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Anonymous 155288

Any Russian anonettes here? I was wondering, have people online been treating you differently since the Russian invasion in Ukraine happened? Have people been mean to you over what your country does?

Anonymous 155303

>have people online been treating you differently since the Russian invasion in Ukraine happened?
If it counts, I've seen more anti-Russia (Russophobic) memes than before.
>Have people been mean to you over what your country does?
Only the Ukrainians themselves (some expressed outright hatred, some were compassionate and didn't blame me or other non-government-aligned Russian people) but then I very rarely talk to foreigners anywhere except imageboards.

Anonymous 155348

>some were compassionate
One notable person who's been compassionate to Russian anon(s) is a nona from Kyiv on lolcow, she posted in the Russo-Ukrainian war thread during springtime when it started.
I remember her disappearing randomly, idk what happened to her now though.

Anonymous 158387


Even as a non-Russian it is hard not to notice the increasingly racist attitude towards Russians in the West. This video is already a few months old but perfectly encapsulates the mindset of many people in my country.

Anonymous 158512

Russians are not a race but attributing it to Europeannes or non-Europeannes is pretty weird since Europe itself is not a monolith but I don't see how talking about the way Russian society works is racist

Anonymous 158529

I find it funny how the internet went from
>haha vodka bear balalaika xd
>fuck those evil russkie commies who want to genocide a country I wouldn't be able to point out on a map before the start of this year

Anonymous 158564

>They look European but aren't
I don't know about that part but is she otherwise wrong? I don't think so.

Anonymous 158586

You could say that about any country though, about anything. Sure some countries have a similar mindset but what is she even implying? That russians just don't value life as much

Anonymous 158635

This, the people being all "Slava Ukraini" on social media right now wouldn't have known or cared about Ukraine before it became a big deal in the media. (And, tbh, they will likely stop caring as soon as some other major event overshadows the war in Ukraine. The same happened with Redditors and their overbearing support for Hong Kong a few years back.)

This isn't the full clip, I wasn't able to find that with English subtitles. What she is implying is that Russians (or non-Europeans in general) are somehow lesser than Europeans because they live only for simple pleasures and for the sake of survival itself, while the ~~√úbermenschen~~ Europeans are endowed with the capacity to care about higher ideas, to engage in self-realisation and whatever the fuck a postmodern approach to life is supposed to be. Their lives are less valuable in her eyes.
It's basically the orc / bugmen narrative (referring to Russia and China respectively) you see repeated all over the Internet these days. It is also exactly what the OG Nazis thought about supposedly lesser races, such as Slavs.

Anonymous 158654

It can be interpreted as racist because she started her pointless spiel by saying Russians look European (this can only mean they look white). Because she started off talking about race she made the rest of what she said seem like she was talking about racial virtues.
Not saying that's an accurate depiction of what was said but I can see how someone would think it sounds racist. It shouldn't need to be explained that Russians aren't European, everything said in that clip was irrelevant chatter.

Anonymous 158668

Russia is just as postmodern as the rest, they just happen to do it in a more aesthetic way, since Putin hired a postmodern director for his propaganda kek. Postmodernism is just a tool that can be used for good, evil, whatever you want really. The woman in the video just considers the higher amount of individualism in North Western European countries, the creation of your own narrative, to be "true postmodernism". Even though if that the standard would be, no country would be postmodern, per definition, since nation-states always force narratives and myths on its subjects and limit freedom of choice.

Anonymous 159137


I mean

Anonymous 159323

that could due to poorer life conditions, especially in the eastern region

Anonymous 159353

>And, tbh, they will likely stop caring as soon as some other major event overshadows the war in Ukraine
whatever that would be considered more major than that is nuclear war probably

Anonymous 159358

It's because the USSR was dissolved and sold out to a handful of oligarchs contrary to public demands, which led to an extreme decline in living standards. You can even see that in the graph.
The USSR post-WW2 actually had decent living standards comparable with most of the West.

