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Andrew tate Anonymous 152003

what do y'all think about Andrew tate ?

I'm against censorship but I'm glad he is banned now

Anonymous 152007

i thought he was a troll because a lot of his points made no sense but people started taking him serious and finding out about the things he’s done but as you said im glad he’s banned from all platforms.

Anonymous 152008

It just amazes me how any retard can jump on a soapbox, spout a bunch of random, contrarian or edgy opinions, and instantly become an internet celebrity overnight.

People who give these fags any credence or take them seriously should be gassed too, they’re part of the problem and help launch these peoples fame.

Anonymous 152009

His private jet pictures look like they were taken in those paid fake private jet sets for instagram.

Anonymous 152014

He's banned rom everything now so who cares lol

Anonymous 152015

We should stop enabling people with narcissistic personality disorder. This must be the easiest time in history to have NPD.

Anonymous 152019

literal who? Ive never even heard of him

Anonymous 152023

MLM artist who spews MGTOW shit for incels to eat up solely for views, fame and mainly money. He probably doesn't even seriously believe 90% of the shit he says. He says contradictory shit so often it's unreal, basically whatever sounds the most "based" for his young impressionable audience at that given moment

Anonymous 152025

If this encourages more misogynistic assholes to go MGTOW and never breed, then good lol.

Anonymous 152030

literally who?

Anonymous 152086

he's just another grifter/scammer, another one will come eventually and the cycle will repeat as it always has

Anonymous 152089

He can't pronounce 'water'. Like seriously, pay attention to each time he says it - he'll cycle through like 5 different pronunciations because he can't settle on one

Anonymous 152095


>literally pay third worlders and bots to spam every timeline of every social media platform with as much of your dreck as possible
>they probably get relentless complaints about it
>"why are they banning me just for having different OP onions ;("

You can get moids to support you by turning absolutely everything into a free speech issue. It's frankly laughable that people don't care about any other side to this anymore.

Anonymous 152483

His brother is more attractive than him. 4/10 would not fuck

Anonymous 152484

there's so many clowns like him that have a platform. i dislike him and others that are similar to him. like that "fresh & fit" podcast.

Anonymous 152491

the physical embodiment of daddy issues.

Anonymous 152539

It honestly seems like moids suffer more from absent fathers than women. You don't see hoards of women with daddy issues giving all their money to trump-esq scam artists and mewing and shit all day.

Anonymous 152547

I’ve never met a gay guy or a tranny that had a good, existent relationship with his father. Moids complain about how women with daddy issues cry a lot or take bikini pictures on instagram, but men with daddy issues literally either troon out or murder people.

Anonymous 152569

>tfw I'm planning on having a sperm donor kid and so they won't have a dad at all

God I hope I don't get murdered by my tranny son

Anonymous 152570

>having a son

Anonymous 152575

I figured if I just hope and fantasize strongly enough that wouldn't happen. Whenever I picture my future it's with a daughter but knowing god I'll just get fucked and have a son and have to try some homeopathic abortion method or something

Anonymous 152608


My first impression was, "Who is Andrew Tate?" After I found out he made a bunch of those cringey sigma posts that people screenshotted to share, I felt like the Internet lost an unsung jester. That men actually gave him money just made it funnier.

I think he moved to some place where he thought he could safely traffic women? That's just so pathetic. He painted himself as this man insulated by money and above everything else, and he moves to some shithole to enslave women? What a loser.

Anonymous 152619

i'm genuinely convinced he got mild brain damage from kickboxing

Anonymous 152628

Hes pretty clever. He designed his grift from the ground up so only the dumbest people would fall for it in the first place, and from that point you can do pretty much anything with your mindless army without them asking too many questions. Trump did the same thing. A fool and his money….

Anonymous 152629


He wasn't just some random retard though, he was a top kickboxer prior to his scam model.

