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Anonymous 149678

>boy in my class
>cute bit spergy kind of guy
>gets relentlessly bullied by his so called "friends"
>never talks back, just laughs awkwardly
>instantly dry up, literal powdered cinnamon

He's not it is he?
I can't help it though, everything else he does is too adorable. I want to caress and pamper that stupid idiot.

Anonymous 149684

Just ask him to hang out. Guys like that always treat you like you’re Aphrodite herself 90% of the time. Plus if he’s around his shit friends less he’ll be happier and more confident to focus on his studies and hobbies more? It’s a win win.

Anonymous 149686

Just don't get mad when his reaction to rapists kidnapping you is "haha dang"

Anonymous 149688

>Protect him from his bullies
>He seeks you 10 years from now, still remembering (for whatever reason) the time you protected him
>Fall in love

Congrats you are now in an anime.

Anonymous 149705

I'm kind of shy myself. I can't rely on him to ask me though so that might pose a tiny problem.

Kek, I've heard them talking about forcing him into the gym so maybe he'll become a confident boyo.
Although he's such an adorable skelly right now ahhh.

I can't protect him from his bullies(friends), they are kinda scary and would just say "it's okay he's our friend, it's all fun and games hohohaha"
Dudes can be cruel.

Anonymous 149718

They probably actually are his friends its called ribbing

Anonymous 149722

Male friendship is so toxic

Anonymous 149725

Have you ever actually talked to him?

Anonymous 149733

>never talks back, just laughs awkwardly
>instantly dry up
You have bad taste. He deserves a true sperg appreciator.

Anonymous 149738

Yeah OP you should just leave this guy alone. He’s autistic, not a personal pet you can toy with and look after. The fact he also seems to repulse you sexually means you will probably end up demeaning and patronizing him even moreso than it sounds like his friends already do. Don’t go there.

Anonymous 149765

That's so cruel then. They are however only focusing him so I don't really think that it's the friendly bullying.

Welllllll, kind of. Only about superficial stuff, he was insanely nervous.

That's just not cute anymore though, I don't want him to be so accepting of getting bullied as that is obviously not a good thing.
Not saying he should beat the shit out of them but some resistance would be more attractive imo.

I can fix him (maybe). Also how is he repulsed by me sexually? I never said anything like that.
I don't exactly planned to be his mom anyways, I more so want to "groom" him into my perfect man with a soft spot for me.
I then would be the only one to patronize him and stuff.

Anonymous 149777

That really isn't a healthy dynamic to start a relationship. You should date someone because you like them as they are. Not because you like the idea of what you can turn them into.

Anonymous 149789

She didn’t say he’s sexually repulsed by you, she said you alluded to being sexually repulsed by him when you said he dries your pussy into powder.

Anonymous 149797

i'd say it depends on how intense it is. if it's just something like name-calling in a friendly tone (i.e., "hey you son of a bitch, how are you doing?") then it probably just them paling around like you said. if it's more physical or aggressive in tone, however, then it might really be bullying.

Anonymous 149803

It's not like I don't like him the way he is right now, there's just some aspects I'd like to change thus molding him into my MORE perfect boy.

Oh, no that's not true though. Obviously I don't instantly start dripping as soon as he enters the room but I want to dom the dork. Basically he's more cute than hot to me.

That too but also making fun of him for not getting basic social clues eg. "Haha you're such a retard" but it's not always laughing, sometimes they just say it in a very condescending tone.
In general just making fun of him as a person and saying what he says in a retard voice. I don't think it's funny at least.

Anonymous 149819

Hes not going to ask you out randomly from nowhere himself.
Either you do it or you can head over to /x/ and learn how to cyberstalk.

Anonymous 149838

>"Haha you're such a retard" but it's not always laughing, sometimes they just say it in a very condescending tone.
It's probably their way of showing concern over him. Men don't give honest and emotional pep talks unless they are drunk. I guess they still value him so maybe take a look at who his friends are. That should give you a hint if they actually like him and what they like him for.

Anonymous 149859

Well, I've been on both ends and both times only made me happier.
OP, give it a shot. Talk to him.
Don't have any hopes for anything romantic, just let him know someone is there for him that doesn't talk down on him.
OP isn't treating him like a toy, his so-called friends are.

Anonymous 149860

It doesn't matter why they're doing it, what matters is how the boy I'm question feels. And according to OP he clearly isn't comfortable with that. If it was just bantz then he'd be with it. It's not just banter anymore when it makes someone uncomfortable.

Anonymous 149864

smug cece.PNG

Maybe he is uncomfortable because the boys try to pressure him into talking to that nona which keeps looking at him.

Anonymous 149975

It could be this. I've noticed some guys talk shit to each other in a way that would make you think that they totally hate each other. But actually, they're just joking and are super close. It's difficult to explain.

Anonymous 149985

>making fun of him for not getting basic social clues eg. "Haha you're such a retard" but it's not always laughing, sometimes they just say it in a very condescending tone.
>In general just making fun of him as a person and saying what he says in a retard voice.
in that case, it sounds like they're actually bullying him to me.

Anonymous 150026

Male friendship is so toxic. Men will say bullying their friends is normal and lighthearted fun, and then act surprised when the whipping boy of their group kills himself in their 20s. I’ve actually seen this happen irl.

Anonymous 150079

Men insult their kind when they like each other. My bf invited friends for his birthday and when they came in one after another he greeted them with a 'I dont remember inviting you!' and they replied like 'I just came because my other appointments were cancelled, retard.' and then hugged each other or shook hands.
They also dont show compassion or condolescence when one talks about a issue because apparently its faggy. Only reply 'Ayo maaan, why dont you just try to…'

Anonymous 150093

Not to be a bitch but I seriously don't get how these threads get so much attention. Why do any of you care about a random highschooler and her potentially retarded crush. Why are you even armchairing his friends and trying to decide whether its bullying or teasing. So many people here complain about there being too many moid and tranny hateposts and don't get me wrong, it does get tiring after a while, but at least those threads are funny and something most of us can agree on. How are so many of you so interested in strangers boring crushes, I genuinely cant figure out why this thread or other similar ones get so much attention.
Between this, the retarded country/politics arguments, boring shit that reads like your average r/relationships post, people wasting time arguing with the pearlclutching boomers on abortion, and baity threads like "I filmed myself pissing for discord" I'd rather we all went back to shitting on trannies and moids.

Anonymous 150241

Not to mention she could've just used one of the general threads (vent/advice/relationship) instead of making her own to get extra attention

Anonymous 150262

Yeah because "fuck moids" and "fuck trannies" threads are all so original and thought provoking.

Anonymous 150335

Lol triggered moid tranny detected

Anonymous 150342

Original, no. Thought-provoking unironically yes and infinitely more interesting than some random highschooler with a crush on a guy and theorizing about him getting bullied. I know this is a dead forum but the way people are asking a bunch of questions trying to milk a story where there is none is sad, there has to be something else to talk about.

Anonymous 152173


this is how tard wranglers are made and the tards they wrangle

Anonymous 152204

>I seriously don't get how these threads get so much attention
The board is nice and slow so we can focus on multiple threads with varying quality?
It's not like 4chan where threads with 500+ replies are made and die every hour: you can have a thread be made here that last months.

Anonymous 152240

this isn't really true. guys like that end up thinking 'omg I got her? I wonder who else I could get' and let it get to their heads. he's probably going to monkeybranch or cheat

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