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Memento mori Anonymous 147928

Are you afraid of death?

Anonymous 147929

No point thinking about it until it happens imo.

Anonymous 147932

no im afraid i will live forever in the aftelife and be forced to suffer more

im also afraid one day my thoughts will be accessible to everyone, whether its a spiritual thing that happens after you die or in the future they will create a technology that can analyze my brainwaves from the past and read my thoughts

my bf tells me to believe in god so he can spend eternity with me. idk, i love him but eternity is too much to give him.

Anonymous 147935

no. i am tired of living. frankly i've thought about just blowing my head out once i graduate college and remember feeling like i was destined for suicide since i was in middle school. i'm so fucking sick of constantly feeling like i have to adapt, i want a relationship so badly but i'm scared i will miss something important and fail to be enough for someone in some way and be rejected or tossed to the side as i have been basically my entire fucking life. i'm not afraid of death so much as the thought of going through life never reaching a point where i'm stopped wondering whether i'm going to achieve happiness yet.

anyways death is not so scary. everyone's going to die, and it's only fair as all of us were brought into this world without consent. i think people should read more books or something to help with the fear of our mortality.

Anonymous 147948

No living is red, dying is blue, what's the difference

Anonymous 147952

death is inevitable, itll come some day so why rush it. it doesnt bring me anxiety because by the time im dead ill be too dead to notice that im dead, and too dead to care that im dead. Its been trillions upon billions of years before i was born and its never gave me a bother, so whats a few trillion more post mortis because the beauty of it is having no capacity of knowing time because theres no me to acknowledge the time elapsed while dead. And theres no unconscious for me to freak out about being dead. So no, death isnt an issue for me

Anonymous 147958

>eternity is too much to give him.
Lol, preach

In Buddhism they have five planes of existence, hell/animals/ghosts/humans/heavens. And none are eternal, we just shift between them based on our conduct. The only real liberation is in transcending the whole mess entirely by cultivating wisdom and ultimately achieving what is basically ego-death, from which you aren't dependant on anything, thus ending rebirth. Apparently you can even carry that state through death, which is why it's referred to as the "deathless". Pretty hardcore.

Yeah I've been miserable for a long time and learning this stuff has helped. Pondering karma and reincarnation kinda helps life seem less suffocating. It's nice that there's something out there that makes my efforts seem less marginalized.

It's a shame religion is so condemned these days. Even if it is goofy it at least tries to take existentialism seriously. Rather than just getting drugged by woke doctors who're buried in 300k of medical school debt. We're living in some sick times.

Anonymous 147987

based schizo

Anonymous 147995

do not care about dying in the slightest. if my plane was about to crash I'd probably just remain calm

Anonymous 148024

Why are you so low inhibition wtf

Anonymous 148043

>i've thought about just blowing my head out once i graduate college
What are you graduating for if you're just gonna die anyways?
Idk about you but I fuckinf hate academics, the work and the people involved in it. Why put up with this shit if you can't reap the benefits?
>remember feeling like i was destined for suicide since i was in middle school.
Holy fucking shit, same.
I never felt like I was actually gonna make it. And I remember being at my darkest and thinking to myself "I knew I wasn't gonna make it, this is just how I end and I've known it for a while, I can't picture another ending".
Idk. Its hard to explain my precise thoughts on it, that doesn't really capture it.
>all of us were brought into this world without consent
Preach. Every time I'm reborn I feel like my soul has been raped.
The infinite nature of the universe scares me a little and it makes me want to die because I don't want to be apart of this. Its too much for me.
I never felt like I had a purpose to live. Even when I was little. I never felt like I was living because I loved life or because I had a purpose but more like I was shoved here so anything I did in life was just to make the time here more bearable. Distractions.
I feel like I've got more to cling to now but even still when I think about it suicide is tempting because I just don't want to be apart of this. If I could undo my whole life and have never been born I'd do it in a heartbeat.
>Rather than just getting drugged by woke doctors who're buried in 300k of medical school debt. We're living in some sick times.
Meds are a big fat money making scam and it shifts the blame off of the sick world we live in which causes mental stress and instead tells people theyre the dysfunctional ones for not being a perfect cog in a machine. Yeah it is sick.
Religion, is a little better, not by much though. Just like meds it sells people artificial happiness, lies, and abuses its power to exploit people, sometimes for money.

Anonymous 148045

I'm afraid of death but I try to not think about it too much as I will have to die anyway and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. All I can do is to take care of my body and make the most of the time I have left.
My life is good and I would be sad if it ended. It's scary to think about how I could die today because I slipped in the shower or get hit by a car.

Anonymous 148269

No, only of getting old.

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