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Nice girls Or nice guys? Random girl 149616

I’m was scrolling through Reddit on r/nicegirls and r/niceguys and I want to know what you think is worse. And if give me an explanation as to why you think that?

Anonymous 149862

Niceguys have affected me negatively more so I think they're worse. I think nicegirls are a lot rarer. But of course I'm biased since I'm a woman.

Anonymous 149879

Nicegirls aren't gonna rape and kill a moid for saying no to them so guys are worse

Anonymous 149892

I just saw the screenshot of a post here on r/nicegirls, god redditors are retarded

Anonymous 149898

which one?

Anonymous 149899


Anonymous 149953

Reddit is worse.

Anonymous 149968

Anonymous 149976

What the fuck is a nice girl? You mean a pick me? Because no girl calls herself a "nice girl".
Obviously both are harmful to actual women, they should get together and kill each other.

Anonymous 150020

>men: we hate women because discord Stacy rejected us
>everyone: YES KING, FUCK WOMEN!!!!

>women: we dislike men because they commit 96% of sex crimes and violent crime in general

>men and handmaidens: REEEEEEEEEEEE #notallmen

Anonymous 150022

>woman: expresses genuine fear that one day her sister and niece will end up murdered by her psychotic brother in law and there’s nothing she can do about it
>moids: hmm how can we make this about ourselves and turn it into a joke?

Disgusting. Also, we never claimed to be ‘nice girls’ kek. Those posts are simply expressing hatred of men due to their actions and also despair at their violent tendencies.

Why should we care about the other 49% of people when they’re the ones almost solely victimizing us (and each other)?

Anonymous 150176

It originates from men being like "date me, im a nice guy" then getting rejected and going "FUCK YOU I WILL RAPE YOU FUCKING SLUT, ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME" then going to the next girl and being like "no really, im a nice guy not like those mean chads"

Anonymous 151815

it’s over

Anonymous 151829

Nice girls are usually girls that are socially awkward or lonely they just want to fit in and feel like they’re picked on because they’re nice. This is nothing like a nice guy who at most will seethe at you for not thinking he’s date material for holding the door open for you.

Anonymous 154035

Sure they do, not every rapist or murderer is an angry aggressive werewolf looking mf who goes around screaming and calling women the c word everywhere he goes. I remember at my college, two guys were convinced of rape, and they were really quiet shy unassuming kinda types, not the unga bunga types at all

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