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Lolcow.farm Bunker Thread #3: Kys Blaine Edition Anonymous 157118

Previous thread: >>>/b/156212

Thread pic credit: >>>/b/156910

Anonymous 157124


What are the miners and farmers doing this fine Saturday night? Aside from camping out in CC!

Anonymous 157125

Anonymous 157130

fucking up my sleep schedule

Anonymous 157136

If it's not full why does it say it has reached maximum reply limit? Retard.

Anonymous 157137

Hell yeah to that.

Anonymous 157140

oh i didnt see this thread.

Anonymous 157149


Listening to cute Ghibli atmosphere vids in the background while I poke around CC, text back friends I didn't respond to this week, and drinking a Cucumber seltzer. Bed soon, probably.

Anonymous 157153

trying to write code for my uni assignment (and failing cuz idk what I'm doing kek)

Anonymous 157154

I made really good cheddar and broccoli soup and I am now brushing out my cats.

Anonymous 157155

I would've preferred a thread without the troon's name in the title

Anonymous 157156

Same, he shouldn't be given the attention

Anonymous 157160

sonic cries.gif

it's Sunday very early morning already!

Anonymous 157165

use the other thread then

Anonymous 157166


Me and my friends used to love watching those shitty Minecraft Steve and Mario and Sonic and Goku face Baldi's Basics in the netherworld videos. Then we went on the twitter account of the guy who makes them and his likes were all just Minecraft porn. Our faces were like picrel.

Anonymous 157171

oh i was not aware of this i just wanted a despairing sonic gif. reviewbrah is very cute btw

Anonymous 157177

Does anyone else relate to their husbando too much? I'm overly self-conscious about it to the point where I'm afraid of becoming an Aiden/kinnie even though that's probably not going to happen

Anonymous 157184

Yes. It only emboldens me to be myself and take pride in being a woman.

Anonymous 157196

And you will never be a woman. 41% as soon as possible. Your mental retardation and sexuality disorder is just nature's way of eliminating the weak links in the population. Have fun with your limp dick and diminishing prostate and kidney disease.

Anonymous 157197


ppl who write this shit have never played a sport in their life.



The LH stands for Laurel Hubbard

How can people be this retarded when the facts are right there? You never see troons going for the gold in women's gymnastics, I wonder why

Anonymous 157213




I know it's infuriating, but don't respond to men, anon. He just wants your attention. The only way to win is not to play

Anonymous 157221

Nona, I'm sorry but this is you rn. Please come back to reality before you ruin your life.

Anonymous 157230

Those threads doesn't feel like the same and on top of that I am really bothered at the schizo troon shitting on everything. I really don't want to bother the miners, so wake me up when september ends (or when lolcow returns, whatever it comes first).

Anonymous 157236

oh god can you imagine how many threads there would be if LCF had a 500 reply limit

Anonymous 157240



Anonymous 157243

No, my husbando is exactly the opposite of me and that is why I love him so much. I really hate the arrogant and prideful type of scrote that look down on others and leads an extremely hedonistic life, but since Gilgamesh is not real it makes him 200% sexier.

Anonymous 157245

I want a list of his mental illnesses and disabilities. There have to be a lot of them.

Anonymous 157247

Moid hands types this. YNBAW.

Anonymous 157251

I bet his entire neighborhood hates him.

Anonymous 157252


Johnny my beloved.

Anonymous 157257

Anything happening on the discord? Any word at all??

Anonymous 157266

I hate seeing this fucking freak

Anonymous 157269

I think one of the anons in the discord would've updated us if something happened
it's been down over 24 hours though and nothing on ko-fi, pretty concerning

Anonymous 157271

Imagine you getting excited for the first day of classes and the first thing you see is this SCP project. Day ruined kek

Anonymous 157273

Wouldn't be the first teacher I threw up on

Anonymous 157275

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 157277

I'm at a sleepover with my friends watching nathan for you and random youtube videos lol but I'm concerned about lc so I keep checking here and kiwi to see if anything came up

Anonymous 157279



Anonymous 157282

This filter gives huge Buffalo Bill vibes for some reason kek, besides the typical troon delusions, that's it. Maybe because it gives the impression they wearing another person's face as masks

Anonymous 157288


if we get an archive of the site, would it be possible for someone to set up a "clone" site for lolcow? like just one with everything we have, and that we can use if the main site falls.
i know other imageboards have archive sites with on-site posting enabled

Anonymous 157292


Anonymous 157296

everything reminds me of her

Anonymous 157305



Help I'm retarded what is this pic implying, is "artistic" code for something fetishy?

Anonymous 157317

God the one on the right makes me burst out with laughter every time I see it. It looks like a shitpost

Anonymous 157325


>real men
No thanks. You can have that pattern balding all for yourself.

Anonymous 157327

which came first on your list of degenerated Y paraphilias, the baby monkey snuff films or child pornography?

Anonymous 157355

sure but you get off to baby monkeys being brutalized and children being sexually abused so is it really a big deal

Anonymous 157361

I think delving into that would break CC's rule against drama/cows.



