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underside of a sna…

learning to skate at 75 years old Anonymous 154762

currently teaching my 75 year old father to drive freeline skates. he weighs like 5kg too much but other then that is in excellent physical and mental health.

i train with him once a week for an hour and every time we train, he gets noticably better at some tiny aspect. there is a constant stream of improvement happening. he was rather stiff and almost chubby all his life, maybe a bmi of 25,0.

currently is the ~6th week. last week we stopped doing freeline skates and started a bit smaller with a snakeboard. snakeboard is easier then freeline skates because it has a resting position. there is no comfortable way to rest on freeline skates, it is a constant motion, the stability comes from being in motion, there is no point while on the things to just take a breather.

here is the actual situation: he stands on the board and tries to just generate momentum (which is very unconventional on a snakeboard, the momentum is generated by the twisting of the upper body and then translated by the legs. there has to be a certain amount of body tension for a force to be transmited over bodyparts so it can be used in another. i love how skating is a way to experience this movement of all the different forces that play a role in movement) and i stand behind him holding him by his beltloops with a thick enough rope so i can make his fall slow and painless should he slip. so the whole ordeal is pretty safe; very little chance of accidents actually. also he is wearing helmet, kneepads, elbowpads

now i see him wind himself up like a spring and quickly jolt into a direction. now i see him having actual fluidity and synchronicity in his motions. what looked fragmented, with a lot of tension and out of synch last week looked like a fluid elegant motion by the end of this session. i was actually quite impressed.

seeing the process of him learning to use the different forces he can generate with his body that he never knew about for the first time is quite fascinating, i stand behind him and see him go from a robot to a dancer.

next week (session no. 7) he might drive snakeboard one more time and master the movement so much that he can try to do it on freeline skates.

Anonymous 154763

freeline skates.jp…

these are freeline skates in case you never seen some before. they make them from aluminum and some are made from part wood. i like the aluminum ones more.

these are little plates to stand on, smaller then the foot so the toes and heel hang over. they have sandpaper on top so that they stay attached to the feet better.

is a fascinating little pair of devices that allow for some pretty unusual movement. i taught myself how to drive them, fell in love with them and then suddenly found myself able to dance.

i wanted my father to learn how to drive them because his feet were getting kind of numb and i believe using the muscles in his feet more (and i couldn't think of anything else where the actual muscles inside the feet are utilized the way they are used in freeline skating) will revert the condition in his feet. seems like the approach is actually working.

Anonymous 154841

this is very wholesome of you and also enjoyed going down a rabbithole learning about freeline skates- love learning something new every day.

It's very true that older people end up with foot problems due to lack of mobility/flexibility/strength in their feet and ankles so it's awesome it is working for your dad.

Anonymous 155097

Um do you understand that bones of elderly people are very fragile and broke easily, even from slight damages

Anonymous 155538


>rabbithole learning about freeline skates

knowing how to do this well feels like having found something that is more expressive and uses the body more fully then just walking. there is some irony hidden in this: the mode of transportation the human body evolved around enabling is not as expressive as standing on 2 rolling boards with wheels that go sideways.

>It's very true that older people end up with foot problems due to lack of mobility/flexibility/strength in their feet and ankles so it's awesome it is working for your dad.

after seeing how well he is able to do these movements i am very confident i can still skate when i am 80.

since he takes good care of himself there is such a difference between him and other people his age. other 75 year olds look shriveled up and many have physical disabilities mostly due to bad life choices.

Anonymous 165514

merry go round.jpg

today was another session. in the beginning he couldn't turn around on the snakeboard so when he drove his straight line and stopped at the end and manually turned around.

by the end he was able to slowly turn in the direction of his bellybutton points. turning in the other direction (towards the back) didn't work yet.

turning towards the back is ridiculous because it is way faster then turning towards the front. since the plates can rotate so far appart, the turning radius becomes very narrow when the toes are appart and basically the board can revolve around a point, but only towards the backside while a turn in the frontside is slow and takes way more space to do.

i like to do the backturn with speed and then leanback into the center of gravity, which would be pretty dangerous if done while standing still but since there is centrifugal force (like on a merry go round) there is a way to safely lean into the force for a second. it just looks like i let myself fall backwards and then at the last second catch the momentum by sliding the board where i would fall. is fun being a snake.

Anonymous 166084

Very nice OP, this is very wholesome.