Anonymous 152635

Don’t know who he is plus he’s ugly so I don’t care

Anonymous 152653

literally when ever has anyone cared about the life advice or political opinions of kick boxers? when it comes to what he actual does now he's a random retard since kick boxing is wildly irrelevant
people said this about trump too but then it turned out he wasn't just pretending to be retarded - he was actually just plain old retarded. why do people need to rationalize retarded behaviour as like ironic or as part of some grand conspiracy to trick people instead of just going with occam's razor and just assuming that they genuinely are as retarded as they seem to be? is it some convoluted attempt at retaining just world hypothesis or something?
this seems likely. happens to most athletes - it's why they universally seem so dumb. also he can't pronounce 'water'
is the 55/45 thing true? that makes me a lot less anxious about having kids. i also don't think men are misogynistic because they aren't spoiled with love - if anything they're misogynistic because boy moms cater to their every whim so they never learn to internalize their bad emotions and then take it out on everyone else. equally plausible is just that they're biologically prone to being bad people

Anonymous 152660

It honestly seems like he discovered that controversial/edgy takes would get him attention from 2 demographics. MRAs/MGTOW/PUA-Fans and angry leftists or the mainstream media. And then he just went all out on those takes and tried to grift as much as possible. Just flew too close to the sun and got burned eventually. If he doesn't end up in prison for human trafficking (which he should) he's probably set for life considering the outrageous prices of his academy.

Anonymous 153180

this is easily the most based opinion one can have on a famous or influential moid.

Anonymous 153258

He's one of the cringiest people I know of. I've seen some of that "last speech" video he posted after he was banned, this guy was unironically putting epic music over some story about how he got in a fight as a kid.

I really don't like that he was banned though, all the big platforms basically banned him at the same time without much explanations, I find it really creepy how all these platforms work together for censorship. Also now his audience sees him as a saint, "he was banned because he spoke truth" etc. when they could've let him make a fool out of himself. I doubt he convinced anyone who didn't already believe his crap or at least wasn't on that path, but if he staid in the public eye he would've gotten humilliated in debates and arguments, like he was in that talk with Hasan Piker. Also Hassan is somewhat of an 80IQ monkey himself, so if he can humiliate Tate, there's probably a lot of people who can. Btw if you haven't seen that clip I suggest you look it up, it's incredibly funny and revealing of Tate's fragile ego. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkohX4ICZGk&ab_channel=HasanAbi )

Anonymous 153271

what a cry baby

Anonymous 153281

He’s malding.

Anonymous 153296

миний хөөрхөн хайр

Anonymous 153313


Anonymous 153323

It’s their companies and their platforms. They have a right to censor whoever they want. If he doesn’t like it he can always move to another one of those free speech platforms, but nobody uses them because it’s just a bunch of incels and trannies spamming the word n*gger and posting child pornography.

Anonymous 153612

If you're going that route you may as well get IVF and choose the sex of your child.

Anonymous 153641


he will grow up to hate you

Anonymous 153643

>hating the parent who stuck around to raise you rather than the one who abandoned you
Moid logic 101.

Anonymous 153645


>raising a son is simply about existing near him and mothering him
>son grows up to be a wet noodle because he had no dad

Anonymous 153646

forgot to mention that >>153645 was the post >>153641 was replying to

Anonymous 153651

Would you rather be raised by someone who sticks around even during tough times, or raised by someone who abandons you on a whim whenever they feel like it?

Anonymous 153657

Lol based nona.

Anonymous 153658

predators blame their moms for all their problems and then spend all day shitposting on 4chin about it from the comfort of their mom's homes

Anonymous 153659

I used to think this too until I realized the government is effectively run by lobbyists too, so it's not exactly like they're any less partisan than random corporations. At least you know who to blame in the case of a corporation

Anonymous 153660

Lol, sexist 4chan scrotes been real quiet since this post dropped.

Anonymous 153678


Not giving scrotes credit at all but for some it is more complicated than this. single mothers abuse their children at like 2x the rate of the general population. A lot of scrotes on 4chan grew up in single mother households, so for some it's a mother who beat you vs a father who abandoned you. Also when single mothers do remarry statistically they marry scumbags and the children are 40x more likely to be abused than in a male situation, and in that regard the man is more to blame (the mother is to blame as well) but the children probably view their mother as their should be protector- leading to hatred on both sides.

