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Kiwifarms Anonymous 152044

So what do you guys think about the whole shenanigans and drama circling and surrounding around that one lunatic fart-fetishist trannoid-pedo called Keffals/Lucas who's infanmously known for running a discord server called " catboy ranch " to groom minors in and teach them how to make HRT who has recently been trying to take down kiwifarms by lying about the site being a breeding ground for terrorists despite being one of the last websites and bastion of freedom of speech on nu-internet/post-gamergate era that documents on natzee's/pedo's/CWC/other lunatics?
which ironically mostly the pedo's who have been called out and documented on the website are the one's rallying for the site to be taken down and the loudest

Anonymous 152047


Anonymous 152050

I'm pro kiwi, it's funny as fuck, there's been a ton of banter between LC and KF in the past, its old school trolling which focuses on calling out weirdos and dickheads over random ppl.

I think normies ruin everything. I hate to even use the word but its true. Watching people sperg out about it has me rolling but I hope the site stays up. I imagine it will do, idk why cloudflare would give a fuck

Anonymous 152053

if this guy was really so scared for his life because of the SWAT teams why does he keep streaming? want to know what happens to real women when they're afraid? they hide - they don't just perpetually attention whore on the internet.

incidentally he's from where I live which otherwise isn't really known for anything. it's pretty cool. I'd stalk him if he didn't move to ireland

Anonymous 152055

Cloudflare cucked out and bent the knee to the axe wounds and hilariously its backfiring on cloudflare because the alphabet mafia insists that " they didn't do it sooner and have supported a bigot site for a long time "
while the farms is up on .ru, so all of this sperging for nothing and just only resulted in cloudflare looking like cowards
Hope cloudflare enjoys being an """ ally """

Anonymous 152056

This is like Warhammer 40k where everyone is some form of evil. Kiwifarms is full of degenerate incel moids, when they do something genuinely good like exposing pedos it's more of a stopped clock moment than genuine heroism. Chris Chan almost certainly wouldn't have raped his mother if he hadn't been pushed into deeper and deeper levels of depravity by an equally depraved community of trolls. I would lie if I claimed not to enjoy reading through Kiwifarms from time to time, but most of what they are doing is ultimately immoral. Most lolcows are just autists / weird people who don't harm anyone. Unlike pedos, groomers and zoophiles, they don't deserve to be doxxed or openly ridiculed.
That being said, the current situation reveals a worrying trend. A handful of corporations (Cloudflare, Amazon etc.) essentially control the entire infrastructure powering the Internet, which gives them unlimited control over the world's single most important form of communication. What we see now is just the beginning of corporate Internet censorship. It will get much worse in the future, and it won't stop at edge cases like Kiwifarms. In this sense, I am with Kiwifarms. I dislike them, but I hate corporate conglomerates ruining the Internet more.

Anonymous 152058

It’s hard to keep up with KF drama tbh

Anonymous 152067

I like checking threads about minor art cows I used to follow on tumblr back in the day just to see where they're at now. I'm 100% a lurker tho and don't really care about the current drama, this kind of thing has happened several times before and I highly doubt the site will go down for good.

Anonymous 152068

People have been trying to take down 4chang for 20 years, why would this tame site specifically go away?
if anything shouldn't they be shutting down facebook or youtube for hosting manifestos and school shootings?

Anonymous 152070

They should shut down 4chan, not because it’s a threat or anything but because the posts are so low quality and repetitive now, it’s just porn and regurgitating the same shitposts. There’s no original musings there and it’s not even funny anymore, it’s like everything was written by an AI bot, dead internet theory confirmed.

Anonymous 152071

Yeah, it's pros are its still good as an containment website

Anonymous 152077

The first world's " invidualisim " and over-glorifying one's kink has been a disaster for the human race
And the iphone, especially the iphone and smartphones allowing every hobo and low IQ retards on the street that are easy to manipulate like sheep to say whatever they want

Anonymous 152080

They won't take down 4chan because feds can easily use it to make honeypots so the FBI can groom guillible depressed teenagers into shooting up a school

Anonymous 152083

There’s not even threads like that anymore. Last time I checked it was just white incels and Asian incels trolling each other over being virgins, despite both sides being virgins. And a bunch of porn with generic I Hate Women and I Wish I Looked Like Chad posts. Moids are so braindead, literally every male space inevitably descends into a cesspool of porn, seething over hot girls and dickriding Chad.

Anonymous 152084

Imagine it being so hard to accept that you are a man that you literally have to destroy your whole civilization in order to force ( rape ) everyone into accepting you as a female. Is there even a single troon with female interests?

Anonymous 152085

The case for that is definitely true but /pol/ does have it's occasional honeypot's, the board that is only full of schizoid old boomers and teenage moids

Anonymous 152088


The scrote troon behind the sperging is a misogynist (like every other trannoid out there) as well, but no they won't get up his ass because she's a brave trans woman who can do no wrong

Anonymous 152099


>They actually think it was the troons. his plan worked
How does he do it?

Anonymous 152100

What’s the difference between troons and incels? The skirt.

Anonymous 152101

DSP is married nona

Anonymous 152102

He’s still an incel

Anonymous 152103

Can someone give me the quick rundown

Anonymous 152108

To sum it up, some tranny started a campaign last month called #dropkiwifarms and is painting the website as a breeding ground for terrorists and incels and a threat to humanity to normalfags who haven't heard of the site before, basically over exaggerating things that aren't true because he has a page on the website that documents on his embarassing perversive groomimg actions

Anonymous 152110

With enough pestering from crying transoids the domain that hosted the og website (cloudflare) bent the knee to them and took down the .net version of the site, and now trannies are harrassing and pestering the domain too for hosting the site in the first place and that they were late to take it down (you can never please axe wounds which is why you never give into them in the first place), which was all for nothing since the site went down for only 1 or 6 hour's until they transfered to the .ru version of the site hosted by fiberhub
Cloudflare resulting in being cucks

Anonymous 152111

I'd love to have been present in that Cloudflare meeting to see how the CEO reacted to the explanation of what KF is and reading Lucas's thread.