Anonymous 178107


today is most likely last session for this year because it is getting too cold and uncomfortable outside for skating.

every week we skated for an hour and every week he progressed as did i. while he took a breather since he tires easily i would always skate, giving him time to see the movements. i thought i was pretty good on the thing already but being in this constant learning situation taught me a few things too. i was able to cut out absolutely all the excess. i got rid of all unnecessary movements and my movements became slow and pure, fluid like a river. feels like i am not flexing any muscles almost as if i don't need and therefore it doesn't tire me at all. also i found all kinds of little movements with bodyparts not necessarily associated with skating. i use my hips and arms every chance i get to help the movement process along, i throw my weight around like i almost fall but catch myself, i use gyroscopic shifting of weight at every chance.

he got more fluid at it every week. so far he fell twice but since i hold him by the beltloops with a rope i was able to slow down his fall. falling is important for skating and i am glad this method with the rope occured to me.

slipping falling in skating teaches a lot: i think most importantly it teaches that once quick action is required, the brain can slow down time, yes it sounds weird but i have no more doubts about it. as soon as a quick action is required to avert catastrophy, time slows down and there is suddenly enough time to think and to make at least one more movement. a person who never fell while skating doesn't know about this time slowing down and would approach a fall with an attitude of resignation thinking "oh shit! it is over" as soon as the fall happens. but since time is slowing down, there is plenty of time to think and act! one quick movement and shifting of the weight can make the difference between breaking bones and being permanently injured or just rolling off elegantly, maybe only having a small scratch.

the rope method is a nice way to learn this safely and experience the slowdown without injury.

Anonymous 178115

Are you actually insane? You are putting a senior citizen ona fucking skateboard? One mistake and they'll never walk again. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous 178459


in the session from today something magical happened that i had been wishing for. at some point he lost some inhibitions and suddenly his movements were different. like he stopped wearing his body as a pajama but instead became his body.

his movements stopped being tense, jerky and hasty and instead they became slow and deliberate and flowing like water. from one moment to the other what looked like a beginner barely being able to move on the snakeboard suddenly turned into someone able to use all kinds of motions into this ensemble of propulsion. he stopped being hunched over and made big movements using more of his body. he made it look easy and stopped little draining nonsense movements that were designed to keep his center of gravity perfectly center and began to experience the range of motion.

he was a bit bolder and slipped 2 to 3 times but this time he caught himself without falling down, thus experiencing the boundaries of his range. there is a maximum range of movements on every skate device that has to be felt out. after having felt it, basically falling down stops occurring because the mechanisms of physics are very reliable. once i know i can bend over ~20° in one direction and i fall when it reaches 25° then this is reliably information the nervous system grows around. once these boundaries of motions are understood a range of motion like a budget that can be spent emerges. a budget of balance.

last time he slipped too and i had to pull on the rope to prevent a fall. this time he almost knew himself how far he can extend movements without slipping and once he came close to these boundaries he caught himself. was fascinating to see in someone else. also the speed he suddenly picked up after he got it had me giggle the entire time. just nice to see someone get it. few people reach this level of understanding of motion.

Anonymous 178512


i have also progressed somewhat myself because i was riding around on the snakeboard while he caught his breath in between runs. he can only skate for ~3 to 4 minutes before having to regain his strength.

my own movements also became way more fluent and i was able to throw my weight around much more spectacularly. i encorporate everything. my spine, my head, my arms. i trace these ridiculous theatrical circles with my arms to conjure up momentum and then turn them in the perfect moment as to preserve the current momentum with minimal losses.

when i want to drive to the left then firs i point my arms up but in the opposite direction and swing them down and then forward in one continuous strong motion and then not too soon and not too late i translate the power i conjured in my arms into my legs and twist to the back and let myself lean/fall into the freshly created centrifugal force as to multiply it. this becomes very easy once the boundaries of balance are known and enough 'PLAN Bs' are known as to what to do when something goes wrong.

the joys of skating.


skating seems like a way better method of getting people to notice you then being a boring alarmist.

Anonymous 178570

>my spine, my head, my arms.

oh yeah almost forgot i started to use my ass more. when i lean into a curve i feel like my ass becomes the center of gravity. i lean into a curve and make a turn that a beginner would not do (because at high speeds it is easy to get thrown out the curve by being too greedy with using the centrifugal force) and to make it save i push my legs forward forcefully while leaning back heavily which kind of makes my ass a temporary sponge for gravitational forces.

since that happened the first time a few weeks ago i feel like my asscheeks have parted. when i wipe i noticed there is way more space now.

not quite sure what happened there but seems like my asscrack grew, not my ass.

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