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pls help Anonymous 149606

How do I get over a breakup? I had a boyfriend of 1 year who I would've given anything to (he was my first bf), and he promised he'd never leave but he ended up leaving me anyway. I can't stop thinking about him, and it's been over a month already. He still tells me he loves me, but he doesn't act like he does so I don't really have any hope regarding him. How do I make the pain in my heart go away? :(

Anonymous 149613

Are you still talking to him? If so that’s the first step, leaving him alone. You can’t get over him if you’re constantly around him being friends with your ex is not a thing.

Anonymous 149614


I wanted to stay friends with him, but I guess you're right. He treats me mostly like I'm just annoying him, and he never messages me first. I don't think he wants to be friends anyways, he's stringing me along trying to decide whether he wants me or not I'm pretty sure… He told me stuff like I should have hope about us dating in the future and that he still loves me etc. even though in reality I think he stopped loving me months ago, but I was his first girlfriend too so maybe it's sentimental for him to keep in touch with me Idk. Should I just completely stop messaging him or should I block him? Idk, if I stopped messaging him he wouldn't message me anyways so there's not much difference between the two.

Anonymous 149626

Honestly sounds like he wants to make you into a side ho, just ditch him

Anonymous 149638


He's a super misogynistic League player who was a virgin before we took each other's virginities, I don't think he pulls any other women for me to be a side hoe…

Anonymous 149649

theres no way u actually chose to date someone who hates u and ur gender

Anonymous 149653


He was really caring and made me feel loved in the beginning. He wasn't really that visibly misogynistic at the beginning, also I was consumed with self-hatred back then. Over time I guess he started taking me for granted and eventually stopped loving me and started treating me worse. His misogynism peaked after he broke up with me and blamed a lot of the relationships' faults on him being "too nice", lol…

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 149790

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