Anonymous 159366


Anonymous 159375

oh i know that, i just have to use a screen keyboard so im too lazy to type it out

Anonymous 160301


Anonymous 160323

I forgot about this meme

Anonymous 161453


Long ESL-post incoming.
It took me a whole year to move to the EU because no one at document places took me seriously because I was 18, they would write my last name on purpose wrong so I would always have to go through paying for the doc>applying>getting shit>having to pay money again to apply>wait a month and counting.
When I finally moved to the EU, I wasn't sure why my grandmother (who is half polish half russian) would tell me never to say that I am russian until I experienced a lot of things myself, the minor things were
>My hairdresser admitted she was terrified of accepting my appointment, all of her friends and colleagues telling her that I will be a nightmare to work with, I will be mean and talk shit
>in the end she was shocked over how we spent hours chatting like normal people, she would ask questions about my city and architecture, etc. we exchanged numbers in the end
>her mother was actually supposed to cut my hair but mother got that Boogey-maned by others without ever seeing my face

>I go to a job application place

>Making sure i write and fill up everything, providing certificates too, etc.
>The moment the woman who was supposed to accept my stuff saw that I am russian, she started screaming at me in countries native language (thinking i don't know anything she says despite me passing official exams from A1 to B1 levels), swearing, talking shit about my nationality and country

Basically, the only interactions with working people I would get (if they would know i am russian) would be them treating me negatively or coldly. I never throw a fuss at people IRL, i am just a normal person living my small life, especially after spending a long time moving from a terrible govt and quality of life. I did notice that if people think i am from the US (since i speak eng), they treat me nicely.

Around normal people, I would mostly just be 'memed' and obviously extremely sexualized by men.

Now, after the war i
>sometimes people would try attacking me outside for being russian. i live in a small area where 'everyone knows about everyone' kind of thing.
>i pay for group courses in order to learn the language fluently but now I have stopped getting any updates or emails from the language academy, despite me being the #1 student in their courses, always willing to pay, and getting the highest marks and exam scores
>started getting death threats on social media like Instagram despite me not talking about the war other than sending links to good and proven donation funds and posting about reliable VPN services
>every time i join some discord server, for example, a small nice fandom if a person would know i am Russian they would start being aggressive towards me for no reason, but it's always the same people who play genshin impact, consume twitter and follow the 'lets hate every person from x-country' thread.
>i did notice that even the 'comfiest' hobbies end up having 'that one' person.

I feel extremely depressed. Even if I say that I am against the war, people never care about my opinion because of my nationality. People never want to know how bad it is to live in Russia either, after years of social media showing literal fraud from the govt, english-speaking communities never gave a fuck about it other than 'Putin on a bear' memes or some other 'vodka balalaika' bs. I have moved out of the country many years ago but everyone thinks that war is my fault. I don't know what's better, constantly being sexualized by men or being hated by everyone.

Anonymous 161468

Yeah, I see how it would be considered racist now and I do think it's pointless to attribute it to being European or not but her point about violence and death in Russian society stands.
I haven't watched the full video so can't say much but the point about violence being normalized in Russian society seems pretty logical. Even in their cheesy pop songs about love they often use violent language, compare love to war. I also don't know much about her work and her relation to Russian society. There is one Twitter user who afaik was born in Tatarstan and I think the stuff he writes about Russian society is more meaningful and doesn't contain questionable chatter about being European. I would rather recommend reading him if someone wants to understand the way Russia works but explained in a simple way through Twitter threads.
Like this thread gives an illustrative example of Russian internal discourse without this talk about Europeannes

Anonymous 161487

I'm really sorry nona. That's all I can respond to this. Western hypocrisy is disgusting and without limits. Sometimes I feel like I am crazy because I seem to be the only one noticing the constant propaganda we are surrounded by daily. It really feels as if in my home country we are just a few steps away from full-on fascism (again).
Or, perhaps, the fascist attitude never really went away in the first place, only remained dormant until called on by new generations of fascists to take the place of those defeated 77 years ago.
Either way, the tides are turning and and it genuinely terrifies me. I hope you will stay safe, and I am very sorry again. It makes me ashamed to be a Westerner.

>cherrypicking random social media posts as proof for the supposed violent nature of an entire culture/nation
Just fucking stop. We get it, your manufactured consent propaganda is literally everywhere already. You really do not need to spread it here on CC as well.

Anonymous 161498

>we good boys we dindu nuffin
Russian apologists are everywhere these days

Anonymous 161506

That was not supposed to be a proof of the violent nature of Russia but rather a recommendation for those who wanna learn more about the way Russian society works by a researcher and journalist who spends a lot of time researching topics related to Russia and publishing things about them that can give more insight to how Russian society works. Of course his works can't summarize the nature of Russian society but they do often provide a valuable insight into it from someone who actually hails from Russian Federation and knows how the society functions there. Sometimes even with me being able to speak Russian I didn't always understand how stuff like mothers reporting on their sons who were dodging the draft can happen and yet the reminder that in Russian culture children are often seen as resources, an investment rather than a separate person with their own feelings and ambitions made sense and it's like a puzzle coming together. I was talking more about this kind of stuff.
Now treating some random video and imageboard like the proof of Western hypocrisy seems a bit more similar to cherry picking.

