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Cryptocurrencies Anonymous 151933

anyone got any crypto? crypto is the most reliable way to 20x your money. apparently crypto is currently in a bear market and will bottom out in the next few months. apparently /biz/ during the bear market is the best place to find new cryptos to invest

Anonymous 152082

lol. lmao, even.

Anonymous 152104

bro just buy SQQQ. I'm up 20% in the past 2 weeks.

Anonymous 152105

continuing this (because for some reason I always post before I should), crypto is for poor brainlet men. LETFs are also risky but at least you have some reason to think they'd go up in a period of time (e.g. macroeconommic factors). Don't listen to moids for financial advice (especially not 20something e-moids)

Anonymous 152560

Crypto is a joke and will never become anything real, but I have made decent money from it.

> Bought BTC in Aug 2017, sold in Dec 2017 (made about 20K)

> Bought BTC in Apr 2019, sold in Apr 2021 (made over 100K)
> Bought DOT in Aug 2020, sold in Apr 2021 (made about 25K)
> Bought KSM in Aug 2020, sold in Apr 2021 (made about 50K)
> Bought XLM in Sept 2020, sold in Apr 2021 (made about 10K)
> Bought SOL in Jun 2021, sold in Dec 2021 (made about 10K)

Bought some KAVA in Aug 2020 and haven't sold it yet. Missed a good opportunity to, but it's only about 5K invested, so I'm not too worried even if I lose it all.

Probably done with it at this point. I don't think it's going to recover in any meaningful way.

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