Anonymous 152114



Anonymous 152118

Here's the thread to keep up with the recent events after cloudflare's knee-benting

Anonymous 152127


>all the seethe about "the death of the internet as we speak"
Do people actually believe this?
Social media institutions are showing signs of slip all the time now.
A single asshole billionaire was almost given the greenlight to buy Twitter, which is one of the largest platforms in the world. META is failing miserably to get people to be truly on board with it. None of these ever platforms ever existed to be profitable but they're failing at their intended purpose as well clearly.
If anything we are slowly headed in the exact opposite direction.

Anonymous 152134

nona the internet is obviously pretty shit compared to a decade ago especially after gamergate with everyone being forced to be on 3 big websites only and the fact you can get fired from places just because someone dug out a post where you said a no-no word 10 years ago on facebook or have the wrong-think
it's not the same anymore and can't express ourselves freely, hence the fact we are HERE to mock men in dresses

Anonymous 152136

God still keeps punishing for his blockland days it seems

Anonymous 152137

punishing null*

Anonymous 152138

Suppression of speech is toward the bottom of their priorities. They care way more about the ability to control rhetoric and discussion as a whole and even that takes a massive backseat to being able to farm data, further develop algorithms for marketing, propaganda etc and just as a whole have massive numbers of people plugged in.
Wait, Null played Blockland? OMGLUL was his name on their "Null"? I thought it seemed familiar.

Anonymous 152140

> They care way more about the ability to control rhetoric and discussion as a whole
Controlling freedom of speech, censorship and deplatforming dissenters is literally the easiest way to do that though.

Anonymous 152141

The except the types of issues gamergaters took Ls for were not ones they actually care about. They care about institutional accountability being off the table, not censoring people for being on the edgy side of whatever fotm idpol people are discussing.

Anonymous 152142

He's talked about his past campaign of unhinged cyberterrorism on the game quite openly. He went by many names, but he was best known as IbanZ. Many of the threads dedicated to him highlight his past in detail.



Anonymous 152143

I remember seeing that name before.
That's really sad. I was barely a middle schooler when I played that wack ass game and so were all my friends on it. He was an adult when that game was peaking in popularity wasn't he?

Anonymous 152147

I've had so many thoughts swirling in my head with respect to the KF/Keffals drama.
I really really hate how the biggest and most prominent trans-critic space online is on fucking kiwifarms (and LC I guess) out of all places, the state of this this is so stupid. It's near impossible to recommend to friends and even harder to defend KF's existence. Regardless of how you frame it people posting your personal information on a thread about you or a generic thread is creepy as fuck. People are going to overlook the shit Keffals does because Kiwifarms is just such a mindfuck for most people.

I do use KF but I'm not going to pretend like I'm doing it for some moral good, if there was an alternative for trans-critical spaces then I would prefer it. Ovarit imo isn't that great. Honestly the only good I ever got from KF was to read insane drama or read about scammers thoso are entertaining because it's a never ending series of "holy fuck holy fuck what why". Kiwifarms didn't really do much for me in fact before peaking it made me resent terfs/gc/anti-TRA sentiment and spaces even more it's only when I started peaking did I feel comfortable going to their infamous trans thread. You don't go to kiwifarms to spread awareness or do internet activist work, you go to Kiwifarms to laugh at people who overshare, internet fights that no one cares about, and discuss controversial issues.

There was a post on Ovarit that had overly positive comments and I was just really surprised, just a few years ago KF was openly shitting and targeting feminists, race and gay rights activists because that was the big thing in online. I don't think Ovarit would be supportive of misogynists. I think Keffals posted a few screenshots from the thread and I just had to go see it for myself because I couldn't believe it.

Anonymous 152151

Good post, you wrote what I think better than I ever could

Anonymous 152152

My problem with Kiwifarms on the issue of troons is that they aren't based feminists saying it's anti-woman. They think gays and lesbians are part of the same globalist conspiracy, which coincidentally they have similar hateful and conspiratorial reservations about women's lib. That's kind of why in general I am very hesitant when it comes to the "troons are pedos" narrative, not because troons rhetoric isn't bad for kids, it certainly is, but because they will just weaponize this against everyone the far right either wants gone or below pre-birth privileged land inheriting christian white boys. In a scenario where they eliminate the gays, they will start making it seem like terfs and radfems are a predatory danger to kids, in fact I have already seen some schizos start to propose this.
Kiwifarms users are not nearly as bad about it as /pol/ for example but I still don't think they're a positive on this issue.

Anonymous 152164

I feel like a lot of this shit is a great example of internet trannyism acting like religious organizations or cults of the past. Full of child groomers, women with internalized misogyny, and organizations behind it trying to act like they're doing good supporting it. More evidence to me that the internet was a mistake TBH. These people wouldn't be able to spread their ideology as fast as they did if the internet wasn't as big as it is now. Not saying kiwi farms is the best place either though. It's full of incels and racists and a lot of the time they can get just as retarded or obsessive as the lolcow they are shit-talking in question. Joshua himself is a fucking pedophile and gave funding to Chris chan.

Anonymous 152170

It's internet drama so I haven't really been paying attention.
However I don't get the point of attacking a site, if it does go down the people who posted there don't simply go away, they'll just gather on some other website(s)
Overall I find the whole situation stupid because only one side gets what they want, when's Discord going to be banned from the internet until they clean up these people targeting minors but a forum instantly goes bye-bye.
Its all pointless and I'm going to go back to watching ∀ Gundam

Anonymous 152180

For me, it's the beauty parlor.

