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Neighbor's psycho moid child Anonymous 150929

No, I am no schizo. My neighbor is an messy, hypohondriac who neglects her dog and leaves dirty pads in front of her porch. We live in a duplex house so when she leaves her dirty shit like that it eventually ends up in front of our door. Her husband doesn't even speak our language, he came here from Italy and is an asshole. They have a 4 year old who's agressive (beats his mom and kicks the dog) and his parents never reprimand him for anything, he always gets what he wants and is apparently autistic.
Recently he shitted himself when my mom was talking to his mom and when he told her she just laughed and continued on with the conversation for like 15 more minutes.
I'm worried that he's going to do something when he's older, he checks all the boxes for that. His mother doesn't let him have any friends because they're disgusting(?) according to her and she keeps moving him to different daycares because of random shit. He's not potty trained and I don't mean to be rude to this child but he seems a little retarded. This combined with an overbearing, unhygienic mom and a deadbeat dad (the kid doesn't speak italian so they can't even talk and he's alone in the garage all day anyway) is freaking me out. I don't want to wake up to my parents stabbed in cold blood or worse, raped and then murdered. I know I sound paranoid. Perhaps I am. It's just worrying to me, even my mother noticed he's a bit slow (she works with kids). I hope they move out, I really do. He's still a little kid but once he's older and bigger? They were in their 40s when they had him (well the dad was 50) so hopefully he grows up to be a frail manlet.
If I still live with my parents in a few years I'll probably carry a tazer around or whatever

Anonymous 151145

Idk what country you live in but is there not a child protective service you can report her to?

Anonymous 152268

chris chan 2: italian boogaloo

Anonymous 152269

can you report the animal abuse and have the dog taken away?

Anonymous 152270

I was honestly about to comment that he won't really do anything other than transition and finger his mom

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