This is a personal post for me, a man abused me, but my mother knew it and allowed it to happen, and even threatened him as punishment when I did literally anything she didn't want him to, knowing what he did, having seen it herself.

Anonymous 153697

Except scrotes who ree about single mothers turn around and cope about how they’re great and fine when told they are a loser/shitter male for being raised by a single mother like Null kek. Also, single mother households have more abuse because their are more of them then single father households because usually scrotes are the deadbeats fleeing their kids for various reasons from cheating to wanting to start a new family and forget the old one. That being said, pickme women who enable scrotes for male attention are scum of course and sorry that happened to you.

Anonymous 153698

+ women fleeing them because of them being physically abusive

Anonymous 153699

Scrotes are so retarded that they think reeing about single mothers raising boys will ensure that they can trap a mommybangmaid to baby them and dedicate her life to preserving his own little kingdom he can use to seem impressive to other useless scrotes, and not make women stop having sons kek. You did this to yourselves retards.

Anonymous 153717

>Also, single mother households have more abuse because their are more of them then single father households
That's not how statistics work anon. She's talking about tge rate of abuse, not the absolute amount.

Anonymous 153721

Children from single mothers have more abuse because if the mom is working she needs a babysitter and most kids end up being molested by a babysitter or a close family friend/stepdad, especially if the mother gets a new boyfriend.

Single dads children don’t have much abuse because no matter how many new stepmoms they bring into the household, the stranger women aren’t molesting those kids.

Anonymous 153722

>single moms abuse their kids more than absent fathers
Duh. You can’t abuse a child if you abandoned it.

Anonymous 153723

Nuclear family is totally unnatural tbh, men were always a danger to children, which is why they were kept away from the kids and made to go hunt and get food and resources while the big family tribe of women all hung out and cared for each other and their kids, in the female matriarchal safety away from rapey violent pedo moids.

Nothing wrong with keep a child away from the person who is most statistically likely to rape them.

Anonymous 153730

My biological dad sexually abused me. The lesson is literally can’t trust men around children, ever.

Anonymous 153736

This honestly, he struck a nerve and it make me want to step back and examine just what it was that made everyone so upset.
Why isn't it enough that you don't have to listen to him, why must everyone else be barred from it as well?
There are streamers I don't like to watch, but I don't think they should be banned because o don't like them.

Anonymous 153773

Weird strawman. 1 in 50 children are raped or sexually abused by their biological fathers and for stepfathers its 1 in 5 children. And that’s only the reported ones, real figures are probably much higher.

Anonymous 153774

Yes, men are wallets and cannon fodder. You suck at everything else.

Anonymous 153775

You’re mixing up cause and correlation. Single motherhood isn’t a control for the abuse rates, there’s also many other factors that go into these stats like race, socioeconomic status, home security, poverty, whether the mom is working or not, whether she remarries/dates new men or not, inter-family relationship dynamic, mental illness etc.

Anonymous 153807

This mf managed to bring back the 2016-2017 “sjw FEmInNaZu oWnds111” shit and I hate it.

Anonymous 153835

God I know. These losers truly never evolve.

Anonymous 153841

Isn’t this dude an actual human trafficker who kept women hostage in his house?

Amazing how moids complain about cancel culture and female-biased courts. Meanwhile the conviction rate for rape is less than 2% and pedophiles, rapists, misogynists and woman beaters go on to make Hollywood movies or become President of the United States.

Anonymous 153851

yep i believe he got away from romania because of charges against him

Anonymous 153860

Must have been a pretty bad case considering how much human trafficking goes on in Romania and how lax the police are there.

Anonymous 153862

don't know him but holy fuck that moid is so ugly

Anonymous 154022

His accent is extremely grating. He doesn’t know if he’s Brit or Burger.