Anonymous 152181

It's yet another step to a pro-censorship internet contrtolled by corporations and troons. The internet used to be the last bastion of free speech and that has been trampled over. We will never be able to go back to it. Will eventually have to find an alternative or resort to the dark web to criticize anything about troons

Anonymous 152182

i think most kf users are retards and only hope it sticks around so the male losers that inhabit it don't shit up other websites. i do also think that the crusade against it from the twitter troons is awful, n im sure they'll go after female only sites next (lcf, ovarit, here, etc)

Anonymous 152200


To be fair to Chris Chan, there is no evidence that he raped his mother. There is no evidence she has a dementia diagnosis, the state has not claimed she has one, and Chris chan has never been implicated in forcible actions. Chris chan is guilty of incest and should be punished. Barbara, due to her age, should not be charged. However, Barbara was accused of grooming Chris way before he ever actually crossed the line and if you videos of Chris' early life and listen to witness testimony, I personally believe she had a weird attraction towards Chris.

Anonymous 152216

Hey Jersh, cuz I knew you're reading this. The way to keep KF alive is to rebrand as a pedophile and sexual harrasser watching website, for safeguarding purposes. Your other threads about internet cringe weirdos can find a place elsewhere, but it is important that these troon freaks have their online activity monitored and archived. This is what would make them seethe the most, and no one would dare to take down an anti-pedo website.
Sometimes you need to take an L before you get the big Ws.

Anonymous 152238


I'm honestly baffled and speechless.
I hate lefties much more than i did before its unreal, im seeing pro-censorship by criminals who want to hide their heinous acts and everyones supporting like a sheep in real time, how did we end up to this point???
It was a very fun forum with actual logical people and a way victims could actually document on their predators and shame them publicily, and i will miss reading the CWC shenanigans and adventures and old tumblr artists who made a fool out of themselves on there
I'm not sure how much longer the .onion version of the site will still be up considering the pedophiles and HRT feeders are already talking to TOR to take down the site
the fact an ugly fart fetishist pedophile who ran a discord with kids in it has this much power to deplatform a beloved website that's home to so many just because they called out a few perverts who HAPPENED to be trans makes me so angry for the state of the internet, like i said before the western first world's over-glorifying of kinks and the birth of the iphone has been a disaster for the human race to manipulate anyone they want like a sheep.

Anonymous 152255

It's not just about kiwifarms, they will go for more, and more sites
It genuienly is a thing that makes me sad to see
They can destroy, remove, any site that is a home to many people anytime they want just by falseflagging alone because someone had the wrong-think
This proves the whole dead-internet theory right by each passing day.
The fact /pol/ is deleting KF related threads left and right is really telling something and nit fishy at all

Anonymous 152256

Ofc trannies are jannies on pol. Who else has time or effort to sit home all day deleting threads while unpaid.

Anonymous 152263

>HRT feeders are already talking to TOR to take down the site
half of the onion network is literal child pornography. there's no way that kiwi farms is going to be taken off

Anonymous 152264

Because those cp sites are under sketchy domains and vpns
i don't know how null hosted his site on tor and on which domain but i'm sure it's not the same thing

Anonymous 152266

Why do you guys assume /pol/ is indicative of the entire site? almost the entire website is just hobby boards (like /a/, /jp/, /lit/, /out/, etc.) which are completely innocuous

Anonymous 152267

I obviously know, but the higher ups and feds don't care about those boards, if it wasn't for /pol/, 4chan would've probably been taken down along time ago

Anonymous 152272

Most of the onion network is just mundane websites most people don't even visit. Like conspiracy theory sites and general schizo posts.

Anonymous 152274

I mean, the entire site is pretty racist/sexist even on hobby boards. /g/ loves shitting on Indians and women for instance

Anonymous 152280

I've been thinking about this stupid idea for a while
i think the site could be saved if they host it in china but ban any mention related to china's negative relations to the US (so china won't use it as an excuse to takw down the site)

Anonymous 152300

I liked reading KF on my phone before going to sleep especially some off topic threads. I find it too inconvenient to browse on mobile now.

Anonymous 152306


This is Null's mistake and the blame rests on him. Null is a dumb, neurotic, and self-absorbed fool. He should have seen the writing on the wall for fucking YEARS. This turn of events was so fucking obvious, and I can only assume that Null was so high on his own farts, that he thought he was too "powerful" or some laughable shit like that.
The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents have been getting relentlessly attacked by forces MUCH more powerful than "the cathedral" as he puts it, and they have been under fire for over a fucking decade NONSTOP by the DOJ, DHS, FBI, and innumerable multi-billion dollar corporations. Even smaller sites like Nyaa Torrents and Mangadex were attacked in the past and managed to get back up and running.
This never should have come with even a modicum of surprise. The forces trying to police the internet have been at it since Null was a child (Anyone old enough to remember Lime Wire and Kaaza?) He should have known better than to hold faith in a handful of giga-companies which have shown themselves TIME AND TIME AGAIN to be willing to bow down to the slightest governmental pressure. The very second Rep. Marjorie Greene started spergging out over Kiwi Farms, he should have begun immediate maneuvers to decentralize his website.

However, like the death of nyaa.se and the subsequent rise of nyaa.si, this is probably going to end up as a fantastic turn of events. A foolish, autistic, and egotistical admin and his entourage have been overthrown a replacement site will be created by a group of people who are actually competent and care.

Anonymous 152307

>A foolish, autistic, and egotistical admin and his entourage have been overthrown a replacement site will be created by a group of people who are actually competent and care.