>anons interacting with moid trolls, ensuring they have the dopamine hit they need to stay forever

Are you people actually retarded? Do not engage, don't reply, don't acknowledge. If you're this desperate to talk to greasy scrotes then just go to 4chan and engage them on their home turf, don't do it here ffs

Anonymous 157364


Are you dressing up for anything this halloween? I think I might go as Marina in her Electra Heart era :)

Anonymous 157372


Is anyone else here worried about imageboards dying off over the next few years and not having anywhere left online to be really honest or just speak your mind and shitpost without stupidly worrying how it might be received? In terms of troon thought policing but also in terms of most things really

Anonymous 157379


I might go as a cowboy (butch)

Anonymous 157382

I do anon. Lolcow made me feel a lot of hope because it's the only proof I've ever had that there's more women out there thinking the same things I do, no matter how crude and obnoxious the thoughts were. It was proof other women ARE like me. It made me feel less alone, like there's an internet society with tons of based QUEENS and we don't know each other but all share something. Sometimes I would pass random women and randomly wonder if I've ever met any s and we just never knew.

Anonymous 157384

I want to dress up as Ade from Sops and will convince my moid to be Chrissy lol. I don't usually like to dress up though

Anonymous 157387

as failure

Anonymous 157388

I’m going to be a pig

Anonymous 157390

sponsored by Beijing corn?

Anonymous 157392

and what will you be dressing up as?

Anonymous 157396


Yes, and I refuse to use Discord. I feel I’ll just be completely isolated from likeminded women and it makes me very sad.

Anonymous 157397

Wait omg I love how you can change the style the light pink one is so cute I’m really liking crystal cafe

Anonymous 157398

are you checking KF thru l'oignon? (aka tor)

Anonymous 157399

You’ve expressed what I feel much eloquently, this is exactly what I meant.

Anonymous 157400


bringing him to the mines

I feel similarly, especially since I spent years on 4chan feeling pretty isolated.



Anonymous 157405


I hope the new lolcow site has MP4 support

Anonymous 157406

No , trough the st domain, it works fine for em on my phone

Anonymous 157410

Has there been any update or news from admin or the mod team as to what's going on?

Anonymous 157414

bless you . I am a miner at heart but still missed my deathfat threads over there.

Anonymous 157415

radio silence. there's some rumors that they may be moving the site to a new server. but everything is hearsay

Anonymous 157416

Where did they originate from?

Anonymous 157418

server migration has been promised for about 2 years now

Anonymous 157420

it's funny because I've seen with my own eyes people judge women for ACTUAL body types and what they should or shouldn't wear, yet this idiot wearing huge fake boobs, in tight shirts and its clearly fetishitic has the school defending him. It's not his real body. It's disgusting and even if you buy into the "gender identiy" shit, what does huge fake tits with nipples purposely showing have to do with it? He gets off to it.

Anonymous 157421


I’m going to sleep now, praying lolcow is back when I awake. Goodnight every body

Anonymous 157422

same, maybe tomorrow we'll wake up and it'll be back online
sleep well

Anonymous 157423


Anonymous 157425

not for me, wtf

Anonymous 157426

literally the US National Women’s team lost 7–0 to an under boys 15 soccer team. that's how fucking insane the gap between men and women is

Anonymous 157427

So i just made a over pizza and I'm having Lolcow withdrawals and i'm looking at this tinfoil I used and I want to make it into a hat.
Why the Is Lipstick alley and Lolcow down at the same time? Is it some kind of payment day? Is it the last day to upgrade servers or fix something or something? I said it before, but it's just kinda weird. I don't even think it's the troons or even that teacher being mentioned. I wonder if it's some kinda service that both sites used and they have to make some kinda action by this time or something.

Anonymous 157428

lying troll, post screncaps

Anonymous 157429

I want to believe that even if LC is kill we'll end up with something new rising from the ashes kek. The thought of being isolated on the corporate hellscape that is modern social media is so depressing. I'm not on any Discord servers right now either but I feel like if that was the best option somehow I might go for it

Anonymous 157431

Same here Nona, hope you have a good sleep and we both wake up to our beloved lolcow <3

Anonymous 157432

I feel like the troon presence will get worse before it gets better, and sadly, the imageboards that have cropped up and fractured off one another are all small.

Anonymous 157435

If the site comes back, I feel there needs to be a place that Shaymin makes where they just make announcements. Sorta like how Josh (kiwifarms) has his Poast or telegram. In fact why doesn't lolcow have a telegram? s can use fake numbers (Virtual phone number services like text now(you can do that via desktop), talkatone or whatever).
You don't even have to have an commenting channel, just an updating one, telegram also pretty much lets people say whatever.

Anonymous 157436

squidward gives off a gay vibe to me. he reminds me of morrissey tbh.

Anonymous 157437

guy pals.png

Hello fellow Morrissey anon is that you? Our queen would never allow LC to die

Anonymous 157438

Sweet dreams, nonita.
How would we find each other though? I kept asking in /ot/ but the only suggestion I got was along the lines of “find similar minded people offline” which is not available for all of us.

Anonymous 157439

kek not her, but i like her posts

Anonymous 157440

Yes! As soon as the first wave of attacks began we should had formed a plan. A nona mentioned a .xyz site but I’ve never heard of it before.

Anonymous 157441

I don't even want Shaymin to interact with us, just inform us sometimes, just say, hey I'm doing good, hey this is going on. I don't know, the telegram kiwifarms had was very active but very..well kiwifarm-ish. I feel ours wouldn't last since we have a weirdo constantly stalking us, but it'd be nice to talk with s or something. I don't know. I do wish we had lolcow space, that wasn't lolcow. I really pray lolcow isn't gone forever. I can do without LSA but not without lolcow, I'd be depressed for weeks. It'd be like losing a friend. I'm dramatic but I really do like the site and community.