Anonymous 154045

Lol true

Anonymous 160348

It was very weird seeing people celebrating or debating him getting booted off the internet but it was the first time hearing about him. Even my normie friends were discussing it.

Anonymous 160381

same. i only heard about him because he was removed from the internet, but i still dont know what he says/does.
i feel like it must be some kind of publicity psyop because i still have no idea who this guy is

Anonymous 161781

Screen Shot 2022-0…

attention whore with no chin

Anonymous 161786

unpopular opinion but I think it's a good thing he got censored lol

men don't need MORE influential men telling them to treat us like shit

Anonymous 162009

God hes so unattractive. Bald, weird head, ugly eyes, no chin or jaw. I can't believe people were sleeping with him

Anonymous 162013

yeah he should have absolutely 0 influence. literal criminal and "human" garbage. he's trafficking women and shit, hopefully one of his competitor criminals takes him out

Anonymous 162073

how can someone SO obsessed with themselves have absolutely 0 sex appeal

Anonymous 162137

He pays them to

Anonymous 162246



This mass of men playing the victim are whining because they want people to give them what they themselves refuse to cultivate in themselves (empathy, prosocial behavior, real compassion that isn't based in wanting ulterior rewards, etc). There's endless statistics showing how in most ways, men are more likely to betray other people, be less altruistic, fail to give emotional support, are more interested in big cliques of men more than deep one-one-one platonic relationships, etc. It starts young too; even young boys are, on average, ick'd out by emotional intimacy. Men are the rational sex, aren't they?

When they feel "invisible" what they are actually feeling is their bros silently betraying them and ignoring their true humanity aside from surface-level, shallow things like how much they fuck, their status, and how much they can stroke his ego. They feel invisible even when surrounded by other men because they want to feel like a King when they're just a peon in the shadow of endless amounts of men that exploit their gullibility and occasional narcissism, but who don't actually care for them in any sort of intimate, tender way. They being too weak and spineless to challenge this end up externalizing it and bitching about society and feeling invisible because endless women aren't moaning at their feet and being completely retarded on his behalf.

And again–repeating the projection part, no, not all men feel "invisible." Men that feel invisible often are parasites and wish for that which they will never be able to give anyone else in any heartfelt, deep capacity. Bonus clown points if they idea of invisibility revolves around thinking being sexualized = being humanized.

Anonymous 162331


I found Andrew Tate in 2020 before he got popular. I found him in a weird way. There was a small account @theplayersyear (now suspended) that would post pictures like pic related with a woman in the background (most of the time her not seeing the camera) and in the foreground his wrist with the same watch on. His tweets were like a diary of women he was sleeping with and had a date attached but otherwise read like his usual braggy tweets. I was looking at the account for months because I found it incredibly bizarre. Eventually, people in the replies linked the pictures to him and that's how I found out about his existence. At some point he announced publically that the account belonged to him (as "proof" he was a real player), but it didn't really gain much traction. I've fucking hated this man since I found out about him. I was really surprised when he became a meme, he really doesn't deserve an ounce of attention from anybody.

Anonymous 162333

Yes, I too lie in bed in lingerie with stockings on immediately post-coitus. Nothing beats putting my underwear back on and having my brand new bra dig into me as cooling sweat makes me shiver, despite a sheet being right there. I find showing my ass without violating Twitter TOS is my natural behaviour.

Anonymous 162334

Ok we get it you're a normie who gets laid by football players

Anonymous 162336

And your dad ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
also NTA

Anonymous 162337

men are so fucking weird kek

Anonymous 162338

What if it's pre-coitus. He's already paid for the hour and only needs a few minutes, so he tells her to show her ass and stops to post on twitter as she just sighs and doomscrolls out of boredom.

Anonymous 162522

That’s a paid prostitute, not a hookup lol. I’ve seen Johns posting pics like that before online, as another nona said normal women don’t put their in comfy lingerie back on after fucking. Usually what happens is these escortcel losers cum in 5 minutes and there’s still another 50-55 minutes left so the guy usually just asks the girl to stick around because he’s a lonely loser and then they snap pictures of them like this from behind to show off to their incel friends.