Anonymous 152315

Is it true that cloudflare redirecting the .net link to their statement about blocking the site is illegal? I saw some people saying that, but I'm ignorant.

I'm pretty sure he's said he looked into that and said it wasn't a viable option, same with a bunch of other countries.

The tranny mob has already said they plan to go after web archive sites or mumsnet next. And what's to stop them? They know they can get their way if they harass some company like cloudflare enough, and now so do the governments going after human rights organizations cloudflare mentioned in their initial statement.
At least this situation has lit a fire under some people to try setting up decentralized ddos mitigation to take some power away from companies to prevent this in the future, but we'll have to wait until that's set up to see how viable that solution is.

Anonymous 152318

I don’t trust moids to stick to any board where women fucking dogs on adult gif and ‘real loli porn’ on /s/ are just a click away.

Anonymous 152320


Many CP sites are hosted in Russia because it’s legal to possess child porn in Russia (I think Czech Republic is another place it’s legal to have CP on your computer but they may have changed the law now) and even if you are caught hoarding or sharing extreme content you can escape any penalty by paying the cops a small bribe. Most CP sites are hosted in the US or the Netherlands.

Anonymous 152322


Mmhmm. Once again, Anglo Saxon moids showing their asses as the biggest pedos on earth.

I’m genuinely surprised Australia isn’t on that list as well. I guess they can just hop on a quick flight to the Philippines and rape as many kids as they want. Disgusting scrotes.

Anonymous 152324

Anonymous 152327

>Once again, Anglo Saxon moids showing their asses as the biggest pedos on earth.
Nah that's Muslim men

Anonymous 152329

Muslims scrotes like 12 year olds, Anglo scrotes prefer 2 year olds.

Anonymous 152330

How is France Anglo-Saxon?
Moids from other parts of the world are just as depraved. Internet child porn is a largely Western phenomenon because pedo moids in Muslim countries can simply buy themselves a real 9 y/o for three camels.

Anonymous 152331


Anglo Saxons emigrated to Britain from what is now Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, northern Germany and France.

Anonymous 152332

I have no interest in ever going to a Muslim country so that’s irrelevant to me. Anglos pretend to be paragons of virtue and the worlds moral gatekeeper, and look down on third world men for being backwards savages, when in reality they’re just as sexually depraved as they are.

Anonymous 152335

Does the tranny know this thread or board exists? I want to imagine him having a breakdown over us roasting him so hard.

Anonymous 152336


Feeling extremely demoralized after seeing cloudflare take a knee to the autogynephilic nerd menace. It's going to be depressing when "trans rights" get legalized and, once again, the slippery slope proves to be true and the next issue is something psychotic like legalizing pedophilia and/or incest. We already know the courts won't give a damn when pro-tranny policies lead to more violence and suffering for everyone.

We are watching the moral fibers of a society crumble, particularly to privileged self-hating men that want to watch the world burn.

Anonymous 152337

>implying the owner won't just give up after 2 weeks or that the Keffals brigade won't just DDoS the fuck out of that one instead
Null may be autistic and retarded, but the closure of a site that was the first to reveal and host Keffals' dirty behavior will be a big loss for many who want to hold these disgusting troons accountable.

Anonymous 152338

That does not make either of these countries Anglo-Saxon though, does it? Anglo-Saxons are the ethnic group that formed from the interbreeding of different Northwestern European tribes and indigenous Celts on the British Isles. The countries these original tribes hailed from are no more Anglo-Saxon than the English, Irish, Germans or Italians today are American.

All moids share the same innate disposition for sexual depravity and violence, but certain religions and cultures are more accomodating to these urges than others. I dislike the Angloid mentality as much as you do, but as a woman I also clearly recognise the superiority of Angloid and Western European culture over that of Muslim countries.

Anonymous 152339

They are already deluding themselves in claiming " victory ", once journalists get bored of milking this whole drama and axe wounds move on to the next FOTM boogeyman to reee about in the next few weeks i hope getting the site back to the clearnet will be in question again, for now we just have to look and wait

Anonymous 152341

/pol/ hasn't been good for a while now, it's just constant racial ragebait and semantics. Funny slogans like "it's ok to be white" and fake LGBTQpons are things of the past.

Anonymous 152342


I’m not willing to engage in a poltard style debate with you. NorthWest Europeans cluster extremely close to each other, genetically. End of story.

Anonymous 152344


>you get to eat shit instead of starving, so be grateful
No. This is exactly how western moids gaslight women (xyz group of men are worse than us so be thankful!)
Nah, you’re all shit.
I don’t view a culture that has less than a 2% conviction for rape as ‘superior’ btw.

Anonymous 152355

Exactly, they will never take down 4chan because the rules make it effectively harmless. You get all degenerates grouped up in a single place that isn't allowed to dox, raid, stalk, do anything outside of their own website AND is easy to monitor?
Imagine if they scatter all over the internet to small alt-chans with essentially no rules… No shot 4chan ever goes down.

Anonymous 152357

Superior does not mean flawless or even necessarily good. A culture that has a 2% conviction rate for rape is shit, but still objectively superior to one that sentences rape victims to prison or death for adultery. Don't be naive.
All moids are equally prone to violence and misogyny, but not all cultures / religions are equally restrictive of male violence. Acknowledging this does not mean celebrating Western moids as particularly virtuous or feminist.

Anonymous 152358

>the west is restrictive of male violence
Lol suuuure. Tell that to all the kids who’ve been molested, women who have been raped and wives and gfs who have been beaten by their western moids. And yes, the majority of them get away with it.

Anonymous 152360

Does Islam actually say rape victims should be sentenced to death? Where is that?