Anonymous 157443

Just found out the N-word was banned here through my post, no not that one, but the word we use on Lolcow thats a cutesy way to say "Anon". n**nie.

Anonymous 157444

If/when LC comes back I think we need to try and think of what to do in a worst case scenario cause those tranny moid attacks aren't going to go away. They don't want anyone on the internet to type anything unless it has their seal of narc approval kek so it's important we can stay around somehow and make them seethe and mald

Anonymous 157445

wait so its confirmed ddos?

Anonymous 157446

so is lolcow getting attacked or what? technical shit went wrong or is someone responsible for it?

Anonymous 157447


guess we here for now girls. i actually like CC tbh some users are just more autistic than ours but imo LC definitely has more moids trying to blend in while CC has more moids trying to openly talk like they're even remotely wanted

Anonymous 157448

No, nothing confirmed afaik. Sorry I think my wording was confusing

Anonymous 157449

dont think anyone knows but AG used to purposefully go offline when there were attacks. though LC has had a ton of server issues throughout the years so really anything could be atp given we know the trannies are attacking atm but also the servers tend to be shit sometimes

Anonymous 157450


It feels like a more autistic amalgamation of all the non-cow related boards

Anonymous 157451

this is exactly how I feel too, nona. I really hope someone hatches a back up plan and we can all meet on the new lolcow if it comes to that. I always wanted to post on the friend finder but was too anxious, some of you are so incredibly based I wish I knew you nonas irl

Anonymous 157452

yeah for sure. i think the girls here just tend to be a lot more sheltered and naive (despite somehow ending up on imageboards?) but i think the troon/scrote estimates are way overblown. this site is like all terven now except for a few retards or males

Anonymous 157455

why did I look through shayna's likes and I was clicking through shit and saw she was liking Straight up tranny porn and then that lana bee chick is a they/them/him or some shit Thats why i don't go on twitter, I thought i'd find something worth saving if she tweeted and deleted, instead i feel fucking sick.

Anonymous 157457

so those martha's vineyards rich ppl already got rid of the migrants… because… they dont have the resources to help them

Anonymous 157458

take this shit somewhere else please

Anonymous 157459

What a time it was
With so few friends to turn to
What a time it was
When all we did seemed wrong
We'd broken all our bonds
And the battle plan was drawn
What a time, what a time it was

2022, the year of Keffals
Who'd have thought our site would survive or stay alive
the wokies made us outcasts and the tranny's said we couldn't last

Now I don't say we were right
And I don't say we were wrong
I'm just trying to tell it like it was in simple song
You see when people love their homeland
They regard it as their own land
And they fight whether they're right, or they are wrong

What a time it was
With all the world against us
What a time it was
Not all we did was wrong
We'd broken all our bonds but life kept going on
What a time, what a time it was

Well twitter should've sealed it
But instead it just revealed that all the players in the game were pulled apart
Well they had to find a way to start again another day
With all prepared to take a peaceful part

What a time it was
With all the world against us
What a time it was
When all we did seemed wrong
We'd broken all our bonds
And the battle carried on
What a time, what a time it was

Never mind the rest, what we're doing's for the best
And all we want is a peace we understand
We've got to end this dreadful ban
We've found what we've been fighting for
Will the world wake up and stop this conflagration

What a time it's been
With so few friends to turn to
What a time it's been
When all we did seemed wrong
We're trying to put things right
But the battle still goes on

What a time, what a time it's been

Anonymous 157462

Kinda miss AG. It was slow as molasses, but it had actual good feminist discussion.

Anonymous 157465

Eating brie cheese pretending it's my husbando's smeg

Anonymous 157466

What even happened to AG? One day it was just gone

Anonymous 157467


"Just in the single year 2017, Olympic, World, and U.S. Champion Tori Bowie's 100 meters lifetime best of 10.78 was beaten 15,000 times by men and boys."

Where men have a physiological advantage (i.e., not shooting), there's no competition or comparison.


Anonymous 157469

Not sure. One day I went there, and it was also gone. I wonder if they took it down because of moids raiding.

Anonymous 157471

why would you subject all of us to this kek

Anonymous 157474

i know you girls wanna get deep into delusion but even this is too far. no smeg, no matter how hot your husbando, is gonna taste like brie

Anonymous 157476

they got sick of the goreposting spammers that should've been culled by their mothers

Anonymous 157477

i saw a tweet saying morrissey sounds like squidward and i think about it every time i listen to the smiths
try ricotta next time

Anonymous 157478

Moids spammed it with gore before ddosing it. For a while, you could see the spam threads they made before it went down, through the google cache.

Anonymous 157481

wait is that true? lmao where in the world are people getting the idea that semen is anything like ricotta?

Anonymous 157485

and yet here we are. just like those migrants. homeless, bewildered and filthy from our journey as we stand in the pristine streets of crystal vineyard. just the shirt on our backs and sacks of brie husbando cheese to our name. god help us all.

Anonymous 157486

how do ppl post terf stuff on social media and use their name/face w/o fear of irl career repercussions? i'm just too scared to.

Anonymous 157488

savings, fallback through connections, being just really, really based i guess.

Anonymous 157490

Anonymous 157491

They don't care.

