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legs of the moid Anonymous 149745

>get on public transport
>moids sit in their seats
>they spread their legs as if they are magnetically repulsed like polar opposites

does this mean that their is an innate desire for moid legs to run away in the opposite direction from where the body is?

Anonymous 149747

They're just inconsiderate assholes, even with their junk in the way they don't need their knees 4 feet apart

Anonymous 149749

Maybe it's a geography thing, but I use the train a lot and I see people putting bags on the seat beside them way more often than I see manspreading.

Anonymous 149752

In secondary school I learnt the male testicle are located outside the body to cool them because if they get too hot the sperm die, so I always thought it was a ventilation thing. Like how some reptiles have large veined fans to cool their blood.

Anonymous 149798

no, they just don't want to squish their balls because it's uncomfortable.

Anonymous 149799

Anonymous 149866

I wish I had the guts to put my bag in the seat beside me to have my privacy… introverts rise up!

Anonymous 149873

i do believe its because of their private parts but some dudes really abuse that. their discomfort does not mean other people around should be put in discomfort instead.

Anonymous 150397

Anonymous 150399

Yeah, men tend to not understand their own size so a 6 foot + man will be spreading his legs wide as possible and taking up the whole couch or something. Anyway, men who cross their legs tight and sweetly are based.

Anonymous 150400

where are u from?

Anonymous 150510

This is how Boston is. Most people are fine though.

Anonymous 150512

I do it a lot on the bus. You won't regret it. Also though if there are elderly people and seats are full I will move my bag so a nice old woman can sit down.

Anonymous 150563

i saw an old lady spread her legs on a buss


Anonymous 150618

I don't care about the actual manspreading. It's when they don't change the way they sit even though they are aware that it's rude that bothers me.

Anonymous 150634

most manspreading is a public signal that the moid in question has a micropenis

Anonymous 150639

oh no lol
seriously you can even ask them to give you a little space and they act like you're so fucking rude for asking them to not be touching you with their knees.

Anonymous 150670

I'd rather a moids knees than the sweaty fat rolls of either sex next to me in a seat.

Anonymous 150715

why are moids so stupid??

Anonymous 150817

because all the blood in their brains flow to their dicks

Anonymous 150825

I heard it is to do with the way their pelvic bone is or something like that, that makes their legs sit like that naturally but really know if that's bullshit

Anonymous 150834

>Anyway, men who cross their legs tight and sweetly are based.
Maybe it's because of societal masculinity standards, but I find men crossing their legs icky and unattractive. Imo the best is when a man sits normally with only a minimal space in his spread as to Not disturb others

Anonymous 150835

If I see any man do that then it just screams to me that he's got small dick energy, it's more visually acceptable if he rests his ankle on his knee

Anonymous 150847

What if he looks super comfy and proper though

Anonymous 150874

have you tried not being an enabler of retarded moid ideology?

Anonymous 150875

I'm not convinced it's even a thing. Just confirmation bias.

Anonymous 150877


Which posture looks best?

>In 1866, the French government decided to send a group of military advisors to Japan to help modernize the Shogun's army.

>The French military mission before its departure to Japan.

Anonymous 150886

The man with his legs crossed, he is sitting up straight and not lounging while also maintaining an air of relaxation on his face. You also get a better view of his boots, which are shined and in military style, giving you a better view of his uniform as a whole

Anonymous 150912

I just realized something. Could part of it be just down to average height differences as well as maybe hip width?

Anonymous 150915

far right

Anonymous 150918

actually why is he the only one with boots styled like that?

Anonymous 151025

They know he's a leg crosser so they gave him the special boots

Anonymous 151050

When I sit next to a man I do it so he has to keep his legs a little closer. I don't actually legspread as much as they do, I do it to protect my space. I get that they need space but it shouldn't affect mine to the point of having to make me smaller.