Anonymous 161528

It reminds me of "not all men" situation. Most people would agree that about men being a threat for women in a lot of cases, women not being able to freely walk at night because of men, women constantly having to be be conscious of the possibility of being sexually harassed or even assaulted and a bunch of other stuff. And yet most people would agree when talking about the way men can be threatening women aren't attacking every single existing man ever but a lot of women have to be wary of men they don't know well (even worse, sometimes men whom they know well like their relatives can also do horrible things to them, same with men who seem really nice until they feel like doing bad things to you). Yet in the West it seems like a lot of people are starting to accept that women who are wary of men for those reason aren't weird misandrists and they have their reasons to be wary around men but it doesn't mean they hate every single male alive.
When it comes to situations like Russians complaining about Georgians not treating them well to me the reason seems obvious. Russia already occupied 20% of their territory. Given Russian history of invading countries to protect Russian(speaking) population, given the way Russians who live in other post soviet countries sometimes continue treating the native population as being inferior to them, waving Russian flag and screaming "glory to Russia" you would assume most people will understand why Georgians might be wary of Russians. Who knows, given Russia's track record it's not out of the realm of possibility that Russia will come to invade Georgia again to "protect" those seemingly nice Russians. Russians who write cheerful comments under the photos of Ukrainian dead children also seem nice once you go check their profile, it can be a nice elementary school teacher, it can be a nice mother of 2 kids, they don't look like Putin at all and yet they do cheer on Ukrainian civilians including children being massacred. It doesn't mean every single Russian acts this way but stuff like this does make you wary even of seemingly nice Russians.
So to me telling Georgians or other people who had to deal with Russia's BS that they should be nicer to Russians and them not being nice to them is fascism is similar to telling women who are traumatized due to being abused by men and are wary of men due to stuff that happened to them that they should be nicer to men and more trusting of them because if they're wary of men they're some crazy misandrist feminazis.
It's like "not all men" all over again when Westerners who never had to deal with Russia's bullshit try to accuse countries that had of being evil just because they have their reasons to be wary of Russia.

Anonymous 161540

download (5).jpeg

Anonymous 162548

What country did you move to?

Anonymous 162573

>Honestly, the "patriotic" criticism of Putism is a blind spot of the Western discourse. Patriots would love to cleanse the rotten system, purge corrupt officials and the wage the wars of imperial restorations more effectively. That's an extremely popular sentiment in Russia

>The fact that "patriotic" criticism of Putin has nearly zero representation in the Western discourse shows that Westerners are absolutely delusional about the Russian internal discourse. Because they never paid attention to it in the first place and still don't want to

This angle is absolutely not missed where I live, but I am not sure if Czech Republic is a "west proper".

Anonymous 162575

I think he's talking about those countries in the West that didn't have to deal with Russia closely and don't know Russian internal discourse that well.

Anonymous 162590

this is heart breaking

Anonymous 162652

all russians should be prevented from leaving their country and left to rot inside

Anonymous 162654

Anonymous 162782

Moid hands typed this

Anonymous 162911

True you made your bed you lie in it

Anonymous 162913


all am*ricans and western europeans should be prevented from leaving their country and left to rot inside for the things they have done to the rest of the world for centuries

Anonymous 162914


Remember this documentary (children of leningradsky) when any westoid lib tells you about how great the fall of the soviet union is.

Anonymous 162918

>average day in Russia in 2025

Anonymous 162920

I don't think thatit goes far enoughat all

Anonymous 163573

that would be fantastic as long as the rest of the world stops coming in

Anonymous 163583


Anonymous 163592

Sargon was just the first coming of jordan peterson. Both of them are pseudointellectual capitalist shills that try to convince people that thousands of years of collective organization is a gateway to tyranny and the only way to freedom is replacing natural identities with consumerism. Locke's philosophy was created to reconcile christian social structures with emergent capitalism and the return of oligarchy, not to protect individual rights.

Anonymous 163618



Anonymous 163623



Anonymous 163720

cursed image

Anonymous 163722

>opposite of individualism is based
Nah, dumb sheep

Anonymous 163724

If you're able to read Russian or don't mind reading through google translate there is read on stuff like this happening during USSR
Now imagine this and bunch of other horrible stuff that used to happen back then

Anonymous 163727

used to? this shit still happens under capitalism lol

Anonymous 163900

The right balance is based. Societies like USA are too individualist, places like Japan are too collectivist.

Anonymous 163921

Anonymous 163925


Death to moskals.

Anonymous 164419

russian draftee co…

He's coming to your country

Anonymous 164448

Oh boy, now we can suffer domestic abuse while hearing slurs screamed in Russian instead.

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