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Anonymous 153585

Who here was a /wolfgirl/?

Anonymous 153604


Was a catgirl, sorry. Not like in the retarded UWU NYA way but like in the warrior cats way.

Anonymous 153615

oh my god I remember trying to become a werewolf, stalking an older guy in my school suspecting he was a werewolf, howling in empty classrooms, drawing wolves and werewolves everywhere… looking back, it was cringe as fuck but I was happy and I didn't actually give a shit about what people said. good times.

Anonymous 153665

What is a /wolfgirl/ ?

Anonymous 153666

I was a vampire emo girl, a Hot Topic goblin. In my defense, I was in the correct demographic at the correct time in history.

Anonymous 153681

I'm a catgirl in the 'sleeps most of the day' way

Anonymous 153711

I loved wolves (and rats) when I was little, but I never…. roleplayed as a wolf or did whatever she's doing, I just liked to learn about them. I did walk on all fours at times when I was like 5 because I thought I was a cat tho.

Anonymous 153713

Lol same, leaping around on all-fours and shit

Anonymous 153720

Not really, most adults only sleep 1/3 of the day, some children and teens 1/2 of the day. The only humans that sleep as much as cats are probably infants. They both sleep around 2/3 of the day.

Anonymous 153737


Anonymous 153738

I miss my Tumblr scenemo days. Things felt so less concerning then

Anonymous 153778

Girls who roleplayed as wolves, probably on Wolfquest. Love dogs, howls, wants to bite/eat people

Anonymous 153784

When I was 12 I manipulated a boy, with my seductively dark vampiric ways, into buying me expensive clothes and jewellery and then broke up with him. I told him all I knew was how to prey on the living and that he should consider himself lucky I only glamored him, not fed. Then I realised how nice he was and how much I missed him. I ugly cried outside of the gothshop I hung out in, then my fang inserts dropped out and fell in the gutter and cracked. Truly only the living dead can feel such sorrow.

Anonymous 153785

Most autistic thing I’ve ever read, and I’ve lurked 4chan for a decade.

Anonymous 153788

I literally just sleep 7-8 hours a day. I'm pretty sure only mentally ill people or teenagers don't give a fuck about their sleep schedule

Anonymous 154349

my sides

Anonymous 161275

i love you fellow wolf girls… my wolf girl phase was mostly just me being obsessed with them, wolf plushies, wolf books, doing a school project on wolves whenever i could. i would role play as different animals with my classmates at recess, i also loved foxes, and in the winter i remember role playing as arctic foxes hehe. i never met someone who liked wolves as much as me, so when i played Dino Run multiplayer when i was ~11 and saw in the chat room people were role playing as wolves i got really excited. i’m surprised i didn’t end up being a furry.

i was also a kid who thought they were a cat!! it was very silly. i would walk around on all fours, greet people at the door by crawling in between their legs, and liked to drink out of a bowl. i appreciate my mother for letting me be a weird kid, i think i was like that until i was 5 or 6.

incredible post. i would loved to have been friends with you in school

Anonymous 161302


i used to google "lycanthropy" in my schools computer lab
i loved warriors too but once these started releasing it was over

Anonymous 161421

I was not born a wolfgirl. I became one the day my kind stacy babysitter told me to stop reading animorphs all summer and go the fuck outside

Anonymous 161541

sensible chuckle.g…

It's stories like these that make me appreciate there's some silver lining to the fact I was much to timid to do absolutely anything as a kid.
I'm laughing at you, but you should also know I sympathize.

Anonymous 161567

As a Warriors fan this book series made me feel uncontrolled rage. So are you part of the McDuncan tribe or the Willy Wallace tribe? That little pup should've been eaten by his mother the moment she noticed his bum paw

Anonymous 161610

i had a dog girl phase! when i was a child, i would also crawl around on all 4s and bark and "clean myself" with my paws and what not. i would greet guests by growling at them and panting. when i was acting like a dog, that dogs name was murphy and it was essentially another personality i would go into whenever i wanted. i never got into the glitter wolf stuff cause i wasn't on the internet much around that time, and by the time i discovered it i felt like i was too late (highschool). i still participated a little in furry art particularly wolfgirl drawings and i had ears and wore a tail to school. i was unashamed, but when i started at community college i was humbled by a bad relationship and stopped doing that silly stuff. sometimes still wish i was as brave as i was in high school.
now im just a normal mid 20s with pet dogs that i love so much. my favorite thing is group howling sessions

Anonymous 161621

yeah i will admit i was also genderspecial in high school and wore a chest binder. i never looked at furry porn or went on furrafinity or anything, i was and still am creeped out by that stuff. But i was also a scene kid and loved all the dark emo glitter furry art. i was peaked in college and can assure you that im just an autist, not a tranny or furry.

Anonymous 161627

As valid as trannies.

Anonymous 162356

this is satire, right? She's not for real, right?