Anonymous 151059


Idk but this dude is so fucking hot

Anonymous 151061

Anonymous 151121

mustaches are ugly

Anonymous 151134

And he isn't manspreading is he hmmm

Anonymous 151337

If men need to spread because of comfort why are some more effeminate men able to close their legs nice and proper? Something tells me manspreading is just a power move but not thr hill for us to die on

Anonymous 151402

It is a powerplay to take up tons of space and waft ball smell throughout the vicinity. Also men in shorts who manspread want to play the will it wont it game with whether or not a testicle will peak through their shorts.

Anonymous 151406

>and waft ball smell throughout the vicinity.

Anonymous 151527


Modern diets and environmental poisons giving everyone fucked up face shapes and bad skin

Anonymous 151533

None of them are fat, compared to 60% of men today.

Anonymous 151535

Low T, unironically

Anonymous 151536


Due to diets, lifestyle, environments, and cushy modern society enabling dysgenia. All of these factors have their own effevts but probably the most noticeable effect is low testosterone, other than rampant obesity

Anonymous 151537


This is what we ended up with, pretty massive difference

Anonymous 151539

you wouldn't like a high-T man

Anonymous 151541

Back in the day men like this would be conscripted into the circus and made to put both their fists in their mouth to entertain the masses

Anonymous 151542

well, i don't know about anywhere else but probably like 40% of modern french are now descended from immigration waves from italy/spain/portugal/poland not counting all the others from africa

Anonymous 151551

I guess I imagine its annoying to have balls. Why must that organ be outside the body??? Men sit on their balls all the time apparently. I bet it's uncomfortable, though I can't tell if manspreading is just a stupid trend.

Anonymous 151553

I agree have you SEEN old yearbooks from the 50s/60s??? Hardly anyone had bad skin.

If you go look at a recent one, half the school population has breakouts ! I remember sitting at home looking at my moms old yearbooks, astonished at how clear everyone's skin was.

Its like you're saying, people's diets used to be simple, there wasn't this ubiquitous aray if processed/ frozen/ shitty microwaveable food and fast food. People were still eating a ton of home prepared foods instead of microwaving them

Anonymous 151558

>Why must that organ be outside the body?
Is this a rhetorical or serious question? It's because evolution isn't intelligent design. It's for temperature regulation because sperm can't survive normal male body temperature long if I remember right.

Anonymous 151561

Welp so glad I don't have to deal with any.

Anonymous 151605

manspreading and any justifications for it are 100% bullshit specially when you realize how common it is for men to cross their legs when sitting in non-western cultures

Anonymous 151610

Those were the days…

Anonymous 151622

Alternarively it could be the camera technology. Even today some cameras aren't sharp enough to show my acne. And the trope of the teenager covered in zits has existed for a long time. I'm not sayinf modern diets don't suck becauase they do but that could be a factor

Anonymous 151628

I actually always wondered hth they did that without crushing their balls

Anonymous 151759

You're right. My ex used to do autistic shit to try and boost his T like fry his testicles in the sun. His skin was hideous and he was balding at like 21. He was massively muscular but in a disgusting washed out body builder on steroids way. Moderate T is pretty good.

Anonymous 151760

why would you date a guy like that in the first place?

Anonymous 151761

Because I was retarded and lonely and formed a bizarrely abnormal and obsessive attachment to this loser, he was basically my only friend for a long time

Anonymous 151780

I dated a higher T guy for a while until he dumped me. Now I'm dating someone lower T and he smells so much better. I thought men just naturally smelled like shit or something (I mean, they both shower a lot and wear deodorant so it's not like I could blame it on a lack of hygiene), but I think high T people just tend to be grosser.

Anonymous 151781

I asked my ex about the mechanics underlying this and apparently their scrotum is just so loose that balls shift around into a position that's sufficiently distanced from their thighs. I don't completely understand scrotal physics
also guy #1 started balding years into the relationship, which was repulsive, while guy #2 has a normal hairline thank god

Anonymous 151900

I sit that way unless the bus gets crowded and I don't get why it's an issue.