Anonymous 157492

The sheer power of based. I respect those women, for being braver than I. But always remember, all of us count. Even the faceless women here, shitting on the troons every day. You can still donate, support, peak other anons, and just plain make us laugh by posting tranny freakshows.

Anonymous 157493


idk why this post is making me miss mags so much all of a sudden

Anonymous 157495

I wish she had lived to see the increase in women pushing back.

Anonymous 157497

fear is just what those disgusting men want. we are all being bullied into submission, it makes me sick.

Anonymous 157498

it breaks my heart so much. she was legit so fucking cool. like literally everything about her was unbelievably cool. she was so brilliant.

Anonymous 157501

I wonder how the cows are feeling.

Anonymous 157502

probably happy but i'll almost guarantee it's a server issue like we've had 293429348 times over the past 8 years and not what they're assuming

Anonymous 157503

young and working service jobs that don't give af about social media, older and working with conservative people who don't give af about trans shit, self-employed, unemployed/students. i haven't checked out radfem circles in a while so idk but i can't imagine there are many post-college young women pursuing office/academia/etc. careers posting terf stuff out in the open

Anonymous 157507

nobody who has ever tasted semen would think this lol

Anonymous 157508

me too, there's a lot funny shit I wish I could share on lolcow but can't because it's all mp4s

Anonymous 157509

My Nigel and I are going as Lydia and Beetlejuice. It was really cute, because he told me his first crush was cartoon Lydia and that I remind him of her.

It's the first year we're doing a couples costume. We were supposed to go as Kirk and Spock a few years back, but COVID happened and last year I was dead set on going as my dnd character with my group.

Anonymous 157511

if u download handbrake its really easy to convert mp4 to webms now

Anonymous 157512

Anonymous 157513


i think this is one of my favorite posts

Anonymous 157514

fat subhuman who 100% would have supported troons if she were alive today

Anonymous 157515

subhuman chan!!! it's you!! how are you doing???

Anonymous 157516

as my husbando probably

Anonymous 157517

actually quite sad RN

Anonymous 157518

you're the scarethot aren't you?

Anonymous 157521

well duh that's why we're called yumejoshi

Anonymous 157523

I'm so happy to hear that!!!

Anonymous 157524

I thought the one who called Dworkin a subhuman fat jew was parappachan|

Anonymous 157525

Use convertio. Don't even have to download it.

Anonymous 157527

same. already have the costume so its convenient

Anonymous 157528

suffering withdrawal from lack of retarded husbandoposting thread

Anonymous 157529

i guess its safe to admit, I was one of the "Worse" vs."Worst" s. Once I was called out, It actually taught my dumb ass to make sure I use it correctly off and online

Anonymous 157530


lmao based and unexpected. love you anon

Anonymous 157531

You could make one in the hidden board

Anonymous 157532

LSA is back but no lolcow. Throw your theories at me, what are we thinking ?

Anonymous 157533

i need our vent thread to cry about getting 0 likes on my art (that i thought was pretty good), i think i must be delusional about my skill level

Anonymous 157535

Do you have few followers? I also get 0 to 2 likes per drawing usually

Anonymous 157537

if lolcow comes back anytime soon that means some shit was up…

Anonymous 157538

I've looked into the error message lc gives on tech forums and according to those the issue is 100% caused from admins side and not cloudflare/server
either some of the code is wrong, she pulled the website down purposely, or something else along those lines
combine this with the fact it went down on the weekend (when admin likely has time off from work or college) and I'm gonna assume the site is being worked on with the new update - at least it seems logical right?

Anonymous 157540

then how long would be normal if it wasnt an attack

Anonymous 157541

>at least it seems logical right?
but why on earth wouldn't you give a heads up?

Anonymous 157542

idk that's the one thing I don't understand, if it's finally time for the server update why not let us know in advance?

Anonymous 157543

i have ~90 and dropping, I think it's because I've switched into a pretty ancient fandom and am weird kek. I'd like to be able to not care but it makes me paranoid that I'm not a good judge of my skill level which would be cringe if true

Anonymous 157544

I love lolcow but Shaymin is a Shayhead, I'll admit being a BIG browser of Shay's thread has seriously made me lose brain cells and also gain some. I'll just assume Shaymin waited until the last mintue.

Anonymous 157545

I can feel myself become meaningless without regularly sperging every 15 minutes. God it's painful. When will it end?

Anonymous 157546

>Error 522 – 'Connection timed out'
So we would see the same error if the server was switched off or under intense ddos attack right?

Anonymous 157547

yes lol

Anonymous 157548

kek same

Anonymous 157550

agh can anyone help me find this mamga? i read about it on tumblr a while back, supposed to be GL set in a post apocalyptic world but it's a chill post apocalyptic world almost like ghibli. I'm pretty sure its by a female mangaka too, and maybe the opening pages were done with watercolor.

Anonymous 157553

**manga my bad

Anonymous 157554

I'm not completely sure, I'll link the support forums and articles I've been reading - they use a lot of tech jargon so maybe someone else here that knows more than me could get some use out of them

Anonymous 157555

Notice what it says in two of your links btw, it's what I call a clue.

Anonymous 157557

Screen Shot 2022-0…

What if the whole thing was just an exit scam?

Anonymous 157558

…ah fucking hell that'd be so god damn funny in a very dark way

Anonymous 157562

If it were, ducking out for a measly $100 is pretty lame lol. Unless there was a substantial amount raised towards other things for the site, then I doubt this is the case.

