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thoughts on thewizardliz? Anonymous 152730

i personally just started watching her and she’s amazing and teaches you and motivates you to care about yourself and become the higher version of yourself.

Anonymous 152733

Look her up? Dumb fuck

Anonymous 152736

>bulimia, injecting botulism toxin into your skin every 3 months, undergoing risky plastic surgery operations so scrotes will pay more attention to you, chain smoking, materialism, caffeine addiction, cocaine use, sleeping with married HPV ridden scrotes for money, hotglueing dead Indian women and Russian prostitutes hair into your head is a healthy lifestyle or something to aspire to
Lol, no. Wrong board.
How #coquette.

Anonymous 152737

This made no sense, stop huffing gas illiterate retard

Anonymous 152738

how would someone look up some random woman with no name? what are they going to google? "dumb bitch who let instagram give her BDD"?

Anonymous 152740

>had an obvious nose job, lip fillers and breast implants
>tells people how they should love themselves the way they are
Uhhhh…so another MENA diaspora Kim K wannabe who had surgery, takes selfies at the Burj and spouts fake posi love yourself quotes while shoving her Chanel bags in your face. There were dozens of these girls at my school kek.

I have nothing in common with these people and don’t wish to follow their lifestyle. But if that’s the way she chooses to live, good for her. Maybe this is what freedom means for her compared to the terrible place her family comes from. It just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever and I find the truisms she spouts to be trite.

Too many women on social media nowadays are trying to act like the ‘wise big sister’ to young girls while not setting a particularly good example themselves, and I find it all a bit cringe.

Anonymous 152743

So she has wizard magic and transformed herself into a standard IG girl of all things.

Anonymous 152750


I see your fairy libfem and I raise you my wood troll radfem

Anonymous 152757

Dworkin married two moids and supported trannies.

Anonymous 152759

She married one solely to get a visa to stay and work in Europe, and her second husband was an openly gay man who met her when they both walked out of a sexist speech and they also never had sex, he was basically her gay-lesbian alliance best friend and roommate.

Also, 70s trannies were sort of based.
Modern troons are pure evil.

Anonymous 152760

>women have to be perfect
ur a misogynist x

Anonymous 152857

I've been recommended a video of hers recently, and honestly i couldn't bear watching it whole. She thinks she's this intellectual juggernaut bringing wisdom to the lost souls, but she's mostly blabbing about superficial truisms, and not in a concise way mind you. She could tell you the same exact thing in 2 minutes but she goes on and on just to hear herself talk.

Peak narcissism, she doesn't want to help others, she just wants to be seen and heard. It's a case of what you see on the outside actually reflects the inside; she's obsessed with manipulating her appearance (the surgery, fillers, botox) and ultimately her videos are just another way for her to do just that, she's manipulating people into thinking she has things to say.

I don't even have anything against plastic surgery, i've had a nosejob myself. I don't think a beautiful woman automatically has nothing to say/is superficial. But she clearly is, nothing about her sounds genuine and even manufacturing her image as much as she does, she fails to be interesting to me.

I'll stay with my fav wood troll >>152750

Anonymous 152858

>Also, 70s trannies were sort of based.
Trannies were never based. They've always been the same perverts. The only difference between trannies then and now is now trannies have power because of tards like dworkin.

Anonymous 152860

The name is literally in the post you god damn idiot

Anonymous 152880

You won’t find any tranny who is a fan of Dworkin lol.

Anonymous 152881

Yeah, she’s honestly insufferable. What a fake bitch, I can’t stand these kinds of people.

Anonymous 152886

WHAT DETAILS re trannies. wow that's genuinely really surprising.
I think the fact that she doesn't look like an AI generated rendition of kim kardashian and at least has some not completely braindead things to say makes her considerably more attractive than OP's pic of coagulated microplastics

Anonymous 152887

You don't even have to watch her videos to recognize that she's got peak narcissism - you can see it in her overly manicured makeup riddled face. I don't really get how women can go out in the world like that and not feel ashamed for not just being inauthentic but letting the world see the sheer extent of your inauthenticity. I wonder how much of her life she's spend body checking and staring at her face in different angles in the mirror.

Anonymous 152895

Right. And you can see she thrives on the attention she gets from easily impressed people like OP, she wants to be seen as a guide. You can sense that it's her ego that drives her to this mentor role, it's not out of the kindness of her heart. It's a display of narcissism. She wants to be seen as the woman who has her shit together and is in control and she wants to be adored for it. Really terrible behavior under the false pretense of helping others to conceal her obsession with herself.