Anonymous 152159

women dont have them.
men do.
they don't like be squished.

Anonymous 152161

that one is absolutely unneccesary yes.

Anonymous 152165

moid formatting

Anonymous 152183

I sit like this. And I place my bag to the seat next to me, too. According to the internet, that makes me a manspreader and a womanspreader.

Anonymous 152225


>why yes, i do make sure to take up as much space as possible on public modes of transportation, how could you tell?

Anonymous 152236


Nah, actually I just live somewhere where public transportation is barely used so there tends to be alot of open seats on it. lol

Anonymous 152417

i like her hair, it looks great

Anonymous 152418

Her body is incredibly photoshopped, her waist makes me lol

Anonymous 152441


Quit trying to make gigastacy happen, if anything this is a gigastacy

Anonymous 152445

This isn't a Stacy though, this is a Ruth

Anonymous 152946

eeeeew she looks too butch

Anonymous 152980

Anonymous 152985

I think she's cute but she's not a stacy

Anonymous 152986

Then how do men cross their legs?????

Anonymous 153572

Someone didn't take trig.
The arc distance increases with arc angle and longer radiuses.

Anonymous 153605

When they reach a certain level of Based Status

Anonymous 153671

now that i think about it i wonder if they realize it or not that they are taking all the place.

bc sometimes the girl next to them is squished. do they see it do they just don't care? next time it happens to me i'll ask the male to leave me some space. i understand his discomfort, it doesn't mean i should be the one in discomfort.

Anonymous 153672

i have also never paid attention to what happens when two men are sitting next to each other. ive never noticed if they spread their legs as much. mmmmm

Anonymous 154009

The worst case of manspreading I've seen was a scrote with a giant beer belly. He had to spread his legs so his gut could hang freely in front of him.

Anonymous 154057

How do they not crush their testicles, after they achieve based status tho?

Anonymous 154060

carefully, or painfully

Anonymous 154067

lol gross

Anonymous 154291

Are you sure thats not a guy?

Anonymous 154399

>giving your gut the breathing space it needs while also asserting dominance

Anonymous 154403

>Gigastacy is when you look like a fat 15 year old boy

Anonymous 154684

sounds horrifying tbh

Anonymous 155195

images (6).jpeg

Back when I was in architecture school, for a time I had to carry around picrel, if you're unfamiliar it's used to carry drawings made in larger papers so you can just roll them instead of folding, and I'd use it push men's legs away while playing dumb about it.

Anonymous 155196

It's actually just because women have wider hips for childbirth. It's a puberty thing.
If you ever look at a tranny, they will likely have their legs facing outward and man spread when they're not conscious about it too.
The power of a few inches right?
This is also part of it, hard to cross your legs if there's a 2nd leg in there.

Anonymous 158565

Did the moids throw temper tantrums or get annoyed?

Anonymous 161436

she looks like a man and not a handsome one, unfortunately

Anonymous 162279

probably got pissed and blamed all women

Anonymous 162311

They crush them to remind themselves of their mortality

Anonymous 162604

Or because they are masochists.

Anonymous 164450

My theory is that there are certain moids that like to manspread. The angry gymcel manlet is a pretty good example of this. He feels emasculated and has to overcompensate by being the biggest asshole possible.

Anonymous 164457

any man who crosses their legs tightly has, in the previous few minutes, full on cupped their scrotum with their bare hands
is this the world you want for your daughters?

Anonymous 164480

lmao holy shit that video

what a sad little scrote

Anonymous 164524

Being the biggest asshole possible? More like spreading his asshole as wide as possible… what if this whole time manspreading wasn't an act of airing out the balls and penis, but of exposing the asshole?

Anonymous 164532

The prostate is the window to a man's soul

Anonymous 165127

His pick up lines are golden.

