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Anonymous 151143

How many of you read either of these book series when you were in middle school or high school?

Anonymous 151168

I read both sagas when I was in high school, and I gained a taste for reading thanks to these books. Before them, I thought that reading was very boring, I couldn't pay attention, but after them I managed to keep the habit, my attention threshold improved a lot. I still have my copies, and I reread it a little while ago; The Hunger Games is really great and twilight is silly but I don't understand the hatred towards Bella, she was just a shy and insecure child

Anonymous 151391

Only the Hunger Games, almost all girls in my class had this phase of obsession with the books around 2012. We wrote fanfictions, made fanart and even roleplayed our own "Hunger Games" in the schoolyard during breaks.
In retrospect the Hunger Games books are not the best of course, but as far as YA dystopia goes they were decent. The Hunger Games pretty much started that trend, most of the copycats were trash.

Anonymous 151392

I never read either. tbh I probably would've liked twilight because I'm into ust and vampires. When I was in high school opinions on twilight were polarizing but I just never cared.

Anonymous 151396

I only read the Hunger Games. A librarian in middle school recommended me Twilight, but I didn't like it. I read the Hunger Games shortly after and I loved it a lot. I can see why a lot of teenage girls loved Twilight though, it got a lot of friends and family into reading who didn't like to. HG is YA fiction, but for what it is, I think it's pretty alright. I was never a big fan of the love triangle because I didn't care for either male lead, but Katniss was pretty cool.

Anonymous 151397

I read them both in elementary school, I found Twilight hilarious and almost like a comedy book and I found Hunger Games' first book to be interesting but the later two were so boring and I secretly didn't even finish the third book

Anonymous 151399

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Anonymous 151401

Anonymous 151409

I read both but I wasn't a diehard fan of either. The Hunger Games is better by miles.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 151432

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