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What's the Consensus on Persona Anonymous 149369

How we feel about Persona, sisters?

Anonymous 149372

you can play as a girl in the PSP version of 3 :DDDDD

Anonymous 149379


Glad to see other persona fans out there! I started to play them last year and haven't left my mind ever since

P1 - Little bias towards it because it was the first one I played, but it's my fave along P3. Real bad graphics & clunky mechanics, but the female characters are great. Maki is deep, Ayase spent 3 whole textboxes cursing, Elly can and will steal bones from a graveyard, Yuki is butch-ish…. I miss characters like them in newer games. I relate to an offensive level to Maki, so that probably plays on my bias too; the game said some things I needed to hear.

P2 - Great game, I'm sad 90% of the fandom reduces it to the canon gay ship (as happy I am to see some normal lgb rep). Very funny group dynamic in IS, but it's ending still destroys me. I specially enjoyed EP and Ulala, since I'm on a similar situation as her. The amount of symbolism in these games is crazy, I love thinking about it.

P3 - Wasn't fond of this one due to its slooow pacing, but I'm glad I kept playing. Probably bias towards this one too because I'm obsessed with the relationship between the MC and Aigis, they're too pure and in love. Super glad you could date girls as FeMC in PSP, but again bad pacing & I'm sad characters and some concepts (Strega, Ryoji…) were barely used on the game itself. At least the manga+anime fixed a few stuff. I believe in Yukari supremacy, I'm sure if she wasa guy people would love her (just look at junpei…)

P4 - I'm anime-only for this one. It was… a cringe fest for a good part, but Nanako healed my soul. Her relationship with Naoto was so cute too. Enjoyed Naoto's arc and a few scenes. The music is so good it almost makes me want to actually play the game, but I'm not touching it ever . Thanks you for the spin-offs tho, loved P4U (always glad for more robot girls & P3 characters grown up) and PQ (Q2 sucked tho)

P5 - Amazing music & graphics, fun to play. Sadly, it (and P4) has a storytelling problem for me: it's just character arc after character arc. I prefer P1-3 style where the characters grow as the game progresses, P4-5's way of storytelling make me love the characters during their arc and then stop caring abut them since they remain static (& trope-ish, even more than P3) during the rest of the game, which is a shame. The only characters I enjoyed from their arc to the end of the game were Yusuke and Futaba

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