Anonymous 152361

No, rapists are actually supposed to be stoned by the victim's family if she is married. but a lot of muslims are illiterate and cannot even read the quran. plus, many women get killed or executed regardless of their circumstances. it's not so much what islam says, but rather the actions of it's followers

Anonymous 152381

I almost never visited kiwi unless a link from somewhere else piqued my interest at that moment. This shit is so retarded. I'm pro Josh for now. Fuck that pedo troon.

Anonymous 152519

just like with any website or service, if you're an outsider you likely see it in a negative or stereotypical light. i already got weird looks from a peer when it was snooping on my laptop while i was away

Anonymous 152523

Sounds like it’s some retarded backwards tribal shit that unfortunately became associated with Islam, like female circumcision. Nowhere in the Quran does it say women should have their pussy lips cut off.

Anonymous 152552

zamn looks like somebody didnt read sura 115

Anonymous 152558


Another update from the Telegram. Troons will not stop at ANYTHING to memoryhole all the sick shit they've done.

Anonymous 152562

>forces MUCH more powerful than "the cathedral" as he puts it

He's using the moldbug term. Cathedral refers to the power structure through which people are compelled to follow whatever rules or culture is laid down from up. It's a way to say "the powers that be" without having to name them.

By definition, the cathedral is in power, with none above it.

Anonymous 152563

Someone should tweet this to Elon Musk and get him to wade in. He’s a retard but he’s good at bringing issues into the mainstream.

Anonymous 152566

elongated muskrat

Anonymous 152567


Anonymous 152580

Trannies really showing their asses as incels who work for big tech lol

Anonymous 152581


Cloudflare’s official statement is so melodramatic, this had to be written by a troon who works for them. I’m laughing my ass off.

Anonymous 152583

>danger to human life
1) Trannies are not human
2) The only people who are at risk of killing trannies are themselves

Anonymous 152584

>kiwifarms counts as revolting content
And trannies don’t?

Anonymous 152585

>kiwifarms has frequently been host to revolting content
Yeah those neovagina selfies, smegma stone closeups and rape threats against women and kids by troons were pretty revolting, but they were simply reposts from other sites. You don’t see twitter and reddit getting taken down despite openly hosting those things too!

Anonymous 152587


Afaik it was written by the owner Matthew Prince, he certainly has that puffy closet tranny HRT look.

Anonymous 152588


Those pointy soi moobs don’t lie

Anonymous 152592

I thought so too but I tried going on .ru and it’s down too. I think that’s what the owner of KF was so dismayed about.

Anonymous 152593


The .ru was dropped in less than 24 hours, lmao

Anonymous 152594

Does anyone know why?

Anonymous 152595

Once again proving only radfems should be in charge. Scrotes are useless and will always defend other scrotes in dresses.

Anonymous 152597

It wasn't really hosted in russia, the other ddos protection was a UK service, but they used .ru for tax purposes iirc.

Anonymous 152600

JFL, imagine using a UK based service, this country is so cucked, you can literally go to jail for tweeting mean words or calling a troon a tranny to his face here. Very foolish on KF part, I hope they learn from this and never make the same mistake again.

Anonymous 152601

KF will maintain, regardless of how much the tards of Planet Degen seethe about it. Available on Tor and at .top for the time being. Connecting might be rough between the DDoS and the Twitter Troons false-flagging and harassing infrastructure to kill KF, but Josh has been handling it fairly well so far. Right now you can only connect on Clearnet with an IPv6 and Tor takes a few ID resets typically before it gets through. Not sure what's going to happen long-term, but eventually the Transopticon will get bored, begin to infight or move on to something else they are big mad about and fucking with KF will fall to the sidelines, at least until the next time a tranny kills themself and they think they can blame it on KF.

Anonymous 152602

It was just the ddos protection backup in case something happened with their primary ddos protection cloudflare.

Cloudflare handles like 20% of all ddos protection in the world.

Anonymous 152607


Kiwifarms.top is the new domain now if you're all curious

Also look up ywnbaw.net for a secret surprise ;)

Anonymous 152613

i cant believe i just got perma banned on lolcow for no reason but they cant keep that fucking tranny spammer off the site im salty

Anonymous 152647

KF should really just go underground with a .onion or private (Like private torrent trackers do, with interviews that will filter out troons) at this point. They've clearly made an enemy with most domain hosters and DDoS mitigation companies. The troons aren't going to give up going after the site otherwise.

Anonymous 152649

troons taste blood in the water and are gonna eventually go after any platform that tolerates "violent" speech against them (misgendering). c.c is not safe, all it takes is someone to false flag that their underage nudes are floating around on it or a false threat for them to screenshot it and start blasting hosts.

Anonymous 152652

Can’t KF owner just buy a server from a hosting provider in some country where they don’t care about this shit and then there’s nothing trannies can do and it can’t be taken down

Anonymous 152658

Stop giving troons ideas lol

Anonymous 152664

I think he's been doing that, but the site still needs DDOS protection.

Anonymous 152673

how do troons afford to do this shit? like where do they get the time to do all of this? don't they have jobs? how do they survive? and I'm saying this as someone who posts on CC in the middle of the day

Anonymous 152674

>how do troons afford to do this shit? Like where do they get all the time to do this?
Nearly all of them are unemployable losers with way too much time on their hands
>don’t they they have jobs? how do they survive?
Most of them are either on disability for mental illness or some made up chronic illness thing, they use sob stories to e-beg for gibs, and often they do sex work
>and I'm saying this as someone who posts on CC in the middle of the day
You don’t understand nona because you’re not a troon, as
correctly pointed out, these people have nothing meaningful in their lives, no responsibilities, no constructive or wholesome hobbies, no kids or family to take care of, so they tend to become the most politically active people of all. They have nothing better to do than argue with le ebil transphobe bigots on twitter all day, this is literally their whole lives.

