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art of DIY cleaners Anonymous 149179

i recently started trying to make my own cleaning products. kinda fun, saves money and also lets me fine tune cleaners precisely to an application, so it can get better over time. it evolves over time, it is almost alive. almost feels like potion making.

apparently the pros add natural essential oils to their cleaners to make them smell like something nice or useful. some essential oils are said to repel insects, others are said to help with disinfecting. that's already potion making.

i'm not quite on the pro level, only starting out. so far made washing powder lemon-vinegar cleaner.

the washing powder was just equal parts washing soda (aka soda bicarbonate) and olive oil hard soap. i like it way better then commercial washing products because those always smell like something. i like my clean clothes smell like nothing when they come out of the machine. that way i can trust smelling them more. i know when i should not wear something again without washing it first.

the lemon-vinegar cleaner i just submerged chunks of lemons (lemons that were juiced already so only the peel remained) and placed them in a big mason jar and then poured 25% strength vinegar over it and waited 3-4 weeks. i drained the liquid into a spray bottle and now it is ready for quick usage together with my thin (washable and reusable) bamboo kitchen towels.

smells so nice of lemon. once i used up all this i repeat the experiment with lemon. is quite remarkable how much the lemon aroma infused in the cleaner. vinegar does smell a little nasty to my usually but not when the lemon has marinated inside it.

Anonymous 149180

i meant repeat the experiment with orange. when i juice tons of orange anyways i might as well use the discarded peels for something. there is no way though i could use as much orange peels as are accumulating.

apparently there are these rather modern buckets that can turn organic waste into fertilizer called bokashi and unlike worm farms those can handle the difficult to compost citrus peel.

Anonymous 149184

This sounds really neat, thans for sharing

Anonymous 149326

sauberkasten rezep…

what helped: i bought (most of) this kit online by a little german company (currently not shipping, i think they ran out of steam and became tired of hard work with little pay)

i liked how accessible they made this to a beginner. they sold these 5 essential ingredients that turned into 10 different cleaning products depending on how they are combined. kind of reminds being in the woods with a big heavy pot over an open fire brewing something, just in my kitchen with my trusty digital scale and some raw industry ingredients.

Anonymous 149655

Hoffe wir treffen uns mal in der Waschküche! Ich benutze immer noch Frosch weil das am umweltfreundlichsten sein soll. DIY muss ich aber auch mal ausprobieren.

Anonymous 149740

Try not making mustard gas

Anonymous 150487


>Tea Tree is great (smells "clean") for repelling fleas and other insects. I add Eucalyptus for the heck of it, mix it with pure alcohol (1/3) and water (2/3), and spray it around the house, like some sort of DIY Febreeze/bug repellent.

oh nice, i love me some tea tree, finally i can use it for something. i remember hearing lavender somewhat repells insects, maybe i could try lavender, tea tree and alcohol.


ich wollte mir schon ewig mal die ganzen Frosch Produkte ansehen. ich kann die eigentlich gut leiden, hatte von denen lange so einen orangenreiniger benutzt (um skateboardkugellager wieder sauber zu bekommen). als spülmittel hab ich immer Pril Kraftgel benutzt, ist ein blaues chemisches Zeug, ist stark und ergiebig. bin ich mal gespannt: sobald mein spüli aufgebraucht ist, werde ich mein eigenes anrühren. wenn das aber nicht so gut funktioniert wie ich hoffe, dann versuch ich es mal mit Frosch.

Anonymous 150721

If you have pets don't use essential oils anywhere they can be in contact with it physically or breathing in a lot of the dissipated oil.

Anonymous 152774

Lavender essential oil is good for getting tough residue off, like from stickers/labels, and pigment and other such problems. Homemade laundry soap will turn your whites gray though. Making your own bar soap is a fun project as well. I don't bother with "cleaners" beyond soap most of the time though except for the bathroom.

Anonymous 152791

I'm going the other way by just using fragrance free laundry detergent, Purell cleaning liquid or bleach. I also have a bunch of old wine turning into vinegar.

If you want to go even more homemade, here is a recipe for soapmaking using rainwater, ashes, and fat. I care about my skin so I haven't tried it yet.

What mixture do you like to clean the tub and floor with? Right now, I'm doing using a foaming bleach solution from the store for the tub but its still full of soap scum and skin.

Anonymous 152803


Certain oils like lavender, camphor and eucalyptus can also trigger seizures in humans.

Anonymous 153022

Id have to see the original source but lavender is more a nerve calmer so im not sure how that would work. Ive even eaten lavender in ice cream ive made. If true it must only apply to people who already have a seizure condition.

Anonymous 153024

A lot of people don’t realize that plants literally release these essential oils as natural insecticides. Their function isn’t to smell good, it’s to ward off and sometimes kill bugs.

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