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Who here /fit/? Anonymous 15611

Do any of you play sports or have physical related hobbies?

Anonymous 15614

I want to start, I just don't know how. It would be so easier with a friend but I don't have many and none of them wants to get fit.

Anonymous 15615

I run and do body weight exercises. Sometimes yoga in the evening to calm the the fuck down.

I want to go to one of those army style outdoor courses. They look so hard and intense. Mfw I’ll never be Valkyrie from R6

Anonymous 15619

I can't stand people from /fit/. People have argued with me over how superior squats/deadlifts are to any other gluteus building exercise when if you were to research outside of that 4chan bubble, you would find it's really a meme among people who actually build muscle. Ffs.

Anonymous 15620

I used to play soccer competitively but can't now due to injuries. I wanna get back into working out cause the aftermath feels so good and I wanna get my legs back into shape.

I also wanna start doing more yoga cause it feels good on the body AND the mind.

Anonymous 15633

What exercises are good?

Anonymous 15643

I tell myself to start jogging again about twice a day, really keeps the weight off.

Why does soccer cause so many injuries? It seems like everyone who played it gets their knees ruined.

Anonymous 15662


Hip thrusts, the more weighted the better.

It's not that squats and deadlifting WON'T grow your butt, I apologize if my post made it seem that way, it's just they don't isolate the muscle as well as hip thrusts, donkey kicks, etc.

If you don't want disproportionately large thighs, I suggest adding hip thrusts to squats/deadlifts or heck, just do them alone if you want skinny thighs in proportion.

Anonymous 15677

It's a contact sport and involves a lot of pushing and shoving WHILE running and kicking a ball. Which can then result in falling…
In addition to the leg injuries and bruises a hit to the head from a flying soccer ball can make a great concussion.
The game is so fun though and can really get you in shape when you're not getting injured, so it's worth it.

Anonymous 15685


Figure skating, thanks YOI. It's so expensive ($200 a week not counting competition/equipment costs, fuck me) but I'm spoiled by how fun it is, I could never go back to forcing myself to the gym or for a run. I do ballet too, I love it but it's harder to find classes.

I'm not /fit/ though, I'm not advanced enough for it to be really intensive exercise.

Anonymous 15693

I like to go swimming to the pool. It's beneficial for me because I have to exercise my shoulder and back thanks to an accident at birth. Also I feel a lot better going swimming once or twice a week than I did skipping rope and doing normal exercises. Swimming tires you out but it doesn't hurt as much as normal exercise. And also Inoticed I got slimmer even though my diet is the same.
The only bad side I can find is it's not free.

Anonymous 15710

thanks, anon! i am an idiot, i cant do squats correctly, so this will help.

Anonymous 16162


fasting > exercising

Anonymous 16163

but won't fasting make you skinny fat?

Anonymous 16192

This is a sport thread, ana chan. People do sport for enjoyment, it's not slaving away on a treadmill trying to force a caloric deficit.

Anonymous 16246

I want to be /fit/ so bad i have the worst fucking willpower, I just want to be able to run for fun and maybe strong enough to defend myself against a creep if i ever needed to. How do you guys will yourself to go exercise?

Anonymous 16252

nta, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that no one here wants to end up overweight, even if you like to exercise. And I've seen a lot of girls choose exercise over dieting and they ended up huge. It's honestly something to consider…

Anonymous 16259

Choose something you enjoy above all else. It's all going to be tough in the beginning, but if you gain actual endurance/skill and still hate it that will probably never change.

Maybe take up martial arts, wrestling, or boxing if you don't enjoy running or lifting.

Anonymous 16262

Yes, it's something to consider in the weight loss thread.

Anonymous 16305


I regret making this post.
Today I woke up and as soon as I lifted my head from my head my vision went all shaky and weird I felt like dropping multiple times and a ton of nausea.

Anonymous 16306

After an intensely emotional hermit mode 2 week binge I want to start eating healthy and exercising. I'm not starting out with anything intense but I've been biking about 5k a day and doing light yoga in the morning.

Anonymous 16355


Anonymous 16388

Literally hip pull throughs with a cable machine and weighted hip bridges are as good as it gets for posterior chain development. Deadlifts are too technical for about 70%+ of people and squats vary in engagement depending on a lot of factors.

