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Anonymous 149417

Is being good at sexting correlated with being good at real sex? I'm with a guy whose sexting is so bland and unimaginative. I haven't slept with him for real yet, and I'm worried how that's gonna go.

Anonymous 149422

Show some screenshots. I need a good laugh right now.

Anonymous 149431

my bf sucks at texting but is great in bed.

also, i typically associate being good at texting with being bad at socializing irl since awkward people will use texting as a replacement for hanging out

Anonymous 149437

Anonymous 149453

OP this is imageboard give us caps

Anonymous 149476

it's correlated but only mildly

Anonymous 149481

I don't think there's a correlation. I've been told I'm amazing sexter but I'm super lazy and prudish irl.

Anonymous 149570

I think being bad at it correlates a little bit with being bad in bed, but being good at it doesn't correlate at all with being good in bed.

Keep us updated if you sleep with him nona.

Anonymous 149656

It's possible there's no correlation like the others said, but I can't help but think over what you said.

He's terrible at making conversation too. I've had more fun talking with literal ex-convicts and Reddit schizos who talked about how they wanted to kill me than polite, normal conversation with him over what ramen he should buy or what stocks he should invest in on a given week.

He's also terrible at making plans. Can't think to do anything other than watch Ted Talks with me, and just leaves it to me to decide what to do when I don't want to watch another damn Ted Talk.

He's just god awful at anything that takes social creativity.

Anonymous 149670

Really depends on the person. There might be some kind of shame induced hold back where he is too afraid to get freaky. Perhaps he is just a bad wordsmith and can't turn his fantasies to speech, a man of action

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