Anonymous 165410

you can tell that he must have been relentlessly bullied because he's so short

Anonymous 165439

Probably got rejected a lot during high school.

Anonymous 165974

A guy I knew in uni who got into a fight with another short guy we knew described it as short man syndrome, angry jumped up fuckers

Anonymous 166005

every short guy i met has either anger issues or is really funny

Anonymous 166042

Impotent rage due to feelings of inferiority.

Anonymous 166256


How do you become this insecure as a man? He's a living parody of what he thinks a "man" should be. It's like you take confidence and distort it to cartoonish levels.

Anonymous 166258


Testicles are considered attractive by many female monkeys, could be true for our biological ancestors too making it atavistic behavior.

Anonymous 166259

it's moid roleplaying

Anonymous 166319

They only feel inferior because other people make them feel inferior for being something they didn't choose to be. If we all stopped being judgemental towards other people's appearances, maybe the world would be a better place.

Anonymous 166477

They are inferior

Anonymous 166861

Or massive delusions.

Anonymous 167426

Maybe both?

Anonymous 167431

Beings who you refer as people are not people they are wild animals and fanatics

Anonymous 167433



Anonymous 167466

Once a really nice leged moid - like thick muscular legs - was manspreading sitting in a public transport right in front of me, while wearing the tiniest shorts possible
That’s the only acceptable manspreading I can approve

Anonymous 167467

objectify him and take pictures and post them here next time

Anonymous 167469

Should've reached your foot over and poke his junk with your big toe

Anonymous 167470

Chill, this isn't a porn scenario

Anonymous 167471

you are very likely talking to a moid when they say that shit

Anonymous 167482

Its because their nuts.

Anonymous 167489

bullshit, only people born with deformities have nuts the size of a notebook computer, no moid has to spread that much, its because their posture sucks watch how they walk as well, these moids probably dont walk with their feet straight forward they do it at an angle like retards.

Anonymous 167490

Imagine it hurt if your vagina was closed in any manner, the nuts don't need to be big at all, they just fear the pain that much.
Use that knowledge.

Anonymous 167711

stop being an enabler for any kind of moid

Anonymous 167725

I need to know this too lmfao

Anonymous 167729

I wish this site were filled with femcels. Everyone is a stacy but me.

Anonymous 167734

I'm sorry, I know I am a stacy in some regards but I just want a space to talk in a feminine nature(we all know men marketed things are all sorts of different)about anything not just omg men bad, I know men bad, I want to talk about other things.
It honestly is starting to become like a female reddit and maybe thats not a bad thing but I agree that you should not lose your space because of it either.

That's why that anon and I were asking, we can see the samefagging going on, the people driven off, we know this is at most two neets gassing up the staff or being staff and holding onto a crumbling imageboard while the discord someone else made is thriving.
I'm not in the discord, I have no interest of going to discord for this shit, there are plenty of discords for it.

Fact is that what is happening is the alt chans that are bigger are slowly crushing out the competition, the big alt chans have become what people feared 4chan would be(who lets face it don't care about alt chans)and everyone is getting funneled to less and less sites which only causes infighting which nobody has fun with.

Anonymous 167843

There are TONS of women like this from my experience and the cliche just seems like that. A cliche people latch onto.

Anonymous 167903

I feel like cc has changed a lot recently. I started browsing a year ago and it's become noticeably different only in the past few months. I get the feeling somehow that the people who post here now are very young, young zoomers. I have different websites other than cc which I visit instead, but every so often I come back but I can't have much fun because the board is just so different.

Anonymous 167904

Children ruined this site a ton.

Anonymous 168307

child HATE thread when?

