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Anonymous 150562

Telling guys I’ll bite them.
Them thinking I’m trying to be sexy.
Me literally just being autistic and letting the intrusive thoughts take over and nomming their arm.

Anonymous 150568

Mental illnesses were made up by men to keep women on drugs that don't even treat real problems, scrote retard.

Anonymous 150571


Anonymous 150574

Like I’m not trying to be cute or sexy, I’m warning you that I’m weird
No. I’m not gonna take a bunch of drugs that end up degrading your neurons just so that I can be “normal” for moids or society. I gently nom when I’m comfortable with someone and don’t have to try super hard to act functional.
Literally have been on adderall as a teen and it made me feel like a zombie. All I did was sleep.

Anonymous 150583

This is actually true…. Tell me op is it a possessive thing?

Anonymous 150593

Same, but different. I hated being held or touched anywhere on my body or head, but I want to express affection and it builds up until I just suddenly bite them. Thankfully my best friend was very understanding and let me nom without complaint.

Anonymous 150604

No not at all. It’s just a way to show affection. Like all this energy builds up and you just wanna nom. It just feels good to my brain.
I don’t even bite hard enough to leave a mark
I kinda of get that. I don’t like being touched by most people. That was nice of them. I once had a dude slap me upside the head for doing it. Not hard or anything but I pissed in his shampoo and never talked to him again

Anonymous 150630

i think that's just cute aggression, which happens in autists and non-autists alike.

Anonymous 150635

Would probably take some time to get used to it, but overall it's kinda cute I think. What do you like him to do when you're noming? Stroke your hair? Whisper sweet nothings to you?

Anonymous 150637

You're… mental. Get help.

Anonymous 150638

chomp chomp

Anonymous 150643

wow very quirky youre so coocoo and special

Anonymous 150644

Beginning to think there is a non-zero population of Jack Russell Terriers posting on this website…

Anonymous 150653


Op is just sooo random! Can't take her anywhere!

Anonymous 150700

I like to bite the real fatty parts. My ex bf would let me nibble his ribs and he’d always rub them before I’d do it and say he was saucing them up. I don’t wanna cause pain or anything.
I also like to slap people’s thighs and say I’m paping the love in. I just get so much lovey energy I just have to get it out!!!
Isn’t being mean and condescending to each other just proving moids right? Like we’re all just catty and rude. Does it make you feel better to be rude to someone on an Anonymous board? If it does, that’s just kinda weird. No ones trying to be quirky either. Biting is a common trait of autism.
No , I’m autistic

Anonymous 150704

cats do that too, its cute

Anonymous 151497


>I’m warning you that I’m weird

If a guy is sufficiently weird himself, he will interpret this as "I'm available", and thus treat it as cute.

Anonymous 151508

How are you any different from those short girls that use their height to be pickmes. "I'm so tiny and petite and smol you guys! Ugh I'm so short and childlike". That's you but with being retarded because you know moids are into that. I don't see you attempting to uwuify more unpleasant signs of being autistic, just "Tehee I'm so quirky and men think I'm being sexual when I say I'm gonna bite them but I'm just gonna chomp! x3 Im not cute or sexual I'm WEIRD".

Anonymous 151510

>noooo don’t use your characteristics to get a mate noooooooooo

Anonymous 151528

i love biting my bf

Anonymous 151529

its actually very common among women lol idk why some people are here talking about mental illness.

idk if op bites to the point of causing pain but most of us just bite nicely. its kind of the equivalent of men making hickeys i think.

Anonymous 151531

Is it only a problem when short girls do this or does it also apply to girls flaunting their other characteristics? Is flaunting them inherently wrong or is it only wrong in certain situations?
Could it be related to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cute_aggression ?

Anonymous 151534

Sexily biting people on the neck and giving hickies isn't what she is talking about at all.
>Them thinking I’m trying to be sexy.
>Me literally just being autistic and letting the intrusive thoughts take over and nomming their arm.
She'a just being an obnoxious muh quirky random gurl like what was already stated.
Pickmes fetishizing their childishness and pandering to literal pedophiles isn't the same as highlighting your positives to get a mate. Its detrimental.

Anonymous 151544

Agree, I always want to bite my sister

Anonymous 151545

What is so pedophilic about biting somebody on the arm kekekek, maybe you should try it and see if you like it

Anonymous 151621

I wasn't talking about biting, you've clearly not read any other posts in this thread

Anonymous 151649

i was not talking about her trying to act quirky or stuff. idk personally i dont like giving hickeys, biting is my love gift. i only bite my bf.

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