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Tiny homes Anonymous 150792

Tiny homes are adorable.

Anonymous 150796

You will live in the pod
You will eat the bug

Anonymous 150797

I'd rather several tiny houses connected together through hallways and covered outdoor walkways. I spend too much time inside to be confined to a tiny home. They are better for people who go out a lot.

Anonymous 150798



Anonymous 150803

I just remembered a miner that said there were dogs posting on this chan and after this post i can't disagree

Anonymous 150806

I wanted a tiny home right up until I moved into a big home. Fuck tiny homes. Bigger is better.

Anonymous 150826

It does look very cute.
Would def make for a cute chicken coop or childrens playhouse, but I would not want to live in it.

Anonymous 150836


I'd love to own a tiny and compact home.

Anonymous 150839

I want a small house/flat since I will most likely remain single, easier to clean + less empty space (if there's too much free space around the house, I will feel alone). The ones posted here would kill me though, there's a difference between a small house & a capsule/pod hotel with furniture.

Anonymous 151015


Same! I like the cottage sized ones. Those are also on proper foundations.

Anonymous 151021

This looks so cute but I'm afraid my clumsy ass would break something and ruin it!

Anonymous 151023

That's actually very adorable! I love the idea!

Anonymous 151024

living a castle would be too much upkeep! imagine doing all that cleaning

Anonymous 151065


It's this one: https://www.houseplans.com/plan/461-square-feet-1-bedroom-1-bathroom-0-garage-cottage-39330
I wish my grandma willed my mom her spare housing lot so we could have built this or one like it. Pic is one of the interior. Perfect for one, maybe two people.

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