Anonymous 168309

Total Children Death Thread when? kek

Anonymous 168383


by being a manlet

Anonymous 168384

>everything i don't like is trannies

Anonymous 168385

i also noticed that some people started posting images of half naked women with giant boobs or asses a ton in r9k style as thread pics, or (this was more time ago) of hebe girls. i'm sure these are scrotes for the most part and i hate seeing those overly sexual pics randomly

Anonymous 168394

Yeah, I feel like a lot of men secretly post here. It's the allure of what's supposed to be an all-women website. They can't help but stick their head in their sister's room to see what goes on. Lolcow in comparison probably has less stealth males, because it doesn't advertise itself as a specifically all-women website like cc does. Moidposters and kids are really what's ruining cc

Anonymous 168398

Anonymous 168402


I am a woman and an antinatalist
If you like life so much, go give a birth or smth, idk, I certainly won’t doing that - making yet another human being completely miserable by being alive and conscious

Anonymous 168406

Im pro medical abortion but pro motherhood as well because life matters. My take is a new more mature combined version of everything im already on a higher level.

Anonymous 168427

Its not centrism. It's the enlightened take. Medical Abortion = pro life, but wanting children with the right father = pro life. It's the best route for quality life to prevail one can take.

Anonymous 168432

You claim to support your views all according to the same value, that life is something which matters, yet you arrive at differing positions. You, “antinatalist” only apply your values to your own potential child, who in essence is no different from any other potential child in the horrors it will face. You, pro-abortion “natalist”, claim that life matters, but you likewise judge potential children by different measures. How can you decide the quality of a life which is lived by someone else and thus infer one is not a life to live while one is? Is it not your own genetic egoism compelling you to have a family unit you consider proper, and not one born of consideration for the potential child?

I am an absolutist, and that is why I am pro-extinction.

Anonymous 168433

if you are pro extinction promote trannynism thats where it leads

Anonymous 168441

>just promote children cutting their tits off bro

Anonymous 168541

If you want to make sure that people with mental illnesses die off then you should promote transgender behavior. Sooner or later they will grow up, realize that their deranged delusions were a big mistake and commit suicide but if you're not a twisted sociopath then you shouldn't.

Anonymous 168575

I think modern diet in this context means post-hunter gatherer diet, meaning less fiber, less meat and more starch

Anonymous 168721

Anonymous 169346

We should promote moids that manspread. That way we know who the assholes are and who to avoid.

Anonymous 169350

I don't think "promote" makes sense in this context

Anonymous 169352

one of my guy friends whos in kinesiology explained it like this
because of how their hips are shaped, putting their legs together requires them to actively flex their glutes (which is uncomfortable for long periods of time according to him) so that gravity just doesn't pull them to their sides, so spread apart is just the natural position that gravity pulls their legs towards similar to how gravity will always pull water to the lowest possible point.
also as other already mentioned, there's a 3rd leg there that complicates things

Anonymous 169360

It may sound dumb but I'm a woman with narrow man-like hips and I don't have such problems. I guess the third leg might complicate things a lot though.

Anonymous 169372


Idk, sounds like bullshit
I think It’s more about your feet positioning: if toes are inwards you won’t ever get your legs open

Anonymous 169382

I don't care if men are comfortable so they should keep their legs closed regardless.

Anonymous 169416


ughhh this pic makes me sick. its a wonder more women dont just snap

Anonymous 169472

based. fuck breeders

Anonymous 169601

antinatalism is actually right a bit because people who are of that view are deeply mentally-ill fucks who actually would be passing down their fucked up genes and creating miserable offspring

Anonymous 169960

>tfw no manspreading bf to sit on

Anonymous 170049

I bet this moid is the perfect manspreader.

Anonymous 170051

>thinks London is a country
>admits he'd be a manwhore if he could
>not fucking a man means you hate him
Also his whole diatribe about how he (and other men like him) wouldn't cheat on a woman due to lack of confidence is bullshit. As soon as a woman chooses an unattractive man, it boosts his confidence. Ugly men also cheat on their wives. If they can't get Stacy, they pay hookers. I've seen it time and time again: faithful women getting STDs from their shitty uggo husbands who visit prostitutes when they get bored. Men are a waste of time, money, and will quite literally drain the lifeforce out of you. Women don't settle for men like him because there is no benefit to it, and they can't even pretend to be pleasant.

