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How is your life going right now? Anonymous 14985

Take a sit. Would you like some tea?

Go ahead, open up.

Anonymous 14986

It's going fine?

Keeping up the grind even though I dread the future still (despite making good progress mentally, but I'm really afraid of another depression spiral undoing everything again).

Anonymous 15000

Bad compared to how it was going a year ago. But I'm still trying to turn things around.

Anonymous 15003

Living up to society's standards better than ever and I like myself more than I have in years.

Also more anxious and misanthropic than I've ever been.

Anonymous 15005

It could be better. I received a few bad news not long ago but I also have hopes for the near future, especially when it comes to college. I have to wait and see for now.

Anonymous 15007

It's absolute dog mess. I've completely fumbled uni and if I think about the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone-like disaster my life is, I just shut down.

Anonymous 15009


I have some very exciting things happening this month, and I'm looking forward to them a lot!

Anonymous 15012

Depression and large amounts of stress are currently looming over me but I do know with time things will get better.
Socially my life has been very good (which has been a MAJOR bonus in my life right now), but school wise things have been shit. I wish this social life bonus could've come during a time when I was a lot less stressed and happier because it's hard to focus on the good things when major aspects of life seem so shitty.

Anonymous 15015

Really poorly. I work in a restaurant doing physical labor carrying large ass porcelain plates everywhere. My shoulders, back, and wrists are so stiff all the time, and it honestly feels like my body is falling apart. I can't even wash dishes at home anymore without taking a break because my hands hurt so bad. I would leave but the benefits at this place is so amazing, no other low skilled job offers what we have. I feel so stuck right now and it's awful.

Anonymous 15016

Things are looking up but I feel so down. I hope it's just because it's winter and rainy.

Anonymous 15051

erratic in the worst way and stagnant all at once, if that makes sense.
did you see the article about the woman on youtube who explores the chernobyl exclusion zone to prove it is safer than people are widely led to believe? she got videos of catfish which were several feet long. they weren't irradiated, they just grew quite large from lack of fishing in the area.
maybe it can be inspiring for your current situation in some sort of symbolic framework.

Anonymous 15151

My head's a mess and everything seems horrible where i am right now.
Can't wait to go back where i belong and supposed to be.

The ones who are supposed to be my main source of support are the ones who have always been giving me trouble and pushing me back.

I hate putting so much burden on one person, especially when it's someone i love, but i got just one person to trust right now and i feel bad about putting them through it.

Anonymous 15162


It's going shit.

I'm unable to be an adult. I cried to two different bosses this past week because twice I got pulled into one of their offices for behaving off. I'm a retarded mess and I'm scared to return to work after embarrassing myself so much.

I don't know what to do. I've completely relapsed and lost all the strength I seemed to have this year.

The only thing I can think of that is going good this year is how much exercise I have gotten since my breakup and how my legs don't look disgusting anymore. It hasn't done me any good.

I desperately need a person out of my life but don't want to hurt their feelings, I am also scared of how much I will miss them even though it needs to happen. I rarely feel strong enough to pull it off and each time her emotional appeals make it impossible for me. I feel very trapped and don't know how to proceed with anything.

I'm 25 but might as well be 16. I'm about to leave home in July to live with my dad. If the getting a fresh start in a new place thing doesn't work I will probably give up for good.

Anonymous 15175


You guys seem to be in bad shape. I hope your situation improves, anon-chan.

Anonymous 15225

Very good. I have a great job and it seems like I finally found my place in life.

Anonymous 15227

trying so very hard to not spiral into a mental breakdown. i'm going through a "pivotal point" in my return to higher education and it's just not going the way i wanted to. also trying to cope with my destined mediocrity. it is what it is.

Anonymous 15228

Do the best you can do. You can do it! Even if it doesn't turn out the way you planned the fact you've gotten that far to begin with is really great. Best of luck.

Anonymous 15229

thank you anon. i hope you have a great week ahead

Anonymous 15235

Pretty bad. I've been unemployed for so many years that I'm not even sure if I could handle the basic responsibilies of a job at this point. Usually I don't feel quite so bad about it, but it's very hot here and the heat always puts me in a bad mood.

I feel like I'm too full of contradictions that I can't make sense of. I don't like being around other people and I've always been friendless by choice, but I also feel lonely a lot and envy people who have friends. I want to go out and explore the world and have adventures, but that idea also terrifies me.

Anonymous 15236


Had a very shitty year overall but i think i can pull things off and keep going.I'm trying to take all the bad stuff happend and make a life lesson out of them.My finals are ending next month and after this uni year ends i'm going to -restart- my life in general.

Anonymous 15729

I started antidepressants for my bipolar about 6 weeks ago. Ever since, I've only had The Sad for about a day or so. But now, I'm on day 4 of a Sad Streak and I knew I wasn't cured but its just heartbreaking after being so good for so many weeks. I feel like I'm backsliding on all my progress. All I want to do is work on my art but I just feel really lonely and depressed.

Anonymous 15747


>can't stop gaining weight because i keep binge eating
>at the same time haven't thrown up on purpose in a long time, which is good but i keep gaining
>need to study, keep procastinating

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