Anonymous 152675

Why can’t they get DDOS from a country where they don’t care about troons?

Anonymous 152680

Troons know they can't keep KF off the internet forever, so their most realistic goal is to make them go the way of 8chan or Stormfront where their reach/influence is unnoticeable.
By moving entirely to the onionspace, that's essentially what would happen, so keeping a clearnet domain would help them retain a good level of accessibility and relevance.

Anonymous 152681


I'm not sure about other Terminally Onlines, but Keffals, alongside being a professional victim, is also a professional NEET.
Man has never worked a day in his adult life, despite pushing near 30 now, unless you REALLY want to count streaming for children all day a "job". Before that, he was in the Canadian Communist Party and got money doing porn.
Another member in the Keffals brigade is a man named Liz Fong-Jones, who was such an obnoxious character at his job for Google (yes really) that he was inevitably fired and was paid settlement money of around half a million to keep his yapper shut about them.

So to answer your question, they're able to do all this shit because they were either paid to fuck off from having a normal job, or they do nothing but accumulate wealth from a bunch of idiot paypigs. Either way, they have all the time in the world due to none of them having real jobs.

Anonymous 152682

Because DDos protection is a giant investment and most of the market is already cornered so it would just be hemorrhaging millions every year.

Anonymous 152688

Heavily monopolized but not fully, just host it abroad, buy a foreign server with a foreign ddos and they can’t touch it. Seems like the owner is a bit clueless about these things.

Anonymous 152697

What type of people do this all the time again hmmm I cant quite remember which community it is

Anonymous 152699

It takes more than 1 server to give ddos protection.

Anonymous 152705

i dont understand though, arent the hardcore kiwis who will follow josh anywhere hes forced to the ones that these people should really be afraid of? although we all know keffals was never scared and the doxing was probably orchestrated i would still be terrified if i were him but im not annoying online so what would i know.

Anonymous 152710

Correlation =/= causation.
So just buy multiple. What else?

Anonymous 152711

The biggest threat to a tranny’s life is himself, troons are far more likely to die of suicide than be murdered

Anonymous 152712

Yeah moving to a deepweb site is retarded, it’s offputting to most regular people to use onion or tor and only the more extremist types would probably use it anymore

Anonymous 152713

>>152697 if you’re referring to pedos, most of their sites and servers are actually hosted in the US and Europe
See >>152320

Anonymous 152716


Also contrary to what most people think, it’s actually easier to hide CP sites in plain sight in countries that have a huge amount of porn file sharing and porn site traffic, like the Netherlands and the US, because it’s easier to hide among them.

The problem KF has is that it’s a brand name of sorts, so unless it keeps it’s name it will be impossible for most people to find. Moving to a foreign server with multiple foreign DDOS where they don’t care about taking shit down is the only option for them now.

Anonymous 152727

Why the new Chinese theme?

Anonymous 152732

Maybe it’s hosted in China lol

Anonymous 152758

Money isn't infinite?

Anonymous 152761

Shithole country servers are expensive?

Anonymous 152781

There may be, but it's hard to grow an audience and pull in new eyes to the site if you need to use an entirely different browser to access the site.
Keeping a clearnet domain means anyone can access KF and its links at the click of a button.

Anonymous 152828


>Kiwifarms is deemed too risque to be kept up on Wayback Machine, yet links directing to seegore and all of its content remain up to this day
If it wasn't for double standards, these people would have none.

Anonymous 152841

Tor isn't a hosting provider, it's a protocol for routing requests anonymously; it's physically impossible for someone to take down an onion URL without breaking the entirety of TOR, which has been used for all sorts of totally illegal things (i.e. you can still buy cocaine from onion sites and have it shipped FedEx). In fact, it's funded by the State Department for use by spies, the idea is that their traffic will be mixed in with everything else, but it's definitely not something that can be cracked open

Anonymous 152927

Both trannies and incels are pissed off. Today was a good day sisters.

Anonymous 153146

I wouldn't have been peaked on Jessica Yaniv and the tranny menace if it weren't for the overwhelming inexcusable amount of evidence on Kiwi Farms.

Anonymous 153155

This sucks. Where am I supposed to laugh at cows now? LC cows are boring as fuck

Anonymous 153166

You're the poltard for ignoring ethnicity and the complexity of reality for some genetics graph no one cares about

Anonymous 153188

Can someone post the image detailing the troons and their crimes please? I didn't save it.

Anonymous 153189

dutch are vile?
please elaborate

Anonymous 153190

It’s in the terf thread I believe

Anonymous 153191

poltard moid regurgitating poltard moids when do they ever make sense

Anonymous 153194


Posting this here for prosperity sake
Keffals allegedly doxxed someone who he thought was a KF user but turns out it was some random Hispanic family

Anonymous 153195


Anonymous 153196


Reminder that Keffals does not give a shit about the safety of others and is entirely doing this so he can remove all evidence of him being a groomer off the web.

Anonymous 153197


Anonymous 153200

how the fuck is he getting away with this shit? this is fucking infuriating, and he's acting like he's in the right with all this self-righteous garbage.
I checked the terf thread and didn't see it, did I miss it?

Anonymous 153201

yeah, I missed it and see it now thank you

Anonymous 153253


>But you are entitled to your opinions.I'll never take that away from you.

Isn't that kinda what this weirdo did in the first place, y'know, shutting down the site and all?
I'm sure it'll be some gymnastics about how it's actually "Harmful Hate speech" to be documenting pedo shit this person did.

Anonymous 153537

kiwi statement.jpg

They have gone through a couple of domains by now, from what I have read KF is going to lay low and not interact with the trannies rn so that the twitter campaign against them fades to irrelevancy. Keffals and his troon legion have already declared victory and there is a big chance that their attention-seeking asses will try to keep up the hype of their witch hunt by attacking places like CC.

