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Anonymous 150723

Has anyone here ever taken risperidone? What does it feel like?

Anonymous 150754

it's an antipsychotic medication prescribed for BPD and schizophrenia

Anonymous 150789

Different people react to meds differently. What symptoms are your primary concern and are you on other medication or supplements?

If by BPD you mean bipolar disorder, yes. If you mean borderline personally disorder, not usually.

Anonymous 150791

I did. Didn't feel anything.

Anonymous 150794

i took it briefly and didnt feel much. it made my breasts hurt and become hard as rocks.

Anonymous 150829

yes, that was what i was told

Anonymous 150942

Did the hardness go away or remain even after getting off it?

Anonymous 150948

it went away once i got off it. my boobs are normal and stuff now lol.

Anonymous 150973

Interesting that you didn’t feel much from it. Isn’t it supposed to be really powerful? Or is that only for schizos?

Anonymous 151175

i think that it didnt build up in my bloodstream enough, as i only took it for a couple weeks before stopping because of the rock hard breasts.
i took it for depersonalization/derealization.

Anonymous 152513

I’m scared of popping pills

Anonymous 152598

taking too much benadryl is extremely scary yes

honestly seems like one of the most terrifying drugs to overdose on

Anonymous 152603

Was on it for a short while when I was young. Not a "fun" drug at all. Just zombifies. Not recommended unless you're a legit schizo.

Anonymous 152615


Schizzy here, I'm prescribed risp but I always go to the toilet and spit it out lol
I don't like it because it makes me hate waking up in the morning. I have to tear out of my dream like the perforations on toilet paper and it's really rough and scratchy feeling. It also makes me feel numb and stupid and totally "turned down". You know people call taking acid "turning on"? This stuff is "turning off".
If you are prescribed risperidone, see if you can get Paloperidone instead. I get 3-month depot doses and they turn me from a person who's always running off chasing cosmic visions to a person who cares about his fellow humans and wants to stay down to Earth so that I can be with them. I won't say I like all my cool visions and stuff going away, but I certainly appreciate being treated better by others and not put in hospital. The only side effects are frequent fidgeting and sort of a jerky walk like I'm a puppet. People have stopped me in the street to ask me if I'm high and I have had to say like "I wish! I'm actually on this medication that turns me down…"
But it's definitely better than the risperizzle zombie-drug
"Really powerful" depends on dose, as with many other drugs

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