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Anonymous 149963

Is the Lenna image really a case of misogyny in comp sci or is it a case of people overreacting?
I'm genuinely curious as to what the average miner thinks of it.

Anonymous 149964

I just had to look it up, but I don't think it's really a problem. Test images have to reflect typical use cases, and an attactrive in a hat is a very typical image for people to look at. Maybe you could shoot some custom reference images, but why bother when there's already a standard one people use?

Anonymous 150002

People caring about shit like that is proof we have it too good these days

Anonymous 150015

This. It's not like the picture is bad, but it is from Playboy. Out of all the possible pictures of a woman they could have picked, they went with one from a porn magazine. Really?
Regardless of how "tame" the picture is, the fact that they chose one from a porn magazine only reinforces the idea that women's role in society is being a piece of meat to be admired/jerked off to. It is disrespectful and degrading, and this type of attitude wouldn't be tolerated against any other group of people historically disadvantaged and shunned away from that very industry. Fuck moids in STEM.

Anonymous 150039

At least it's cropped
t. multimedia dev

Anonymous 150205

Maybe back when it was first used. Now it's more of a meme or a homage to the early days of image processing.
I really like seeing pictures of Lenna nowadays, she looks like a really nice and kind old lady.

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