where there are people who make it "safe" who handle them and institute rules and take a cut of the money. These are going to be the real winners, the ones not signing themselves up to be used. there will still be corruption and abuse of these women. More women might go into it if legalized. And then there's having morals, one might argue that it's abuse of these women even if nothing goes "wrong" and they want to do it. Are you okay with parents making their teens get summer jobs? Now are you okay with parents making their teens prostitute to earn their keep? It's not work. It's not right. why should long-held moral beliefs be bent and broken? We know right from wrong.

Anonymous 14785


well said! i only have one point to add, and it's that sometimes social change is about deciding what kind of society we will want someday, and not about what the current society wants right now. Do we really want a society where it's ok to buy another person?

For anyone that's interested, I thought these were some good resources on the subject;




Anonymous 14791

What you're objecting to is capitalism, not prostitution. Unless you believe that there are no other jobs that are dangerous or involve exploitation of the workforce? I find it very hard to take any of what you're saying seriously and not as just an expression of your learned prudishness trying to justify itself rationally.

Anonymous 14793

Stop calling everyone in the thread a prude, or it's only fair if we call you a hooker.

Anonymous 14798

I don't care about autonomy or w/e, but something that I think gets lost in these discussions is that a lot of attempts at reducing prostitution end up hurting the women being prostituted just as badly.

Many women end up forced into sex work because they have no better options. Banning sex work on any capacity without actually providing them better options just leaves them with none.

Anonymous 14799

>I'm not a prude! I'm against prostitution because of the damage it does to women, you filthy whore!
Have you ever thought before you hit send?
Arguing that it should be prohibited using examples of women suffering under its prohibition is just some mind boggling mental gymnastics.
>Alcohol should stay illegal! Just look at all the crime that speakeasies and the Mafia cause!
It's only fair that I assume you're against it for some reason that you're not admitting to, because this makes no sense, and the most likely reason is that you find sex for money morally repugnant.

Anonymous 14801


we definitely do need more resources for women who want to exit the industry

Anonymous 14802

>why is the demand so high that it needs to be met with human trafficking
NTA and not taking any sides but that's like saying that if stores sold enough goods then there wouldn't be a market for stolen goods. Even if women went into prostitution willingly, there would still be human trafficking because there would still be greedy men willing to "steal" women and sell their bodies off for easy money (and men would still pay for it for various reasons.)

I don't think banning prostitution is in any way feasible because people will engage in it regardless, it's like banning drugs. If you have a strong enough legit "market", that might make people ("pimps", prostitutes and clients) stay away from unsafe illegitimate businesses.

Anonymous 14809

If it is legal, it needs to be heavily regulated, as said on lolcow, men can't see women's bodies sexually without being batshit crazy about it, hell look at what they do when random women get hacked and have their nudes exposed, cam girls already have stalker and creep issues, prostitutes in red light districts in thailand have sex pats coming in, abusing them, getting them pregnant then cutting all communication with them, men harass prostitutes in amsterdam, and since America fucking sucks at regulating things chances are they won't be bothered regulating prostitution either

Anonymous 14815

Totally. There are plenty of good arguments for legalising it but legalising in order to make it safer for the women doing it should be reason enough on its own.

Anonymous 14826

>they will still be inviting johns into their homes
>or they'll be going somewhere where people handle/institute/take a cut of their money
>these are the only two options

do they not have hotels in your country?
also every example you've cited isn't a problem with prostitution, it's a problem with pimping.

has it right.

Anonymous 14827

Even in the countries where it IS regulated, prostitution still has tons of problems and it carries a stigma. Not to mention men still keep taking advantage of women to get profit, even in said places. I don't think prostitution should be regulated, it's just like regulating every drug ever – it's hard, costy, full of what ifs, has the potential to backfire, and more. Those are some of the major reasons why it hasn't been done in several countries.

Anonymous 14829

>Even in the countries where it IS regulated, prostitution still has tons of problems
So do most professions.
>and it carries a stigma.
So what?
>Not to mention men still keep taking advantage of women to get profit, even in said places.
That's called capitalism. Take it up with the banks.
>I don't think prostitution should be regulated, it's just like regulating every drug ever
Like alcohol? We've been over this.
>it's hard,
No harder than every other thing that is already regulated and legal
Do you know what income tax is?
>full of what ifs,
>has the potential to backfire, and more.
Same as everything.
>Those are some of the major reasons why it hasn't been done in several countries.
You keep saying the same empty arguments and all I hear is "eww but it's gross!", "but it's a sin!".

Anonymous 14831


>>You keep saying the same empty arguments and all I hear is "eww but it's gross!", "but it's a sin!".

if this is what you're hearing you might need to work on your reading comprehension skills

Anonymous 14832

Great rebuttal.

Anonymous 14868


In the states, popular sex work advertising sites Backpage and a page on Craighslist were seized by the FBI under a new law.
This is bad. With ad sites, workers could work independently without pimps. They could screen Johns by checking with other prostitutes like them. It was like a mini union of sex workers looking out for each other instead of relying on pimps. Now sex workers will be pushed back onto streetwalking, which is incredibly dangerous and requires a pimp.
The solution is only legalizing sex worker co-ops

Anonymous 14885

That's terrible, if only there were some way to do something about it like by arranging it so the girls can do it in a safe place with security measures and oversight. Oh well.

Anonymous 14894

You realise backpage wasn't properly regulated, right?

>moonshine still exists despite legality of beer in US

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