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Anonymous 14893

>went to public pool
>didn't swim, just sitting there like a creep
>qt people everywhere
>back to home dry

why am i like this aaaaaahhhh

Anonymous 14895

I'd have done the same.

Anonymous 14896

i legit sat there for 2 hours because i don't wanna people think i'm a wierdo for going home so early and dry, so i decided to watch people swimming for 2 hours. just kill me pls aaaaaaahhh

Anonymous 14906

>go to public pool
>remove clothes
>enter pool

Anonymous 14909


This anon gets it. Listen to her.

Anonymous 14910

A lot of people do that just to get a tan (cancer). You're not a creep for doing that at all, I never get in the water at pools either, but then again I can't swim so…

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