Anonymous 157565

I've considered it, seeing that shaymin seems so extremely disinterested in the site and its users. However, if that was the case idk why she wouldn't have done this right after that anon donated like 1k to keep the servers running for a year, why waste that money running the site for months when you could have just grabbed it and ran immediately?

Anonymous 157566

nah we've had the same error plenty of times before

Anonymous 157567

actually she has been fairly present within the past couple of weeks. we have no idea why she was pretty hands off before, maybe her life was stressful or workload was crazy. admins do have lives.

Anonymous 157568

has anyone tried emailing the admin email? probably a shot in the dark but maybe someone will respond?

Anonymous 157569

I don't want Shaymin to be like Josh, while for a scrote I DO think that Josh basically giving his whole life to the farm and what he believes in is "Wow". I would'nt want to see a woman cause herself the stress and bullshit that a troon attack would cost. However, i'm starting to feel it's not the end. Lolcow has never been targetted. Even with the Creepshow attention. Our biggest strength is just talking about people like Shayna or Moo or Lillie Jean, actual women nobody really likes or will defend. Kiwifarms goes down becuase it's main focus of hate even isn't troons but MEN in general. It's mostly men shitting on men.
I feel like nowadays we could have a female forum just like KF that posts doxs and if it's all women, nobody will give a shit unless someone CONFIRMED is harmed from it.

Anonymous 157572

My two theories: DDoS or maybe LSA and LC both had scripts that messed up if a server updated. I’m unsure of the technicalities, but I went to LSA and The Admin said the AddOns had to be rebuilt.

Anonymous 157574

His bloated corpse was a soft target that just needed some excuse for everyone to descend at once.

Anonymous 157575

yes, which is why if lolcow goes away I think it'd be due to admin not wanting to run it anymore. You'd think troons would work hard to get a women's space taken down, like they do everything else. However, I'm happy this place and Lolcow are still very low key.

Anonymous 157576

josh gets shit on because all of the rightoid men cannibalize each other after a while, on top of the fact that it's a forum for shitting on men. all of these imageboard based rightwing males were in the same circles and started separating and turning into enemies, then the attacks from troons and bad publicity from josh telling NZ to go fuck themselves or whatever spergy shit he did just for them asking he take the video down, etc. it has a bad reputation for a lot of reasons and he associated/associates with tards, plus he acts like one himself so it makes KF a prime target for attacks and publicity from literally everyone.

Anonymous 157578

I was looking at her Twitter account as well to see if there was anything interesting and her porn genuinely disgusts me. Vile human being.

Anonymous 157580

Simple fact of the matter is, internet was made by gay men and it's still run by gay men and well, most seem to like to be catty anyways so besides LCF flying to close to the sun with a few fed posts which would never be allowed here, idk how anyone would come after it.
Josh tho, he pisses off Gay men all the time so yeah, just a matter of time really.

Anonymous 157581

yeah same. i mean, granted, troons will lie and misrepresent anything to suit their desires, but LC very demonstrably has nowhere near as retarded/inconsiderate of a userbase, reputation, or admin as KF. we just have way less enemies.

Anonymous 157582

it's not even remotely the gays that are the problem unless you count the degen ones that are not so much gay but more "anything-sexual" and have a million paraphilias

Anonymous 157583

sure, I'll incorporate that into my belief system

Anonymous 157584

that's probably the schizo troon, ignore his tardbabble

Anonymous 157585

I'm watching Josh and Mister Metakours stream right now (I know kill me) and MM was talking about how sites to say what you want are getting less and less, he was naming some smaller spaces and was like, "the female forum you don't want me to mention" or "I don't want to mention" something like that. I wonder if it was lolcow or mumsnet (which Null said he'd try to help if he could). People barely mention our site in a very negative way because the reasons you said.

Anonymous 157586

Ah yeah horrible stuff, yeah, yupp, just the worst.

Anonymous 157587

could be either. idk why people call ours a forum but w/e if it helps keep them away by being unclear i'm happy with it. and josh's "help" would likely hurt because his reputation is like 1000 lbs of radium levels of toxicity. idk why he has to be the type of retard that dies on the hill of hosting horrific gore and being so goddamned stupid politically himself outside of the troon issue. he's just so senseless and ridiculous imo.

Anonymous 157590

Screenshot 2022-09…

I knew trannyshit was spreading to Japan as well.

Anonymous 157592

not surprising considering japanese moids are just as disgusting and perverse as moids everywhere else
child porn was legal there up until like 2014 and even currently has very light punishment

Anonymous 157593

is it any surprise? the men are all known to be perverts worldwide

Anonymous 157595


I usually browse threads while I fall asleep at night, I feel so lost without reading some schizoposts before bedtime.

Anonymous 157596

It's everywhere. There's a lady in that Dysphoria documentary on Youtube who talks about how this shit is being backdoored into laws in the Global South as well. Countries with the highest femicide rates on the planet, and trannyshit is taking priority.

Anonymous 157598

Dysphoric, my bad. I think its in either part three or part four where she talks about it. Here's part one, if you haven't watched it.

Anonymous 157599

Yeah we all knew Japanese males for being degenerate pedophiles but who the hell knows Japan for being an LGBT-friendly country?

