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Anonymous 152826

I'm craving cock

Anonymous 152827


Need cock

Anonymous 152993


Did someone said penis jokes?

Anonymous 153001

nona that's gay

Anonymous 153115

Vibrators are unironically more satisfying than cock. Less penetrative too.

Anonymous 153121

the clitoral stimulation ones are great as well

Anonymous 153123

Hell yes. It was ironic that when I was studying in medical school and we went over sexual health that a lot of the information strongly recommended a 'clitoral suction device' to help reignite things in the bedroom and from personal experience I can say I'm so happy that was completely accurate. It is so much easier to just use a suction toy to edge/get off than it is to have to go through the ropes of lubing up and using a penetrative toy. So much less trouble for something so gratifying.

Anonymous 153163

why tho?

Anonymous 153169


you better have taken the time to become health and attractive because then all you have to do is show up being yourself and all the guys wanna fuck

Anonymous 153192

It’s not the same

Anonymous 153250

There's so much real cocks do that vibrators don't
There should be a way to combine them

Anonymous 153251


Like what?

Anonymous 153256

Like being attached to a man

Anonymous 153262

Vibrators can't kiss me, softly bite my neck, grip my hips tightly as I cum or hold me in a warm embrace and tell me I'm loved and desired.

Anonymous 153264

a man won’t do that either

Anonymous 153266

So you're a lesbian now?

Anonymous 153272

Anonymous 153277

I've always just preferred rubbing around in circles with my hand. I don't understand the point of vibrators

Anonymous 153297

it's better

Anonymous 153298

that's not a good thing

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