Anonymous 162524

Based bald basher.

Anonymous 164794

Never heard or seen Andrew and don’t care to, but I’ve seen his brother pop up in some random shorts. His constant smoking cigars in interviews seems so tryhard and cringe. Just seems to spout random musings and anecdotes about being a HPV ridden manwhore with dickrot. He also has an ugly low class Anglo-American accent so he sounds like a retarded farmer from Somerset.

Anonymous 164853

>Tate promotes not having a family because money is apparently more important than the on going survival of the human species
wrong, he promotes having fam
just not getting married
>he comes from a rich family anyway
his dad died with $10 in pocket at a chess tournament, no savings
he made money through chess competitions which doesn't really pay much
his mom was a waitress

I agree, his brother is better looking
andrew is technically smarter though
brother is more smooth gentleman playboy type

hasan is 1000% worse than tate and i wouldn't be surprised if he gets rape accusations in the future

charges got dropped same hour lol, some skank willingly partied with him and her american bf found out cuz shes normie and posted on instagram
so she had moid bf call embassy on him
pretty funny

Anonymous 164858


Anonymous 164860

the investigation is still on-going retard

Anonymous 164933

I don’t listen to ‘traditionalist’ men who don’t have a loving wife and family, they’re terrible examples and failures. He’s a disgusting manwhore with a rotten used up wurstie.

Anonymous 164934

Exactly. These scrotes lie, cheat, steal, scam, whore around, are generally disgusting rotten cretins, and then act surprised when they can only attract equally trash women.

Anonymous 164940

Correct, men cannot love and they’re also incapable of monogamy. They are manwhores by nature, no matter how ugly they are. Men are simply not evolved. XY chromosomes were a failed lab experiment, the Y chromosome is monkey DNA spliced with satan’s.

Anonymous 164965

>>164940 preach sis

Anonymous 164980



>Not all men
>Just redpilled men
>We don't like muscles
>We don't like wealth
>Be a twink


Your next line is
>I'm white

Anonymous 165235


I agree with some things he says about women and gender roles. I'm waiting till marriage, want to be stay at home, have plenty of kids etc.
HOWEVER I think a lot of men react to our current insane views on relationships and women and switch to an insane view on the other side. Andrew Tate is a pimp. His brother is also a pimp. Tristan Tate argued that if a family fell onto hard times, if the wife loved her husband she would let him pimp her out on onlyfans.
Any "trad" man should be disgusted by this.

Anonymous 167775

He’s a radfem industry plant purposely designed to make us hate men even more and make the pinkpill reach more women.

Anonymous 167776

Anonymous 167777

Anonymous 167789

Pfft you're insane if you believe they do. Trad men are mongoloids no different than pimps. They all want the same thing, to fuck and own a woman and make her their baby machine. They ascribe to trad roles because they think they'll have better luck getting what they want this way, but they all come from the same drive and if you think they wouldn't be willing to turn into violent slave drivers to get it you're naive sheltered and stupid af

Anonymous 167791

this, theres nothing respectable about wanting your access to shelter and food to be dependent on a moid's generosity lmao

Anonymous 167808

Correct. He’s actually a radfem agent in disguise.

Anonymous 167809

You’ll still be dependent on a moid in those ways if you become a wagie though, your (almost certainly male) boss becomes your lord instead of your husband. The most feminist lifestyle is a neetbux one.

Anonymous 167811

He’s unironically a plant though. His dad was in the CIA. I even saw people talking about how suspicious it is how he blew up incredibly fast just for saying stuff incel forums have been saying for years. More proof that all the ‘blackpill’ and ‘redpill’ shit is just a government psy op. They want more angry young men, more mass shootings, more fear, more gun control laws.

Anonymous 170749


Hideous goblino, even uglier inside than out.
Never trust bald men, they’re mentally unstable and evil.

