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Anonymous 152177

Are bisexual men more perverted than straight men?

Anonymous 152178

No, they just have more access to easy equally degenerate partners. Gay, bi, and straight men are all the same level of degen but at least the gay men dont affect women with their antics.

Anonymous 152184

yes, by far

Anonymous 152195


Anonymous 152196

who is the male in picrel?

Anonymous 152199

they transmit their aids to the women they sleep with so yes.

Anonymous 152571

Some pervy alt right bi guy from Greece

Anonymous 152586

I honestly think many bi men are sociopaths, most sociopaths have fluid sexuality.

Anonymous 152622

No, bisexual males don’t fantasize about torturing women as much for whatever reason. Heterosexual men have a lot more hatred towards women and it makes them all fucked up and whatnot.

Anonymous 152625

Anonymous 152670

every bisexual male i knew went on to become a tranny chaser
they hate them in standard misogynist ways - not that different than hetero males. they aren't all 'i'm going to wear your skin while masturbating' like trannies though

Anonymous 152676


Anonymous 152744

I hate bisexual men and refuse to date them tbh

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