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Why is there so little fandom and fangirling on this site? Anonymous 150996

It really shocks me that there isn't. Its very touch and go where media, books games are concerned. Cc users hardly hardly put much depth into media threads.. for example I wanted to discuss Witcher the books vs the show on here and…(hate the new seasons)
I'm just amazed there's virtually nothing like that on here.

Anonymous 150999


We go to the " other " site to do our fangirling stuff

Anonymous 151002

Feels lets on the exact opposite. That's all anyone talks about here is shitty moids

Anonymous 151026

Probably because CC is not that big and chances of finding a lot of people into the same thing as you are low. Sometimes it works out, sometimes the thread goes fully ignored. I think it's sad too, but you should still try. Just make a new thread in media and see if there's any nonas into The Witcher.
Oh and the "all we talk about is moids" anons is apparently a larping tranny replying to itself. Women on CC still talk about a bunch of other shit, but a lot of the time it's boring "adulting" stuff like their favorite chain stores or cleaning methods. No hate though, it's just boring to me personally.

Anonymous 151034


This. We come to cc to chat more candidly on anon, and go other places for fandom shit because there's more people occupying those online spaces v. here.

Anonymous 151038

Ok? I never said it was wrong for them to talk about that kind of stuff, just said it was boring to me personally. And that doesn't mean memes or fandom talk aren't allowed, we have a media board for a reason.

Anonymous 151044

And I never disagreed with any of that so idk why you were replying to me exactly…

Anonymous 151045

There needs to be a blissful singlehood thread.

Anonymous 151047

Idk, women are really into fandoms I feel so maybe they just have their own circles for that. Since CC isn't really a fandom thing automatically it doesn't strike out. There are still actually a lot of fangirling while chatting, but you have to open and read the threads to see it as we don't just randomly make "love live fandom thread" stuff.
If you actually try to make a post it may work. I've posted about singers, games and movies and got replies.

Anonymous 151049

And? I never claimed it was an "entertainment board". I said I personally find it boring. Discussions can also be boring. Are you autistic?

Anonymous 151250

Why in the fuck are these groupings so damn dismal? God this place

Anonymous 151298

CC just doesn't have enough people. You'll have better luck at lolcow. I only go there for the media threads.

Anonymous 151378

i think it's mostly because most people just stick to /b/, leaving the best place to discuss those topics, /media/ completely abandoned. in most other websites, that's not much of a problem, but since this one has such a tiny userbase, it becomes difficult to find enough people to have a sustained and in-depth conversation with.

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