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Anonymous 156762

Would you want your bf's rectal examination to be done by a woman or a moid, and why?

Anonymous 156768

what kind of bait is it?

Anonymous 156775

I really don't. Is it that you think there's no correct answer?

Anonymous 156789

haha no way that would be crazy haha… unless… nah jk but what if you… kidding! loooool

no but really anal shit is disgusting. okay let's say it's a massage or something (not sexual ffs)

Anonymous 156792

And muscle tightness and stuff, sure

Anonymous 156794

let the record stand that I am innocent and this anon ruined my thread with her butt fantasies

Anonymous 156799

yes anon, this entire thread was engineered to call you out for all the site to see
you got me again
if it wasn't for that damned big brain of yours I would have gotten away with it too

Anonymous 156807

certainly not me because I've not gotten a single proper answer

Anonymous 156843

mod I see you removed the trannie but didn't answer the question, don't be shy

Anonymous 156856

Anorectal violence kun?

Anonymous 156861

dodges the question, hurmmmm very interesting, noted
not this time

Anonymous 156864

Oh. Lame. I thought it was him

Anonymous 156869

>:/ rude

Anonymous 156908

My bf's rectal examination will be performed by a humanoid robot equipped with the proper tools and controlled by me.
Because it's efficient and fun.
Hope this answers your query.

Anonymous 156923

Oh you aren't going anywhere yet sweaty, sit down. Does the robot look like a moid or feminine? Choose your next words carefully

Anonymous 156951


Anonymous 156990

Supersexy waifu animu girl robot then, okay.

Take her away!

Anonymous 157001

NO WAIT it's beefy moidroid with an ikemen face

Anonymous 157102

>she screams as she's being pulled out of the room

Anonymous 157126

No woman should ever waste their precious lives on Earth doing that. All those dirty low dignity jobs are only for men to do.

Anonymous 157161

interesting take

Anonymous 157463

An incredibly beautiful doctor gave my bf a cancer screening. I wanted to pull him out and force him to go to a male doctor because she was giving him looks and demure, flirty giggles at his jokes. I feel like I was entirely within my rights to stop her feeling him up, particularly since he lets her finger him, but not me. It's an injustice.

Anonymous 157483

like how old is your bf? aren't these cancer screenings only for old men usually?

Anonymous 157536

what if he turns him gay doe

Anonymous 157559

A lot of the men in his family died from cancer due to alcoholism, so he does it to give his mother some assurance.

The other doctor was an old Indian guy, so I'm hoping that wouldn't happen.

Anonymous 157561

Oh I unno those indian men sure have dexterous fingers, I'd be worried if I was you.

Anonymous 157563

but alcoholism doesn't cause prostate cancer does it?

Anonymous 157564

No, he's just using an excuse to get fingered and she's in denial.

Anonymous 157571

Let him go

Anonymous 157579

oh dear, he's most likely already cast a tantric spell on your bf hun, better start packing your bags already

Anonymous 157588

kek both

Anonymous 157638

It can spread

Anonymous 157664

is the prostate the first place??? i feel like there has to be a better screening process than being anally probed every few months for his mom's mental health. like it doesn't even remotely sound effective for the purpose at all

Anonymous 157691

Every few months? It's something like every couple of years.

Anonymous 157693

is this bf poster or a random anon

Anonymous 157780

What if old hag vs average moid?

Anonymous 157821

bf poster

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