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I like that this site is slow Anonymous 151676

For me, this site being slow is a good thing. The last time I got into a fast moving site, I'd end up spending hours scrolling. Here, I feel like I can take a break and do other things, then come back without missing much.

What do you like about CC?

Anonymous 151828

It is sad that women's online spaces never got to really take off before troons went mainstream. The small communities I was in when I was in my teens that were majority girls ended up trooning out too.

Is Giggle still a thing? Are they really female only, or do they let troons in?

Anonymous 151830

Yeah sorry the internet didn't take off before 1000BC

Anonymous 151831

unknown (20).png

Sorry but without Enrei not enough women care about women's rights and would rather just do as their father told them;
Sit down, shut up and look pretty.
Sorry you can't see it but to defeat the patriarchy you'd need the people you hate to unite against a common foe.
Then eat us alive, that's war tactics 101.
You are doing this in the wrong order, incels will just turn on you as they always do.

Anonymous 151901

Same. I don't like missing out and seeing too many posts kinda overwhelms me. I just wish CC was more of a secret. Moids talk about CC on 4chan and raid us. I've even seen CC being mentioned on TikTok since some stupid tiktokers made 4chan and imageboard culture more popular, so we just get made fun of

Anonymous 151929

>hating on trannies without being banned like on reddit
I still remember the days of r/itsafetish brehs…

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