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Anonymous 153724

Have you taken the gorilla pill yet?

Anonymous 153726

What's the gorilla pill?
If you mean I have awakened to the fact that all men are as useless barbarians just like the gorilla who should be exterminated, then yes I have have.

Anonymous 153731

>gentle, peaceful, vegetarian gorilla
>should be exterminated

What is wrong with you?

Anonymous 153732

>tfw even gorillas are superior to human males
Really makes you think

Anonymous 153733

Gorillas aren’t peaceful they fight and kill each other and kill each other’s babies all the time.

Anonymous 153741

+ apparently if you stare at their eyes it means you can to fight (at least that's what the zookeper told us), men are just gorillas who have only evolved physically, not mentally. The more I think about men's behaviour, the more chimp-like it is.

Anonymous 153742

Fuck off moid

Anonymous 153777


I was just about to talk about Koko's nipple fixation from memory but while trying to find the name of Koko's owner, I saw Wikipedia had a section for it. The claims are so outlandish that I no longer believe any of that is real. But why would people make it up?
No way did this gorilla, whose signing has since been debunked, told a woman: "Let down your hair. Lie down on the floor. Show your breasts again. Close your eyes," while locked alone with a random woman at the owner's request? Did that person understand sign language? Did Koko really demand sex from human women? Did the owner really comment on the women's nipples? Is this real? Can someone tell me if those parts are real I just can't see what anyone would get out of it except money from these lawsuits? But what a weird way to get money out of someone, if real, to say the gorilla molested and verbally harassed you and other women?
I'm so worried right now, please someone confirm I'm having a rough time

Anonymous 153783

Moids have a weird fetish for the idea of human women having sex with animals. It is the height of moid arrogance and projection, trying to reinforce the idea that humans are superior, that women are sinful, the idea that human women are so beautiful and irresistible and superior that even animals would be sexually attracted to them. These men actually want to have sex with the animals themselves, but they don’t want to admit it because that would mean admitting they are disgusting depraved coomers.

When men write or direct bestiality erotica about women it is actually just a way of moids trying to flatter themselves and blame women for their sick thoughts, moids cannot portray the animal having sex with them because they know its vile and unethical and moids are terrible at admitting guilt or owning up to their sicko minds. So in typical moid fashion, to shift blame, they project all their disgusting lewd and unethical fantasies and thoughts onto women to relieve themselves of the guilt from their disgusting perversions.

Anonymous 153795

Not too much ! :v mostly based internet sister

Anonymous 153822

I guess, but these were women who filed lawsuits. The lawsuits actually happened, that is not fiction. Koko the gorilla having a nipple fixation that was facilitated by her owner is hopefully fiction. Dunno why they'd slander a gorilla for money though.

Anonymous 153824

Gorillas don't even see breasts or nipples as sexual and it's questionable they could be taught to since it appears to be unique to humans and even with humans not every culture sees breasts as sexual. Humans are the only animal with breasts enlarged before pregnancy which could be seen as a sign of how this attraction is unique to humans as evolution has revealed it.

Anonymous 153826

Forgot to add. A gorilla may see human breasts as an oddity bringing a sort of curiosity though but not nipples.

Anonymous 153849

Yeah the wikipedia said the nipple fixation was weird and unusual, so either this woman molested her gorilla or those women were lying, but why!!!!!!

Anonymous 154025

Sounds more like it was just a fun or silly thing that the gorilla liked, not that he wanted to have sex. Breasts aren’t even sexual organs, thats just the male gaze.

Anonymous 154076


Large mammaries developed in humans to attract mates. Gorillas don't have large boobs to my knowledge though so it seems like they don't view them sexually like humans

Anonymous 154086

Large mammaries evolved in humans as a kind of front butt because humans started walking upright. Butt is still a primary sexual signal for apes. It is likely that Koko legit was fascinated by front butt because of the lack of the sort of sexual stimulus she'd have evolved to experience.

Anonymous 154096

The gorilla Koko was female. One of the lawsuits said the gorilla isolated her in a room and tried to rape her and signed "let your hair down and close your eyes" which sounds fake as fuck. I could see a female gorilla who has only lived with a female human being interested in nipples, I guess.
I think the front butt theory is a meme

Anonymous 161018

built for big gorilla cock

Anonymous 161099

the lawsuits sounded like bullshit yes

Anonymous 162945

im that gorilla dick nigga i make dyke pussy wet

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