Anonymous 170750


Anonymous 170752

He makes his money off gambling addicts in Romania apparently kek

Anonymous 170764


This. Daddy issues and race issues. Mixed race men, especially those who come from abusive/absent black fathers and doormat white mothers always create the most fucked up, violent sons. He talks about how great it was that his dad turned him into a psychopath through berating him and sleep depriving him as a child. It would almost be sad if he wasn’t such a disgusting violent misogynistic subhuman pig.

Yeah bro, you won because your dad broke your spirit and now you’re a consoomer psycho who can’t feel or experience any emotion outside horny and anger anymore.

Anonymous 170771

He reminds me of a guy I knew. His parents abused him and it basically caused him to develop ASPD. Then he would say he was grateful that they made him into a psychopath lmao. Psychopaths are NPCs because they have lost everything that separates humans from animals.

Anonymous 170775

XYs are not sentient and you should never think they are. Men are not capable of love, empathy, insight, seeing things from another persons point of view, self reflection etc like women are.

95% of scrotes are literally no different to chimps, they are insentient, horny, angry rape apes. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

We have a bunch of less hairy chimps walking around in people clothes, acting like they’re human, but they’re not. Male existence is basically a twilight zone episode about animals that learned to larp as humans.

Anonymous 170779

problem is even this story is blatant manipulation for sympathy. these retards are put in fight or flight mode by their shitty childhoods sure, then they still think we live in law of the jungle times, and it’s completely inappropriate for modern life. these primitive retards also ruin things for everyone else because they’re so violent and emotionally volatile. we have mostly evolved past the survival stage of life, most people just want to live in peace, and we know that’s objectively the best outcome for everyone. but retarded moids with daddy issues just want to start wars and fight all the time and fuck up all the progress because they’re bored listless psychos. they’re no different to the annoying violent speds in school who would start fights or destroy things for no reason other than they got an impulse to.

i saw a video where tate says he literally panics when people approach him quickly and that he even has violent altercations with fans and thinks people are going to kill him all the time. that people need to approach him like, in his words, ‘a nervous horse’ because he’s so coked up and paranoid 24/7. these people are literally the equivalent of an abused pit bull constantly looking for an excuse to attack people because of their trust issues, but retards think they deserve a place in our evolved societies. they literally don’t, they should be placed in exile because they don’t belong or deserve to belong in a pleasant high trust society. all they do is take advantage of good people too, because of their own shittiness and trust issues.

Anonymous 170782

That’s another thing lol. He lives in Romania and talks about how great it is that it’s a high trust, safe society, that everyone is Christian, that women are ‘submissive’ and ‘traditional’ there, that it’s safe to walk the streets and nobody tries to rob you. These subhumans want to live in and reap the benefits of kind, safe, pleasant societies that good honest people worked so hard to establish, because they’re parasites. Parasites need a good, fruitful, and faithful host. These parasite types hate people like themselves and don’t wish to live in a country full of people like themselves, because then there’s no one to leech off of. I genuinely hope one day they are able to edit out the gene for sociopathy/psychopathy, because these people are not human and do not belong in human society, by passively culling them out of the gene pool we will cure the majority of humanity’s woes and suffering.

Anonymous 170786

He’s 100% a closet faggot

Anonymous 170787

All XYs are homoromantic and nearly all of them have homoerotic tendencies too. Why do you think trannies, femboys, pederasty and sodomy have been so popular even among ‘straight’ men since the days of ancient Greece and beyond?

Anonymous 170790

this. men have a psychosexual obsession with one another. mens entire social interaction dynamic with one another is establishing dominance over who will get to fuck who in the ass. when young boys were traditionally put under mentorship of older men as cabin boys, knaves, apprentices or any other kind of power imbalance, it almost always led to the young boys being sexually abused by the older man simply, because he had more upper body strength and authority. men literally couldn’t be put in charge of children without eventually raping them, because all scrotes are innate homo pedo rapists. those boys would grow up and in turn do it to their underlings. moids live in a constant primitive fight or flight instinct daze, because they know subconsciously all other men are looking to fuck them in the ass. this is why they’re so fucked up and angry all the time, and desperate for power and status. men desire power simply so that no other man will be able to fuck them in the ass again, so that they may do the raping instead.

