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How long did you keep your VCR? Anonymous 149590

I'm curious as to whether any anons still own a VCR or chucked theirs out/sold them ages ago. I've done a bit of reading and it seems to me that in the US especially most people got rid of them in the mid 2000s and switched to DVDs. I don't live in the US and my family used one until around I'd say 2012, while we also bought DVDs. In fact my parents still have a working VCR with loads of tapes, they just never use it anymore, but I watched a film the last time I was at their house. There's something about watching a movie on a VCR that feels so great. What about you anons?

Anonymous 149591

My mum still has the one we used when I was a kid. I don't think it's been used in years though. She just hates throwing anything out.

I have fond memories of watching Bambi and Black Beauty on VHS.

Anonymous 149598

I still have one! I love collecting vhs even if it's seen as a trendy moid hobby now. Keeping tangible media is important to me because streaming services don't always have what I want to watch.

Anonymous 149623

I don't have one anymore, what I did in its day was to sent my tapes to a store to put their content on individual DVDs. And then dumped the DVDs onto my laptop too, for security. I do miss having the original tapes though, but at least I haven't lost their content.

Anonymous 149625

I wish

Anonymous 149628

Mine is a combo VHS/DVD and I still have it as I use DVDs sometimes. I also still have a LaserDisc player

Anonymous 149629

I'm pretty sure at my old house we have 3. One is the box TV in my old TV, it has a built in vcr

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