Anonymous 170215

For some reason he want women to fart in his face because it is erotic according to him.

Anonymous 170218

>schizo this, mentally ill that
And then it turns out such person is taking meds or even worse, a troon.

Anonymous 170227

I hope you understand that neonazis and people like them are subhumans themselves.
You don't have good genes yourself, at very best they are really mediocre.

Anonymous 170230

Report the fucking cp thread

Anonymous 170241

i dont want to even click on it to report it

Anonymous 170243

>go on public transport
>fear for life every time bc moids are batshit insane

Anonymous 171072

wow, this scrote has so many issues i don't even know where to start

manspreading is probably the least of his problems

Anonymous 171365

he's kind of funny because he is so socially inept

Anonymous 171424

>socially inept
Only chymp moids and insane autists care about that crap.

Anonymous 171430

The dreaded super incel.

Anonymous 171745

incel detected

Anonymous 171761

Moid sperging out on camera.

Anonymous 172278

he wishes to be a manwhore that gets objectified by women

Anonymous 172307

>misogynists extremely consistently

being bald makes you resentful, especially if you're a scrote

Anonymous 172340

I don't get why being bald is considered such a bad thing among men and why men become insecure over it to the point of taking it out on other people. If it was socially acceptable to rock a bald head as a woman I'd shave off my hair in a heartbeat.

Anonymous 172342

>visiting non-normie spaces on the internet
>berating non-normies for not thinking like a normie

Anonymous 172344

I think it's moreso the act of balding rather than going full bald. There's a secret creed of men who are bald by choice (they would be balding anyway) and by choosing to be bald, they do not mald.

Anonymous 172347

I didn't mean monks

Anonymous 172603

Baldness transforms a happy young man into a bitter and vindictive fiend. He blames women for not feeling attractive and calls them whores for not catering to his desires.

Anonymous 172604

>they are low key not a religion but a political movement
What is a religion except a way to organize society, aka politics?

Anonymous 172641

if you feel like shit you act like a shitty person

pretty reasonable concept

Anonymous 173196

I wonder if you become ultra shitty as a person if you are a manspreading bald manlet. Can't picture anything worse than that.

Anonymous 173212

sounds like a cartoon villain type scrote

Anonymous 173327

lol, you just described doctor eggman

Anonymous 173356

If you are bald and tiny, you automatically become an evil gnome moid.

Anonymous 173560

Danny DeVito moid.

Anonymous 173577

Anonymous 173768

Are you bald?

Anonymous 173776

Hmm, so you feel dominant when you spread your legs as much as possible for your regular anal penetration, I see

Anonymous 173779

Manspreading is the only type of passive aggressive behavior he can perform on a regular basis.

Anonymous 173804

>sitting normally is submissive
Wouldn't spreading your legs be the submissive position? Why aren't moids consistent.

Anonymous 173805

because they have a low iq

Anonymous 173918

feeble moid rage

Anonymous 173967

Manlet frenzy.

Anonymous 174670

manspreading bald manlets are the type of moids that never let a pregnant woman sit in their seat on public transportation

Anonymous 174686

Selfish assholes, you mean.

Anonymous 174711

I think manspreading is a kind of moid reflex. It happens because they need space, for some odd reason.

Anonymous 174840

i've seen moidlets (8-12 years old) do it and i don't think their dicks are that big to warrant such behavior

Anonymous 174873



Anonymous 174935

I hate moidlets. Annoying little creatures.

Anonymous 176158

That is actually worse than when adult scrotes are doing it. The moidlets will keep on doing it without justification just because it suits them. Damn, moids truly are sinister.

