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What do you think of the webcomic "Leslie and Brianne"? Anonymous 148553

It's basically comic books created by Keith Stack about a lesbian couple, which as the name suggests are Leslie and Brianne. Personally I wasn't interested as the jokes are not very related to "lesbian culture" and mainly because it was apparently created by a troons-friendly moid.

Anonymous 148554

I haven't read it but it's shit.

Anonymous 148556

Tranny garbo

Anonymous 148557

Anonymous 148591

it's cute and i love the artstyle :3

Anonymous 148595

It's tranny garbo like has been said but some of it where there's none of the author's political bullshit it's good and adorable

Anonymous 148597

>comic about lesbians made by a man
No thanks

Anonymous 148620

Someone posted a page of it on here and I didn’t know what it was. The page was cute, but since a moid is writing it idk if the rest of it is like that.

I did download the page but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Anonymous 148622


Okay, I just read some more. Considering Leslie extremely opinionated and has blue hair, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I’m hesitant to call it homophobic or anything. It’s just kinda silly but the author has to be extremely careful about shit. But it does kind of just seem he’s going off of gay stereotypes, especially with Leslie. As a lesbian myself I don’t find it offensive but at the same time I don’t know what the author’s intentions are. I’m also extremely bad at picking up on irony so take this with a grain of salt.

Also, some are just downright gross. As in theres blood/snot everywhere.

There’s also a one about abortions that’s just… horribly timed and insensitive.

A lot are cute and silly, but some are just downright crude and weird on purpose, which isn’t bad, it’s just not my thing.

So I have mixed feelings.

Anonymous 148697

i really like it. i like when female characters are gross and nasty instead of being obliged to be clean and pretty 24/7 for a male audience. the fact the author is male doesn't even bother me really

Anonymous 148718

S02E10 - Way Down …

Thought it was funny at first but then it just became a lesser version of pic related over time.

Anonymous 148720

Anonymous 148723

This. Women get roasted the shit out for some fujo BL, yet moids get to make movies, games, cartoons about lesbians, and nobody blinks an eye.

Anonymous 148724

i blame the aydens having a self-hate complex

Anonymous 148729


Anonymous 148912


I also have some mixed feelings about it, mainly because seeing a moid opine on something or speaking for lesbians disgusts me.

Autogynephilia is trending and unfortunately any lesbian romanticization and fetishization forms has always been common.

Anonymous 148935

I looked it up and its pretty unfunny, boringly written characters.
Leslie is just gross and dumb
Brianne is just angry and opinionated.
Jokes aren't funny, the strips are boring.
I wouldn't call it purely moid fetish because it seems like he does try but is just a really really bad writer, but I will say Brianne seems to be sexualized a lot and her boobs are drawn autistically.
Overall, just bland and boring.

I did see a funny strip a while ago which I believe was actually an edit of this comic, where Leslie walks up to Brianne and it goes something like this:
"Hi I am lesbian."
"Me too! I'm Brianne and I think its terrible the government is trying to restrict our rights and freedoms"
"I'm leslie and I don't think much about anything."
"wanna watch movies at my house?"
I think it was a parody or like "haha lesbians are desperate and have small dating pools".

Anonymous 149066



Anonymous 149088

I don't think he is trying to say anything really except to just get some clicks with lesbians because they're popular. If anything I think it is a satire of how media forces lesbians into anything thinking people will like it more because it has lesbians in it.

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