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Learning General Anonymous 147672

Does anyone have any advice on how I can learn linear algebra in a couple weeks?

I don't have any class or anything just want to learn math

Anonymous 147673


when I posted this I got a "flood detected" message, dunno what that was about

Anonymous 147681

Get a math book about linear algebra and teach yourself I guess. Maybe this website helps

Anonymous 147688


The higher math you learn the fewer accessible resources are out there, so finding an engaging textbook and teaching yourself is probably the way to go. My prof in college had us use the Strang linear algebra text which was very popular and a lot of students said that was their favorite math class ever. The Life of Fred series is a total meme but has a lot of higher math. The approach is unconventional but lets you choose how rigorously you want to learn.

Anonymous 147711

read Ultralearning

Anonymous 147765

Use Kahn academy it's rally great.

Anonymous 147782

Anonymous 147796

Khan Academy and a university textbook.
Have fun

Anonymous 147831

holy shit, i never thought i'd find another person who has heard of the Life of Fred books. i would definitely second this nona's recommendation, these are very good books for learning math. just keep in mind there's a lot of weird stuff thrown in there, some of it being surprisingly political.

Anonymous 147922

can you post pdfs on this chan?

Anonymous 147941

only text

Anonymous 149216

how do i learn blender

Anonymous 151453

anyone have good studying tips? need help keeping stuff in my long term memory

Anonymous 151466

take notes, and spaced repetition. outside of that it's pretty much up to your perseverance and the amount of work you put in.

Anonymous 151495

The couple weeks are done; how did you do OP?

Anonymous 151500


did pretty well. didn't learn shit and watched anime. didn't even try.

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