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Inclusive modeling/body positivity Anonymous 148779

Thoughts on this subject?
Honestly I don't get what people expect from companies. No, it isn't right that people have extremely unrealistic beauty standards shoved down their throats and that people feel bad about it, but they don't do it to hurt anyone's feelings. Companies exist to sell product and make money, advertising works by making a product look attractive for consumers to buy. That is with everything, not just clothes, take food for example, there are people who's job it is to make food look as pretty as possible for advertisements. Looks are everything in advertising. So of course a clothing company is going to use the same techniques to make their clothes look more attractive to consumers. By having an attractive person model their clothes, it makes people view the product more attractive as a whole. They have no incentive to to include women with many physical flaws. Because even though companies try to look good by using a model with stretch marks or a fat model here and there, they'll still largely use the conventionally attravtive models because its still more successful advertising than being inclusive. For many people supporting inclusive companies is a conscious decision, but seeing a hot model and wanting to buy the product they are promoting is unconscious.

I also think not all bodies need be normalized. Obese people (not chubby or slightly overweight people) are unhealthy. End of story. The only way you get there is by being a hedonistic fatass with no willpower. And I'm tired of fatties complaining about it like their poor choices are everyone else's problem.

Anonymous 148781

People will probably give you shit for saying all this but I honestly agree with most of it.
The moral of the story is to ultimately realize that these are brands at the end of the day, and not everything they put out there should be taken to heart.
Also, if you feel like improving your body/health then try developing healthy eating habits and exercise routines instead of starving yourself or puking out your meals.

Anonymous 148783

Not sure why you’re acting like this is some hot take sis. Everyone hates seeing fat and ugly people on billboards. There’s a difference between promotion and representation. Showing fat people isn’t encouraging fatness, it’s simply representing them because they exist (overweight people make up 70% of the west)

Anonymous 148784

Then they should be up front about it and honestly promote models that don't. You say this but they end up being anorexic one way or another. Read real stories, about real models. Yes people should be shown as beautiful but abusing your models into being anorexic shouldn't be legal anywhere.

Everything from moids becomes backwards and corrupted in this way when they're just thinking about moneh. They're frequently callous indifferent sadists where money and beautiful women are concerned. They bleed everything they can out of everything they come in contact with when they get the chance. Money shouldn't be a motivator in this decision or in any decision, because they'll all try to compete with each other until the game is backwards and broken. It's the way of scrotes.

Anonymous 148789

Putting obese women on billboards is based imo. It makes scrotes seethe and also turns more of them gay so they’ll leave women alone.

Anonymous 148790

Changed my whole perspective, I am body positive now
Overweight isn't the same as obese

Anonymous 148798


Anonymous 148814

As if most men aren't gay already

Anonymous 148858

maybe I have some insight? idk I was a professional model for a few years (and did some high-end things) and you only see body inclusivity on the outside of the industry, inside the fat girls know fully that they are being tokenised and none of them seemed to enjoy being models and just wanted the money. None of us were bitches to them, there is a small degree of solidarity contrary to the media portrayal, Im not US so maybe its different where theres more "acceptance" and you might be competing for jobs more often with fat girls

Anonymous 148859

samefag, and saged this time, just want to say I have respect for fat girl models, they have changed the industry in a small way that made it better for the skinny bitches

Anonymous 148863

Oh my God you know they secretly dream of ripping off each others clothes and kissing nonstop into the sunset, for the freedom points and the lulz…

Anonymous 148868

What do they do next nona? Did either of them bring olive oil on this picnic?

Anonymous 148875

Everybody can promote their clothes with a conventionally attractive person
But can you make your product look good on an average/plus body? That’s the people who will be wearing it after all
What’s the point for me to know if your clothes will suit a model, I want to know will it suit different types of bodies
If they are unable to present their product for a consumer’s need - that’s a bad product
If I am interested in a specific piece of clothing, I am trying to search how people with my body type (not skinny, not chubby) wear it. I won’t buy a thing if it looks nice on a random malnourished teen, so what’s the point in advertising that way

Anonymous 149173

Honestly, it's a well known secret that the fashion industry is horrible and model aren't treated well. So I don't know why people are advocating that we should have more diverse models. We should start with improving the industry as a whole. If with just let more people in without improving it just means more people are going to get abused.
Most of the clothes that body positive companies sells is made by child workers or poor women who are paid shit wages. So it just feels kinda tone deaf when they preach about uplifting women.
So between the shit way the models are treated and the shit wages the factory workers gets I just find the whole fashion industry rotten so it's just ironic when they want to promote themselves as anything positive. Just a marketing stunt to distract people from real issues.

Anonymous 154044

The owner of VS is the one who helped Jeffrey Epstein make his money and they were close friends his whole adult life. There’s also rumours a number of the VS models were pimped out or slept with Epstein and his other rich pedo friends in their younger years to get deals with VS and be made into angels. So yeah don’t buy from that disgusting company unless you support human traffickers and nonce clubs.

Anonymous 154065

American eagle does body positive modelling (everyone on their site is a regular dumpy looking woman) and it honestly doesn't look like their sales suffered. They're still going strong while companies committed to employing only hot models (e.g. abercrombie and fitch) got left in the dust, so

>. Companies exist to sell product and make money, advertising works by making a product look attractive for consumers to buy.

doesn't really seem to be true. Also wait, are you that one anti-fat poster that everyone probably rightly accused of being a moid?

Anonymous 154066

Yeah I used to think the body positivity thing was just some gimmicky marketing shtick until I realized how much it upset scrotes and handmaidens who base their entire self esteem on the fact that they aren't fat. Being fat and encouraging fatness is subversive af.
This also makes sense - why wouldn't companies pick models that actually look like normal women (think size 8-10 so OP can't bemoan the tragedy of 300lb women)? I wouldn't trust a shirt especially online if it was modelled on a really hot woman.

Anonymous 154071

What difference does it make? In all honesty who the hell pays attention to ads? They're all the exactly the fucking same.

Maybe some moids playin with their pps pay attention to the models I suppose…. but as for me I ignore virtually all ads.

Theyre just annoying, what does it matter? They could put their lingerie on a buffalo and I still wouldn't pay attention. Accept maybe for laughs! but I wouldn't buy the shitty product.

If anything getting in my face trying to sell something makes me want to buy it even less.

I think advertisers are try hards, reaching desperately for the same tedious attention to the same brand tedium yawn yawn

They need to get a life. I'm all for body positivity if it pisses moids off though! If anything thats the only thing i would pay attention to. What the hell do you know op? You actually pay attention to ads? ..how do you even justify spending your time that way?? Lol

Anonymous 154077

Nothing wrong with the concept, but it sucks that it always comes down to fat acceptance

Anonymous 154114

Body positivity makes me life negative

Anonymous 154175

I would be interested if the models for S/M/L sizes were the actual sizes of the models on the shopping website.

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