Anonymous 170792

and for anyone who doesn’t believe me, just look how rife sodomy and sexual abuse of young boys by men was, all throughout the ages, and in every single civilization. men subconsciously know all other men are homosexual rapists. that’s why they are so neurotic.

Anonymous 170800

Explains why moids are so obsessed with social hierarchies and retarded animal concepts like alpha or sigma. Moids haven’t evolved.

Anonymous 170836

>b-b-but women toooo!!!
is this the best response you can come up with? you must be a man to be this low iq

Anonymous 170837

He’s in cope mode kek.

Anonymous 170957

No, women do not care about social hierarchies or retarded concepts like alphas, betas, sigmas and ligmas. Any women who do care about hierarchies are brainwashed by men and have internalized misogyny, and likely seek the safety of high status because they hope it will stop them getting raped and maybe offer them some kind of protection. Men seek status so that they can rape and kill people and get away with. The women who seek status only do so as a means of survival and self preservation.

Anonymous 170959

The psychosexual obsession men have with one another is TOO TRUE.

Have you seen how visibly angry and triggered older scrotes get by young, good looking, sexually successful men?

Put some handsome prettyboy celebrity twink or kpop boyband on TV in front of a group of older men, and they immediately start aggressively seething, calling them faggots, talking about how they could kick their ass etc. Men have so much jealousy, fear and repressed homosexual sexual frustration towards other men. They constantly try to one up each other and assert dominance, like gorillas. It’s pathetic.

Anonymous 171048

YouTube hustle culture is so cringe. Honestly nothing sadder than seeing a bunch of scammers with fake inflated net worths, shilling their pyramid schemes or other dumb shit like crypto pump and dumps, and telling gullible retards that they too can become billionaires if they sign up for their 52 week shitty course.

Anonymous 171055

>YouTube hustle culture
This. It’s beyond cringe. Also those ‘how to be alpha’ ‘how to establish dominance when you walk into a room with this simple eye contact trick’ and ‘why you should slap women in the face on sight and always cheat because women only like assholes’ tutorials.

Moids always complain about women liking fads or idolizing celebrities too much, but daddy issue moids will latch onto the dumbest trends and idolize the most retarded dickheads with a microphone, because they’re so desperate for a substitute father figure and got their ideas of masculinity from Hollywood movies.

Men are so retarded. I hope in 5 years time these fanboys will be cringing at their past selves for worshipping these scammer personality cults, just like they cringe at how they used to worship pickup artists and alt right retards like Milo Yiannapolous.

Anonymous 171075

male YouTubers and males with podcasts are so unattractive. males that are the opposite of the strong, silent type are repulsive.

Anonymous 171078

Its just boomers being boomers.

Anonymous 171118

This. I honestly find men who talk too much so unattractive. Especially ones who think their retarded opinions and word vomit matters just because they bought a Quadcast off amazon and filmed it. Men who shut up and are silent are so much hotter.

Anonymous 171161

the fact millions of young men idolize a malding, hideously tacky, nouveau riche manwhore psychopath with dickrot, who beats women and made his money off scamming lonely people and gambling addicts should tell you everything you need to know about the male species. this is what all scrotes aspire to.

scrotes are not human.

Anonymous 171162

he hates black people too, despite being black himself. he’s a big bald bag of daddy and race issues.

i can see why he has to compensate so hard with the expensive suits and cigars and cars, because if he didn’t dress like that he would just look like another nafri drug dealer from luton and probably get refused service from any upmarket establishments.

Anonymous 172941

I don't have a twitter account but I do lurk quite a bit. If Musk lets him come back I will stop reading twitter for good. It would just be too toxic at that point.

Anonymous 173150

My cat was capable of love and trust within a year or two of having him and he was a stray with unknown experiences.
This guy is worse than an NPC or even an animal.

Anonymous 173166

>bald black male
nobody cares what conquered men think.

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