Look at how they lied, harassed, threatened, DDOSed, doxxed and swatted their way to removing kiwifarms from the internet. If what they did to KF happens to CC it will be disastrous.

Anonymous 153542


Has anyone noticed how clearly biased and misinforming the Wikipedia page for KF has been written? It sounds like it was written and/or edited by troons. Everyone else knows Chris obviously isn't transgender and it paints Keffals as just a victim by conveniently leaving out anything about the pedo grooming.

Anonymous 153544

Yeah anything that uses the identity politics as their primary adjectives when describing someone
"mentally ill"
ESPECIALLY The word neurodivergent, such a tranny buzzword now for "I have teh mental retardations so treat me speshul and don't hold me accountable ^_^", its 10/10 written by seething troons. Funny how they conveniently leave out his name because if uneducated readers actually had access to the name "Chris Chan" they could look him and his heinous bullshit up and suddenly he's not so much of the victim he is portrayed to be.

Anonymous 153545

Keffels is a tranny and as such should be executed by live vivisection but ive yet to see any grooming evidence besides some quite vanilla faggotry remarks to a random discord user. Is that the only evidence?

Anonymous 153546

Can't make fun of internet crazies anymore because they're muh neurodivergence

Anonymous 153547

>ESPECIALLY The word neurodivergent, such a tranny buzzword
tbf what other word are they supposed to use? "Retarded"?

Anonymous 153549

who the fuck cares
its a social-reject dramawhore scrote forum. its not a bastion of muh free speeches1!!!! because its existence has no effect on the real world in the slightest. when has KF lead to major companies, celebs, or politicians being held accountable for sexual harassment last? but no, the site is dedicated to tranny lolcows. who cares? giving them more attention only fuels their retardation (see: chris chan).
The internet has been dead for years, Keffels or Twitter randos getting KF shut down changes nothing whatsoever

Anonymous 153552

people are afraid they'll lose the ability to identify and laugh at lolcows. in fairness, the internet has experienced an erosion of remotely funny or entertaining or interesting content since 2008 so I'd be afraid of this too

Anonymous 153557

Aren’t psychopaths and people with ASPD technically neurodivergent too?

Should we stage protests because ASPD people are just cuddly little ‘neurodivergents’ and make up an unfairly large percentage of the prison population?

Anonymous 153558

I have a hunch that a lot of the wikipedia power users are probably trannies. If someone tries to make the page more factual there will be terminally online trannies ready to restore it back in 2 minutes.

Anonymous 153561

>its a social-reject dramawhore scrote forum
And? Millions of even lower quality sites are freely allowed to exist. A site doesn’t have to provide a service to the public.
>its not a bastion of muh free speeches1!!!!
Actually it is, because we are seeing people being threatened with jail or murder simply for using the wrong pronoun to refer to someone, and sites that exist for comedic purposes being shut down by big corporations. That’s the antithesis of free speech.

>because its existence has no effect on the real world in the slightest

What’s your point? KF doesn’t have a mission statement nor is it an organisation, KF exists as a comedic ‘roast’ site and discussion board, and has a side perk of raising awareness about sex predators, groomers, pedos, and mentally ill people who may pose a danger to themselves and those around them.

>when has KF lead to major companies, celebs, or politicians being held accountable for sexual harassment last?

Again who cares? That’s the police’s job and law enforcement. KF isn’t a law enforcement board, it exists as a board for comedic, entertainment and discussion purposes, and also helps raise awareness of predators as a side effect.
>but no, the site is dedicated to tranny lolcows. who cares?
Because many of those lolcows transpire to be groomers, pedophiles, and criminals. To become a lolcow, you need to have more than just a comical appearance. Most lolcows are genuinely terrible people who deserve to be exposed.

>giving them more attention only fuels their retardation (see: chris chan)

So we should just stop paying attention to or spreading awareness of sexual deviants and criminals in case it might flatter their NPD egos? Retard.

>The internet has been dead for years

Wrong, there’s more internet users than ever before.

Are you content just having neutered internet with constant censorship, including ‘wrongthink’ sites being taken down and imageboards that don’t even allow freedom of speech? You’re sounding suspiciously like a pro censorship tranny now…sorry, freedom of speech matters more than your feefees.

>Keffels or Twitter randos getting KF shut down changes nothing whatsoever

Actually it signifies a horrible slippery slope that the internet is heading down, with constant censorship across YouTube and Google already in effect. This is unconstitutional.

Anonymous 153562

Why are trannies so overrepresented in moderating and tech jobs?

Anonymous 153567

>tbf what other word are they supposed to use? "Retarded"?
"Developmental disability" is one, but its not about the word itself its about what its become, and who uses it in what context, and its almost exclusively used by people who expect a free pass to be pieces of shit because they have autism or adhd or something. I've noticed this weird thing online where there is something generally agreed to be shitty by most of the population (ex. pedophilia and rape in extreme cases), but then someone comes in and explains through the lens of "but muh autisms" and suddenly its ok. The funny thing is well adjusted autismos (not trannies) don't constantly use their disability as a crutch to be degenerate, because it has nothing to do with autism and 100% to do with being a tranny piece of shit. >>153557
Neurodivergence is generally agreed to be people with developmental disabilities, autism, Tourettes, adhd, cerebral palsy, etc. Not mental illness
I honestly can not with edrama unless its a big name like chris chan, its just so damn boring. Sometimes I look at lolcows more broad threads for things like tradthots and nymphettes because its funny to watch their antics sometimes when I'm bored but dedicating so much time to the lore of one person and stalking them obsessively is just so much, and so fucking boring. Its just boring celeb drama to me mostly.
However I'm against censorship of almost all kind. It actually is a slippery slope; you can't censor some people but then have a suprised look on your face when you get censored too and it devolves into the ruling party (rn troons) getting to censor whoever they want and rule the world.
And nobody REALLY has the divine judgment to tell what is and isn't right. I think I'm right but that doesn't mean I am, I'm not god and I have no divine knowledge. Its arrogant to think you can control speech.