I agree that being as obsessed with your looks is unhealthy, like i've said i've had a nosejob myself and i know it's not a normal thing to want to cut open your nose to change its shape. But i don't think any woman out there suffering from body dysmorphia or entangled in the tyranny of beauty is a narcissist. I don't think of myself as one, but perhaps i'm delusional. I'm just struggling with my image, but i don't even have any social media presence for instance. Well, not to make it about myself too much, i get your point but i think you could be surprised by someone looking like that. The classic heuristic judgment is to assume that women like that are terrible human beings (superficial, narcissistic etc) but really it's just another affliction of the human mind, like any other weakness like depression or something it doesn't automatically make you a good or bad person. It's just someone struggling, like we all are on this earth in different ways. I'm used to radfem spaces putting down women obsessed with beauty standards and i get the legitimate reasons behind that but they're (we're) human beings too.

Anonymous 152899

Plastic surgery is a libfem thing, most radfems strongly oppose it. By getting surgery you’re essentially playing a rigged game. What do you actually want surgery for. To be prettier? Right, so why do you want to be prettier? So people will like you more? So men will pay you more attention? So that people might be willing to give you love? Because people made fun of you in school? So that people will accept you more easily? The bottom line is that plastic surgery is almost always done due to emotional issues. If you have a serious deformity where people are constantly giving you disgusted looks and saying horrible things, or abusing you, that’s a little different.

Anonymous 152902

Yeah I don't think these women suffer from narcissism in the clinical sense (like NPD) at all. I do think they suffer from the kind of narcissism Simone de Beauvoir talks about though - like this constant need to see themselves through the eyes of other people. There's a kind of pleasure in that (in thinking other people see you as hot) which she terms 'narcissism' (Sandra Lee Bartky also wrote an amazing paper titled 'Narcissism, femininity, and alienation' that goes into this in more detail) but then it ends up sucking you into this constant cycle of finding flaws and "fixing" them. It creates false needs.

I do think something like narcissism (or a kind of self centredness) is what pulls women into this but in the end I think they end up internalizing faults in ways actual clinical narcissists don't. Bartky calls that internalization 'mystification'.

Anonymous 152904

god posts like this make me feel so at home at CC. I really think asking yourself these questions and not letting yourself off the hook with a 'oh I know this is patriarchy controlling me but what can ya do??' will eventually compel you to stop engaging in this kind of shit. The shame of participating it will overpower the shame of existing as a natural woman.

Anonymous 152909

You don't get my point, but again i'm used to it. I've never said "plastic surgery is ok guys! it's fantastic, i did it because i wanted to, my body my choice!", i said it certainly stems from an emotional weakness but doesn't make a person an automatic narcissist. I don't know why you suddenly try to explain to me what i already know and said, plastic surgery is never harmless. So what? You want to cut and throw away my radfem club card? I don't care, i'll be a radfem on my own anyway. Though i see the overall intolerance and cruelty against women who had surgery as a stupid thing, because they're victims just like a woman who was socialized to be a handmaiden is. I don't care about moids i'm not even straight, and i don't come at women in radfem spaces when they act dumb around moids because they want to be loved, although i sure do see that a lot. We all have weaknesses and that doesn't make us any less of a radical feminist, my weakness always was my appearance, some girls in here are chasing dicks like it has any value and moids love like it actually exists, and i don't feel like they can't be radfems just because men are their weakness.

Anonymous 152910

What’s sad is more and more women are playing the rigged game and now nobody questions it anymore. It’s like any rigged system, like usury or gambling, if enough people partake in it, its toxicity becomes the norm and people become afraid to question it because they don’t even realize they’re being gypped.

I’m not chasing women who have had plastic surgery down in the street and telling them they’re terrible people, nor am I telling anyone what they can and cannot do. I just want more women to realize they are playing a rigged game, one that’s unwinnable. Moids want us to get surgery and compete with one another for them. Of fucking course they do! It’s a win with zero effort on their part, not only does it make women appear more beautiful to their shallow moid senses, it also causes the woman pain and discomfort and trauma, and that’s sexy to men. Nothing men love more than women in pain and suffering!

Yes of course plastic surgery is feminist. That’s why it’s so popular in Iran and other patriarchal countries where women have to compete in a giant meat market and get chosen by moids based on who is the prettiest!

Even if that surgery improves your beauty or prolongs your youth for a little while to impress moids or the male voyeur in your head, it and you will still wither away eventually. Do you think it’s still worth it? Then do it. But you are fighting an uphill battle and one that is ultimately unwinnable.

Libfems love to deny that men shaming us drives us to shave our armpits and pubes for them, wear makeup or get a nose job to look cuter and more neotenous, and that we do it for ourselves. But that’s bullshit. All of us have grown up with males shaming us and telling us our bodies and bodily functions are gross and that we are not good enough. Plastic surgeons and the beauty industry are just that same body shaming male bullshit, in professional corporate medical packaging.