Just be grateful you're not a track cyclist, weightlifter or gymnast; proper coaching and recovery therapies can cost a mint if you're even slightly competitive

Anonymous 18681


Used to be on my school’s swim team but stopped because I was bullied. I only joined because everyone in my family was a swimmer and good at it too, and I just wanted to feel accepted since I was already the black sheep due to my parents divorcing. The bullying was extreme I would say, but besides that I played some recreational soccer and did some vaulting (gymnastics and dance on horseback). I used to be the epitome of /fit/ but now I’m an overweight and mentally weak retard. I now just walk every morning and evening for about 20 minutes/1 mile but not everyday. Wish I could be more sporty again but the swim team just ruined me

Anonymous 18683

Are there any good ones you can do unweighted, or with dumbbells instead of a barbell? Gyms in my area are really garbage and expensive to boot. I wouldn't mind paying for a good one but I don't want to go to Planet Meme

Anonymous 18685


>I used to be the epitome of /fit/ but now I’m an overweight and mentally weak retard.

That's sad

Anonymous 18697

They're gone, anon. Please move on.

Anonymous 18705

At least you used to be /fit/. I've only ever been a fatty when I was a teen, and now I'm a normal weight, but skinnyfat. Sucks. I believe you can go back to your old routine though. Good luck.

Anonymous 18712

i fit. my apartment has a gym and an indoor pool. i do both alternating every 2-3 days when i can. mostly free weights and 1 hour of pool. then sauna afterwards which is niiiice.

Anonymous 18715

Keep it up, anon.

Anonymous 18766

I just turned 30 and I guess I had a kind of crisis, realising I had to take care of my muscular and skeletal system in order to age well. Hence I started crossfit four months ago and I could do my very first pull up today!

Anonymous 18777

Crossfit is actually terrible for you because all it does is strain your bones and muscles. I recommend you find another activity anon. Just wanting to be helpful here.

Anonymous 18837

does anyone have tips on how to improve my muscular / skeletal system?
i'm 19 right now

Anonymous 18840

Chug growth hormone before your plates fuse.

Anonymous 18997

Drink high quality salt with water, also help with allergies and autoimmune disorders

Anonymous 74291

My bench is 105, squat is 135, deadlift is 175 (all for 3 sets of 5). So I guess? Idk I’m trying lol. I weigh 160 (put on like 15 lbs over Christmas …) and am 5’9”.

Anonymous 74345

I don't like heavy lifting because my knees are kinda fucked and I get intense paranoia about doing it wrong and fucking up my body so I just do cardio, stretching, and various random weightlifting machines.

Anonymous 74353

>20 minutes
>1 mile
You must have short legs.

Anonymous 74363

short legs.PNG

>not walking 1 mile per 19.35 minutes

Anonymous 74388

1498874175_Lift we…

I used to be really into martial arts, but since the pandemic started all of the gyms near me are closed and I just don't have the motivation to work out consistently at home. I've just been lifting weights every few weeks and going for walks when I feel like it.

Maybe it would be worthwhile to book a few sessions with a personal trainer so that you could make sure your form is right. Lifting heavy is so good for your health + you don't have to spend as much time working out for the same results

Anonymous 74546

I was not at all fit before I moved to Australia. Once I got here I took up swimming, because far from what they show on TV, the whole coast is filled with beautiful beaches and going to the ones in between the really popular ones, with trendy cafes and water parks, they're practically empty because they're so big and Australia has so few people. I live a 10 minute ride to a really nice beach, so I swim 3/4 days a week while my housemate does some fishing.

Two years of swimming, I'm down to a fairly consistent ~55kg and I actually have visible, identifiable muscles.

Anonymous 74643

I used to be decently fit, but since I started wagecucking full-time, I feel too drained to go out anywhere. I still do some aerobics at home, though.

Anonymous 74780

I got that ring fit adventure thong for the switch recently due to all the lockdown

Its surprisingly good and fun

Anonymous 75877


start small and get back into it, don't let them win and let your life be ruined over some losers you aren't ever going to see ever again

you're gonna make it anon, you have your goals, reclaim your passion and become the your greatest self once again, I believe in you

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