Anonymous 153569


Neurodivergence is in the name. It’s to do with the brain. It means the way your brain functions is different to that of a ‘normal’ person. And this is usually evidenced with brain scans. So yes, psychopaths and other personality disorders and mental illnesses fall under that categorisation too, because the areas of their brains to do with emotional regulation etc in these people will usually differ from normal or neurotypical brain scans.

Anonymous 153573

>Are you content just having neutered internet with constant censorship, including ‘wrongthink’ sites being taken down and imageboards that don’t even allow freedom of speech?
No, we already LIVE in a neutered internet, and my point is KiwiFarms being taken down seems so comparatively minor to everything else. Twitter and Facebook censor journalists who report on war crimes, women who discuss being sexually assaulted, anyone who mentions leaks from whistleblowers or shares copyrighted material that cannot be accessed anywhere, and more on a daily basis. This is information hundreds of millions should be aware of. Yet every time a discussion about internet censorship pops up, its always about internet drama. Should KF be shut down as it is now? No, absolutely not, but there are much bigger instances of censorship to care about, and fueling the fire was the only reason Cloudflare buckled to the mob.
Maybe it's because I'm just tired of half the discussion around censorship inevitably being revolved minor shit or those who'd censor just as much if they had power, but that's just the mindset I'm stuck in.
>and has a side perk of raising awareness about sex predators, groomers, pedos
would be awesome if anything came out of it besides Twitter troons and KiwiFarms scrotes constantly whining at each other like children

Anonymous 153581

The semantics of the word are complicated. Originally it only described autismos but then other people adopted it. Its not agreed on but generally its people who since infancy have had brain development issues. Mental illness usuly develops later in life and while you can have a hereditary disposition to get it, usually it is born from your experiences and overall physical wellbeing (ex. family history of schizophrenia can put you at risk, psychedelic drugs have been linked to schizophrenia), the abnormal processing comes from traumas (your brain can rewire itself after psychological trauma or neurodegeneration (grey matter and reelin deficits in schizos), not neurodevelopment.

Basically the processing differences come from different things so they don't just lump them all in together.

Anonymous 153583

It’s not KF fault if law enforcement refuses to act on these tips. We already know sexual assault and grooming has a horrifically low incarceration rate, much less when it’s simply red flags like grooming minors over discord or twitter.

Anonymous 153584

>Yet every time a discussion about internet censorship pops up, its always about internet drama. Should KF be shut down as it is now? No, absolutely not, but there are much bigger instances of censorship to care about, and fueling the fire was the only reason Cloudflare buckled to the mob.
Idk but I see bitching about big tech censorship all the time, usually from conservatives true, but I also see it from average woke normalfags who are sick of yt demonitizing them every time they say "penis" or something. Big tech censorship IS talked about, now small forums with the last bit of free speech for people to convene at to talk about everything that is censored on big platforms are being attacked. Its impossible to take them all down especially with tor and i2p in existence, but any site that gets traction like kiwifarms will be attacked. That is why its such a big deal.

Anonymous 153586

thank you i wanted to say something like this but didnt have the words
i think what really bothers me about it is neurodivergency's original usage as a term was actually useful because it was about how autistic people(and other disorders) brains at their normal baseline simply functioned differently than NTs and always will because its their default state of being, different from a mental illness affecting a brain, but its lost that meaning now

Anonymous 153587



The article has been giving "extended confirmed protection" so it can only be edited by special users now. They're really bending over backwards to control the narrative.

Anonymous 153588


That's because most troons are terminally online due to it being less obvious they're troons when online. Since most MTFs in particular are socialized as men, they also grow up with more typically male interests like tech, video games, shooting, sports, etc. A MTF I know is blatantly into all of those and it became very obvious after awhile that if you take away his feminine-caricature appearance, he is as male as ever.

Anonymous 153589

Kiwi Farms sucks shit so hard I can't wait until it's binned forever.

Anonymous 153590

Anonymous 153595

I don't know how you telling me you're dumber than someone with late stage Huntington's is meant to make me feel?

Anonymous 153599


Anonymous 153600

I hate that shit site and trannies. It's funny watching them fight each other.

Anonymous 153602


based take. the dumpster fire has been fun to watch

Anonymous 153640

>I checked the terf thread and didn't see it, did I miss it?
It's gone now but here it is in archived form

Anonymous 153644

Wikipedia IS edited by troons.

rabbit hole starters:

Anonymous 153837


Anonymous 153847

so much for "accountability" culture lmao

as always

Anonymous 153848

Anonymous 153852

>so much for "accountability" culture lmao
It was never about accountability, but control.
Keffals couldn't give less of a shit about any of the garbage he preaches since anything he accuses the farms of doing is either not true or something he's guilty of doing himself.
The truth is he just wants to control the narrative and memory hole all the instances of him saying "I'M COMING AFTER YOUR CHILDREN AND I'M GUNNA PINKPILL THEM LOLOLOLO!!!!1!".

Anonymous 154024

what’s their latest addy

Anonymous 154188

I'll follow CC to tor if I need to. After z-library got nuked off the normal web, i'm comfortable with using tor.

Anonymous 154213

>It was never about accountability, but control
That's all scrotes in a nutshell. Moids don't have empathy and only try to use having empathy for others for selfish ends.

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