Anonymous 157602

How much you wanna bet the post immediately before mine was made by a tranny male

Anonymous 157603

they aren't lgb friendly, they are only t friendly since trannyism is a moid fetish there just like it is everywhere else it spreads

Anonymous 157606

me too now my sleeps fucked

Anonymous 157607

You know what I mean anon, obviously AGP scrotes have always existed in Japan but society usually saw them as nothing more than male deviants (or at least that's the impression one gets) I mean that's why they have to hire counselors to force women in universities to accept their troon male classmates as women

Anonymous 157609


I told my job I'm christian and need sundays off. Time to stay up late as fuck. Church is for fucking NERDS.

Anonymous 157610

Screenshot 2022-09…

Also this logo says so much about TRAs

Anonymous 157613

I had some japanese radfem friends who told me tranny stuff lately is being astroturfed there - corporations and universities are getting paid to pretend to be troon friendly and shit and even still it is mostly seen as a fetish and/or mental illness by the general public (just like everywhere else) as everyone knows failedmale y chromosoids will never be anything but men

Anonymous 157615

Maybe you could post it here, not the link I mean, but the pic? I get few likes too, but also nice comments at times, so I don't feel that bad about it

Anonymous 157618

Why the FUCK did admin not post a notice if this is the update?? God I hate her

Anonymous 157625

i know how you feel anon. i miss ot,g, and m terribly kek it just had comfy community vibes

Anonymous 157627

that's kind of out there conspiracy but it definitely is telling how most tranny moids are incels, pedos, rapists, basement dwelling porn addicts, obese loser neets etc and are chemically castrating themselves
if it weren't for them being allowed in female spaces it would ultimately be a good thing having these repulsive useless moids mutilate themselves and take horse piss poison

Anonymous 157629

Japan has always been blatant about the pedo shit, "trap" characters are almost always underage anime boys in sexualized female clothing

Anonymous 157642

There's a suicide thread on /x/ top kek. That would never fly on lolcow, jannies would shut that shit down (relatively) fast. Lolcow reigns superior yet again.

Anonymous 157644

why does that mean it reigns superior?

Anonymous 157648


the FINNS are officially here. no one will ever outcompete the finnish female imageboard shitposters. people like to give brazilians and australians credit but they are nothing when compared to finnish females. fucking finns. i'm actually offended and distressed by their ability to be up 24/7 always extremely actively posting on LC. anglophones are pathetic

Anonymous 157649


You Finnanons are nuts sometimes. I love it.

Anonymous 157650

I don't understand this post

Anonymous 157651


Anonymous 157652

she didn't know when and where to use "worse" vs "worst"

Anonymous 157654

allegedly parappachan is like 7 years old so allegedly we have to give her leeway. no idea if she's subhumanchan though. i always assumed subhumanchan was a wandering scarethot

Anonymous 157656


shayna looks like what apink chorong would look like if she were white

Anonymous 157658

what kind of retinal damage are you experiencing?

Anonymous 157659

this is retarded but I feel like I’d be so insecure as a south East Asian woman in Sweden like swedish girls r all so pretty and tall id be goblin moding in front of them. no I’m not a self hating brown woman and this isn’t an attempt to racebait but being surrounded by like 10/10 swedish stacys and matildas at all times would do a number on my mental health

Anonymous 157660

there's no way parappachan is 7 years old, kek. I could see like, 16 though or a very autistic adult (which is what I always assumed). Where did you hear she's a child?

Anonymous 157661

i'm not brown just short and i share the same sentiment. i like having dark hair and eyes though. just generally i feel shit for being short

Anonymous 157662

you're right, that is retarded

Anonymous 157663

i was being hyperbolic. she's like 15 or something (which is essentially 7). anons have discussed it because she posts on 4chan on /soc/ or some shit giving her details. she's a racist though for sure. not sure if she's exactly subhumanchan but it is widely known is a pretty open racist (even though i believe she is from south america?). must be the chanpoisoning.

Anonymous 157665

Ausfag and this reminds me of how weird american dating culture/beauty standards are. Like despite America being more diverse than aus (apart from like pockets in syd and melb) I feel like generic white women are held to an even higher regard even tho American women are very girl next door pretty and defs not pretty in the sam way that Aussie girls or even Scandi girls are. It all feels very much segregated still and interracial dating seems like a bigger deal like the suburban whites stick with the whites, the suburban blacks w the blacks etc whereas here in Aus as a minority you’re pretty much forced to integrate and there’s a lot more cross cultural friendships and relationships (and the women are hotter)

Anonymous 157668

why was this posted? marina? i do like that wig ngl

Anonymous 157669

I'm from Northern Europe, and when we visited Australia with my girl friends we were floored how pretty Aus girls are. Everyone is so dressed up all the time, with perfect makeup and hair etc. We felt like goblins lol

Anonymous 157670

I'm glad I remembered anons sperging about going to crystal cafe if lolcow ever died, I'm so bored when I can't judge s pure autism or parttake in it myself.

Anonymous 157671

I have always been considered tall for a woman in my country, like I'm the average height for most men here at 5'7 and my brother is considered exceptionally tall at 5'10 1/2, but I went to Germany for my master I felt like a fucking midget, everyone was so taller then me
white people don't realize how fucking tall you all are

Anonymous 157672

why are aussie girls considered so pretty? i can't say if they aren't or are, i haven't had much exposure, but isn't their bg mostly the same as most american whites? like, that is, mostly from the UK?