Anonymous 162374

It's clearly satire, but she probably did that when she was in elementary school

Anonymous 162397

I was a wolf girl. Chubby, Twilight team Jacob merch from Claire's, Marilyn Manson, DeviantART account I had just so I could play flash games where I could create cool emo world characters, and this YouTube video someone made of Wolf's Rain to Headstrong by Trapped with an opener that has Okami OST

Anonymous 162928

What she's doing is clearly a parody.
And I say "parody" because there 100% are girls who are sincerely like that.

Anonymous 162934

I was a combination of warrior cats girl and horse girl. When I remember galloping around during PE making neigh sounds I feel like dying. I still like cats and horses and have one of both but I was obsessed about them to an insane amount

Anonymous 162935

Didnt you used to date Josh?

Anonymous 162936

At least you weren't like the two autistic girls I wanted to rp warrior cats with at recess but one of them was Star____ and I was like mmmmm that's an unconventional name but I didn't want to say anything. They sent me on a patrol to watch for ShadowClan at the border but i didnt know what to do I was just standing there then walked back. Also they'd lick each other.

Anonymous 162938

How many years have they been married now btw?

Anonymous 162939

I wish

Anonymous 162949

Me too, we need more feral lesbians around the world.

Anonymous 163205

I read the entire thread and it was the worst cringe I have read in a long while. It was great thanks

Anonymous 163210

Well sorry

Anonymous 163547

I hated when people always wanted to turn off all the lights and close the blinds to watch tv at school. It always made the tv seem blindingly bright and hurt my eyes.

Like who the fuck deliberately watches the tv in the pitch dark unless you're trying to scare yourself with a horror movie or something.

Anonymous 163565

op vid reminds me of my first friend in kindergarten. she would pretend to be a cat by herself at recess. this included crawling on all fours in the dirt, hissing, scratching people, etc. since we were just 5 year olds teachers kept gently encouraging her not to or to play different games but she always wanted to play cat and nothing else. the next year she went to a different school.

I didn't see her again until 7th grade when we ended up at the same middle school. she was still weird as fuck, cried in class often, had a rolly backpack, and still obsessed with warrior cats. but I was also a cringe kid with my own special interests so I was still unashamedly her friend. Then the next year I moved schools and never saw her again. Cat girl I hope youre doing well

Anonymous 163659


good post

Anonymous 163682

Have you tried watching a movie in school with the lights on or the window blinds open? You can't see the screen.

Anonymous 163775

I think you're mistaking me for someone else nona

Anonymous 163800


Anyone here went full furfag on their younger years? I used to be a furry and obsessed with wolves and animals in general. Im kinda embarassed by it nowadays though, especially because the furry fandom is a mess.

Anonymous 163829

lol did you also post in the wolf girl thread? theres time for you nona

Anonymous 164182

But, nona, this is the wolfgirl thread.

Anonymous 164195

Kind of but with cats instead

Anonymous 174180


Anonymous 174181


Warrior cats kid?

Anonymous 174206


Anonymous 174223

I hung around some online but wasn't one myself. They seemed weird, but I liked animals and playing fun animal games so it wasn't a big deal, and the crazier ones were free entertainment. I remember giving Wolfhome a spin back in the early 2000s, there were a few chill hangouts but I dunno what it's like now. It was pretty fun unless I ran into some horny guy trying to use games as a way to pick up underaged ERP partners. Got pretty sad the first time that happened. (I just wanted to have fun man, why'd you have to ruin the atmosphere with your pornshit fishing.) It's what also led to my first interactions with furries and learning that I wanted absolutely none of that.

However, I WAS socially deprived from a young age and spent more time with animals than humans, so I ended up internalizing their behaviors in the place of human ones growing up, which has lead to some unconscious weirdness in early school. I wasn't trying to be a critter I swear, I just didn't know how to act like a normal person. This could have been easily rectified if my mother had just done her job as a parent and maybe also let me have friends when I was little instead of drinking and moving all the time.

This is the only good post.

Anonymous 174397


To this day I swear that if it wasn't for furries, I would have pursued some kind of career in animal science or medicine. I loved the Warriors series, the Ga'Hoole and Wolves of the Beyond, and the Firebringer/The Sight books. My favorite character in Warriors was Spottedleaf. I loved the medicine cat role because it was a mix between tarot schizo readings and having an autistic knowledge of wildflowers. But at the ripe age of 12 I was introduced to e621 by degenerates playing Transformice in my fucking mouse tribe and everything was ruined. I remember to this day how my genuine interest in these things was incinerated by the discovery of the furry fandom. Everything was compromised, even my first Minecraft username was based off the Warriors -paw apprentice nickname, but then I discovered that was considered a "furry" thing. I fucking hate furries so much, I would gladly become a five star chef if it meant I could put furries into a meat grinder and bake pies out of them Chicken Run style. After being introduced to the sex freaks that vastly encompasses the furry community, I dropped all these interests out of disgust. I still own some of those books but I have never been able to slide back into the immersion of the storytelling. In retrospect, that was the same time I started heavily reading nonfiction books instead of fiction. I hope all furfags burn in hell.

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