Anonymous 176218

wait until they become teenage scrotes…

Anonymous 176221


show off

Anonymous 176239

Omega male stance

Anonymous 176269

douchebag simulator 2000

Anonymous 177286

what a silly moid

Anonymous 177293

When you try too hard to be manly.

Anonymous 177313

pretty much

you take it over the top just to prove how much of an asshole you can be

Anonymous 177314

Picrel doesn't look that comfortable to me but I get it, spread your legs as much as you want in the comfort of your own home where you can actually lounge.

Anonymous 177408

She looks like she’s not really comfortable.

Anonymous 177410

it is a retarded moid pose

of course it is uncomfortable

Anonymous 177419

Is it more because of the pose or because she's in a dress and heels which aren't meant to be comfortable

Anonymous 178095

Speaking of retarded moids…

Anonymous 178098

he seems a bit gay

Anonymous 178121

>fighting style
>sheltered rich white kid


Anonymous 178150

More like cosmopolitan snob parents.

Anonymous 178670

spoiled scrotes are the worst

Anonymous 178671

You can tell he is an only child.

Anonymous 178751

I wonder if snobs manspread more?

Anonymous 178976


upper class moids tend to be overtly effeminate (expensive and fashionable clothing, skincare products etc.) so they have to compensate by manspreading a lot more

Anonymous 179006

This. I've dated a scrote who acted just like that. Now that I think of it I don't really see why I did it in the first place.

Anonymous 179027

I am in the subway everyday but this only happened once to me. I usually spread the legs too because it's comfy as fuck when you lean back doing so, so I just did it again and shoved his leg a bit away. He was instantly scared and changed the pose. That's how easy it is.

Anonymous 179033

Honestly what I hate much more in subways are people that occupy two seats by placing their back- or handbag onto one of them even if the train is full of people standing.
A friend I have once sat onto it deliberately, maybe that's what everybody should do. It makes me especially mad when there are old people that have to stand. One day I will grab the handbag and shove it into the face of whoever it belongs to and cause drama.

Anonymous 179042

Yeah ok

Anonymous 179180

so you never see any scrotes in their natural state of mind

how curious

Anonymous 179217

She has only experienced the exception.

Anonymous 179334

there are no exceptions, only anomalies

Anonymous 179341

>upper class moids

The most entitled kind of scrotes.

Anonymous 179360

When you are raised in an affluent home you tend to become neurotic due to high standards of living and because you get pressured into succeeding monetarily by your parents. Scrotes with a lot of money are the most mentally fucked up people you can encounter.

Anonymous 179579


The worst cases of manspreading I've witnessed is on public park benches. Usually scrotes sitting and talking on the phone while simultaneously smoking/drinking coffee and stretching their legs as far apart as possible.

Anonymous 179618

saved. thanks nona

Anonymous 179730

So I'm a weeb who lives in Japan. When I ride the subway during my commute I always ride the women onky car. On my line. it's open to men on the weekend. The worst spreaders always take up space on the weekends or holidays. I hate it.

Anonymous 179830

>women only car

sounds great

Anonymous 179873

We need that in all countries so women don't have to fear the moid molestation menace.

Anonymous 179875

Sounds good in theory but it increases moid harassment in regular cars when the women's only is full, and they justify it with "well you should've taken the women's car then". It's pretty sickening

Anonymous 179925


Anonymous 180121

I actually doubt that. The more spaces that women have to themselves, the less likely they are to be molested. Scrotes, on the other hand, remain the same no matter the space.

Anonymous 180310

no, scrotes molest everything in sight

literal animals

Anonymous 180523

Hence why women should stay tf away from them.

Anonymous 180649

Where there are boobs and butts, there is a moid drooling.

Anonymous 180689

Or carry firearms.

Anonymous 180832

Preferably both.

Anonymous 180960

Knives are also a good option.

Anonymous 181677

Pepper spray is not as lethal but it gets the job done.

Anonymous 181808

Mace spray is better.

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