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Cottagecore/ Mori Thread Anonymous 148896

I am in desperate need of cottagecore friends. Where can I find cottagecore folk, even forest bf? Also post more like pic related!

Anonymous 148898


Anonymous 148899


Anonymous 148900


Anonymous 148901


Anonymous 148908

Crazy to think this is how everyone used to live but through the marvels of industrialization weve upgraded to the current shitholes

Anonymous 148910


Ah yes the fun of the old days when surgeons went insane from having to torture their patients

Anonymous 148911

You do realize 90% of the population lived in conditions worse than people do now do in the worst 3rd world countries?

Anonymous 148913

You can progress science without mass industrialization, fun fact.

Anonymous 148915

I like both Cottagecore and Arts&Crafts.
I can appreciate lots of aesthetics, even Modernism.
Aesthetics is something, that seems quite universal to me.
I do believe however, that most modern Architects, who are coming out of Architecture school, have no good theory of Aesthetics.
They care more about doing weird, unpolished architectural experiments, when they should be studying Aesthetics instead.

Anonymous 148916

I live the oldschool life and honestly kind of hate when people call it by these aesthetic names or think I want to be a "fairychan" so I havent ever really connected with women with similar lifestyles

Anonymous 148917

samefag, no offence to OP obviously this is just my own personal feeling when the words are addressed towards me as descriptors, kind of makes me feel lonely

Anonymous 148922

This is true, I would like to see it. I think people who idealized the old days are downright insane though

Anonymous 148924

Theyre probably insane from living in the modern world that measures all levels of human progress by production. If you told an acient Roman that in 2000 years wed have machines that could harvest hundreds of thousands of mens worth of grain in a day, and engines that could move a million slaves worth of earth and stone in a week theyd ask how nice it is to sit around all day drinking wine and having orgies and watching plays. Imagine the shock when they learn people now work before the sun rises and after it sets thanks to the light bulb. “But why?”

Anonymous 148925

>theyd ask how nice it is to sit around all day drinking wine and having orgies and watching plays.
only late romans would say that. early romans would try to copy and improve it.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 148930

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