Anonymous 157674

doublepost but the part where the Jungian analyst talks about how DSM diagnoses have "ballooned" since it was published reminded me of this video. Basically people are prone to projecting and that includes projecting their symptoms onto illnesses they don't have, and also of course illnesses become "popular" at certain times and big pharma profits off of it too. So trannyism is an example of this, there's both the young people projecting their (completely normal) personality traits onto the symptoms of so-called "gender dysphoria" and self-diagnosing with transgenderism, and the pharma industry taking advantage of them.

>tranny stuff lately is being astroturfed there - corporations and universities are getting paid to pretend to be troon friendly and shit
Yeah I had a feeling.

Anonymous 157675


I have always been considered tall for a woman in my country, like I'm the average height for most men here at 5'7 and my brother is considered exceptionally tall at 5'10 1/2, but I went to Germany for my master I felt like a fucking midget, everyone was so taller then me
white people don't realize how fucking tall you all are

Anonymous 157676


The closest comparison I can make is all Aussie girls look like they’re from Utah but with 100x better styling. Huge health/ sport fixation mixed w laidback beach culture and you get a shit ton of pretty women and aussie girls are a lot more self aware then your run of the mill american college girl. I live in a coastal area and the girls here are all unironically 10/10s, no makeup, Aussie phenotypes are defs a thing. I see it a then men too, they tend to look more masc/rugged in an authentic way? Aussies tend to look like how Americans did in the 80s . Picrel is girl from my city and it’s common to see women like this.

Anonymous 157677

>instathot using facetune and photoshop is representative of the whole county

Anonymous 157679

While it is certainly a degenerate moid fetish, trapshit in Japan is mostly in anime, game and hentai shit which is niche within Japanese society. Remember that normal Japanese people view otaku with disdain and the term itself used to be strictly derogatory until recently that otaku celebrities have started refering to themselves as such. But to get back on-topic, nobody in Japan ever referred to those characters as actual women, they have always been aware that traps are cartoon males that look like cartoon women. But now they're trying to convince women in their own universities that their TIM classmates are real women. That's the difference.

There's a lot of suicidal posters on lolcow too.

Anonymous 157680



She’s a model and she looks like this irl but okay stay mad. Girl on the left is what the average white Aussie woman looks like

Anonymous 157681

Male hands typed this post

Anonymous 157684


literally just look up her yt channel and you’ll see she genuinely looks like that, not that she represents 90% of aussie women or anything, but Aussie women are generally rlly pretty

Anonymous 157686

Anonymous 157689

She blogposts and husbandoposts on /r9k/ where she has revealed that she's like 14 and from South America, she hangs out with incels on 4chan. Before discovering that, we knew that she also visits 4chan /g/ frequently because of a screenshot of her desktop that she posted in the original Kaitlyn Tiffany thread, and also in the "honest lolcow opinions" thread an anon who used to be in the lolcow Discord server shared some details and a screencap of parappachan being an anti-semite and/or hating fat people, while others referenced posts someone had made on 2X that criticized Andrea Dworkin for being Jewish and fat and shitting on others for taking her seriously, which might have been parappachan's.
I agree that she might be autistic despite being underage. She's way too tech-savvy for her age, she uses Linux and browses /g/.
The one that calls fat people subhuman is parappachan, the other one who calls rappers subhuman is (c)rap chan who is a self-hating black woman

Anonymous 157690


Anonymous 157692


I'd post in Finnish AND post a fingolia meme for you rakas nyymiseni, but I'm afraid either could get be banned because CC seems to be more of a politically correct hugbox than LC, and I couldn't take losing this bunker thread. Vitun hyvää sunnuntaipäivää nyymeille.

Anonymous 157694

eh the last time i went here before today/last night it was rife with actual racebait but might be probably also because of the lack of jannies

Anonymous 157695

i was so floored when after years of hearing (american) men on te internet whine about women not wanting to date men under 6 ft i found out that 6 ft = approx 183 cm KEK (in my country the average male height is 5'10 ft)

Anonymous 157696


thank you for calling me (what google says "my dear baby"), i'm happy to be your dear baby, finnanon, despite not sharing your background. i'm sadly not a finn and i am disgusted by this fact. my kind will never be able to even remotely compete despite presumably making up a larger portion of the LC userbase. it's really pitiful and anglophones should be ashamed of themselves
kek, i'm not a finn but i am nuts. thank you anon.

Anonymous 157698


Onko Pauligit jo tippumassa?

Anonymous 157699

Tule suomillankaan! Olemme täällä

Anonymous 157700

it's bullshit. like most american men who are dating, married, engaged, are under 6 ft

Anonymous 157701

so it the US average actually. also really retarded that 6' is 183cm and not 180cm because one inch in 2.53 cm rather than just 2.5

Anonymous 157703

i mean that the US average is also 5'10/177cm

Anonymous 157704

you sound retarded, also male

Anonymous 157705

i just always had this mental image of 6 ft being like two meters tall or something

Anonymous 157706

i refuse to think these racespergs are coming from lolcow, this is too embarrassing

Anonymous 157707

i thought that 5'10 is 180 cm i understand nothing about feet apparently

Anonymous 157709

tag which posts you mean specifically

Anonymous 157710

Americans have no right to complain about degeneracy when they literally measure stuff in FEET

Anonymous 157711

there's been racebaiting too on much older threads than just now, they could come from /tttt/ they lurk this place it's how they found kikomi, after it being posted on terf threads here

Anonymous 157712

stop being retarded in our bunker thread or we'll have to smother you with our communal emergency blanket

Anonymous 157713

Stay mad, you hobbit

Anonymous 157714


Ei vittu onki täällä suomillanka? Tätä varten kehtaa kyllä kahavitki keittää.