Anonymous 152911

>Yeah I don't think these women suffer from narcissism in the clinical sense (like NPD) at all. I do think they suffer from the kind of narcissism Simone de Beauvoir talks about though - like this constant need to see themselves through the eyes of other people

I agree. Sadly women are conditioned to this and have been for thousands of years, because male sexual selection operates almost solely on physical appearance. Even if that appearance is false artifice.

Anonymous 152915

Yes, you are spot on, i was actually thinking about Simone de Beauvoir too while writing my post. I know for myself this is definitely such a case, i don't feel like a clinical narcissist at all and i would never do what this thewizardliz girl is doing, putting myself into the shoes of a mentor to flatter my ego in such an unauthentic fashion. That being said, i'm definitely stuck in the alienation de Beauvoir talked about.

Anonymous 152937

The only way to make sure it isnt a rigged game is to enjoy singlehood, money-making, freedom. Hold men to the same appearance standards and brutality reject them the way we do anyway, when they behave like parasites. They can't be vampires forever if being a pickme tramp is brutally punished. I don't think women are mean enough to men in all honesty.

Anonymous 152947

If you’re a woman who doesn’t violently hate all men and wish they would all just die, then you’re a pickme traitor and I don’t trust you.

Anonymous 152959

I just think we should clean the gene pool and enjoy fantasy until it's sparkling fresh 300 years from now

Anonymous 152960

I feel like in the next decade there is going to be a wave of women doing just this. I recall reading an article that was documenting how there are now a greater number of single, college educated women than there are men, creating an imbalance in dating. Women typically want to date someone of an equal or greater socioeconomic status than them, so it leaves a lot of them with no one to date (and no reason to date).

I think this phenomena will only grow as women finally start to realize we don't need men to pay our rent/give us "allowances". And if women want a kid, we can go to a sperm bank. Yeah the kid wont have a dad but isnt that better than risking it on some moid who probably will cheat on you/divorce you and traumatize your kid anyway?

Anonymous 152995

Completely agree. I also don't think that this has to involve the abandonment of familial bonds or anything like that - it just means that women should become more open to the idea of just having a sperm donor kid (preferably a daughter) with no men involved. If you're fortunate enough to have succeeded at money making, doing this with an au pair is totally feasible and unlike a man they actually might help out.

Anonymous 152999

well the "weakness" stems from narcissism (or at least self centeredness") in the end. if you didn't care about how you looked, you wouldn't be compelled to get plastic surgery - in the end the focus is still on you and your appearance.

to contrast, if you lived life thinking less about how you look and more about other people or hobbies, you wouldn't feel as compelled to engage in these practices and would instead spend your time, say, cultivating a skill, helping others, making friends etc.
I firmly believe if every woman experienced a moid treating them badly despite all their efforts and simultaneously witnessed a fat/hairy/racialized woman being treated amazingly by their bfs, two things would sink in:
1) that they really are engaging in all this shit for the sake of moids and not themselves
2) that in the end it's unwinnable and totally disconnected from the things they deep down think it is connected to (i.e. love, validation, social acceptance)

Do you remember that Kelly Baltazar lady? It's insane to me that a woman with all the privilege in the world (a dad who's straight up VP of goldman sachs, a home that isn't broken etc.) could still be so deeply susceptible to the trappings of patriarchy. It really does not discriminate.

Yep - but in 2022 where women are outcompeting men in university and where sperm donation exists and capitalism sort of lets you outsource child rearing and even surrogacy to other people, it seems like male sexual selection doesn't even really need to matter now. We just need to normalize the idea that women can be selective and in the event that they don't find a partner they can still realize their familial goals via an au pair.
I'm the same way - I think I got over my narcissist tendencies a long time ago, but I've always related a lot to her 'woman in love' section. I don't think I can get involved with moids without devolving into the kind of dynamic she talks about there.

Anonymous 153010

Children were supposed to be raised communally by a large family of women while the men fucked off and got food and stuff for everyone, and it was always done this way until a couple thousand years ago. I think the idea of a nuclear family is very unnatural and strange and something that moids invented just to feel like they can be the boss of somewhere.

Anonymous 153012

I suppose this explains why men are such woefully inept caregivers. Doesn't really explain why women managed to outcompete them in the job market though. It feels like women adapted to these cultural shifts while men didn't and now they're completely obsolete. The only reason they have families now is because patriarchy's cucked women into thinking they still need romantic attachments.

Anonymous 153016

I can’t remember where, but I remember reading that a loving paternal instinct is a very modern evolutionary phenomenon in human males. Like before that, they literally just abandoned their kids all the time and went around murdering each other’s (and sometimes their own) children for pleasure.

Anonymous 154032

Men cannot love. They see everything as a possession without autonomy, including their children.

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