Anonymous 157716


should i waste another $13 on a disposable rechargeable vape with like 7000 puffs or try to quit? my refillable's batteries died on me. i'm going through the most stressful period of my life right now FUCK

Anonymous 157717

every time i went to crystal cafe it was full of racebait but i'd like to think it's mostly the drive by males rather than regulars

Anonymous 157718

they know about kikomi?? what do they say about her?

Anonymous 157719

Kyllä, tänne vaan kaikki pitäähän meidän aina perustaa oma eliittilankamme >>>/b/157640

Anonymous 157720

same and i thought the same but i also think there are a few parappachan tier tradthots around these parts. mostly males though.

Anonymous 157721

some of are convinced it's made by trannies as a self satire

Anonymous 157722

earth-shattering levels of cope. literally why the fuck would it be posted (clearly everything about it gives the impression it's done by a woman) on a womans board that is not hospitable to troons if that was even the case? do they even think? do they find it funny?

Anonymous 157725

I hate the imperial system

Anonymous 157726


Again just speculation and no one knows still. People were wondering if there were any site mods in the discord. (I wouldn’t know their names if they were)

Anonymous 157728

site mods are on the matrix/element server iirc. did anyone check there?

Anonymous 157729

good for you, honestly it's us womanlets who need to stop hogging the tall chads so they can go for tall stacies and make behemoth children
t. 148cm

Anonymous 157730

>having children

it could also be scrotes but there has been a lot of racesperging on lolcow lately if you didn't know

>it's how they found kikomi
troons (moids) ruin everything

Anonymous 157731

i'm short but damn that's so tiny. where are you from? you'd like be forced into a carseat in my country at that size

Anonymous 157732

Trannies' entire existence is based on cope kek this is nothing surprising

Anonymous 157735

i've said it once and i'll say it again, after the PP mass exodus, we have had racesperging like never before seen or allowed on LC (excluding male inclusive periods that we all should erase from our memories anyways to save our sanity). i blame it fully on oldmin.

Anonymous 157738

I agree with this

Anonymous 157745

Leave the LB out of it at least.
That was the take of Valerie Solanas too.

Anonymous 157749

already 3 years into college and realized too late I picked the wrong major this really truly sucks
the take I had or the one I was replying to?

Anonymous 157750

Valerie was so incredibly based

Anonymous 157753

When I tried to join that server a few days ago it was stuck on forever joining

Anonymous 157755

Tinfoil current admin took the shmoney

Anonymous 157756

After browsing cc a bit I am sure it's at least 50% moids. The 4chan screenshot thread on /media/ is full of scrote screenshots, and some are r9k users talking about how they browse cc for uwu loser gfs

Anonymous 157757

Definitely. There is a stench.

Anonymous 157759

yeah moids and troons on 4chan and twitter are pretty open about browsing and posting in this place, and there are also quite a few tradthots/pickes whatever you want to call those types of women

Anonymous 157760

What that nonita in the last thread said about this place was right and based

Anonymous 157761

just check the r9k archives, the losers there post constantly about wanting a based lolcow gf (along with shitting on us for being hairy lesbians or something) and shy uwu cc gfs. neither site is a secret. there are legit tradtards on both LC and CC though. probably more here because it's a straight pipeline from r9k and shit to CC.

Anonymous 157764

>The 4chan screenshot thread on /media/
you mean /img/
>and some are r9k users talking about how they browse cc for uwu loser gfs
male raiders don't count
>I am sure it's at least 50% moids
I know there's a lot of moids here but I want to believe there's more 4chan pickmes than 4chan scrotes and that explains a portion of the scrotey takes and humor on here

Anonymous 157768

I'm mixed (European/African) but my Euro side is basically Europe's manlets, my African side is not the biggest either but not that short by African standards, none of my biological uncles or aunts on either side of the family are above 170cm but some male cousins managed to break that barrier

Anonymous 157770

cc gets "advertised" by scrotes on r9k because its full of uwu qt femcels
I like to think of cc as lolcow in its past, it has more younger women that migrated from 4chan because theyre sick of men but they're still a bit in their pickme phase, lc was like that too in the past
As the general age of the board goes up you'll see a change in the board culture too

Anonymous 157771

there is definitely more here, I used to come here more often than lc and the weird /pol/ and /r9k/ sounding posts/scrotey posts in general (which also rarely got deleted of course) made me stop coming here completely
lc is better about banning those types imo

Anonymous 157772

agree with this take. i think the userbase is considerably younger here

Anonymous 157773

yeah it's pretty much only the GB(♂)T that is creating the vast majority of the problems

Anonymous 157774

no? i find that admin and jannies delete anything even remotely sus extremely quickly now. the plausible deniability thing goes VERY far for lc. it doesn't work here with admin and her team. anything even remotely scrotey sounding gets deleted

Anonymous 157775


Why do scrotes and trannies have infinite anonymous spaces online to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, while women have maybe three boards, and the mods and admin of the main one give us complete radio silence whenever something goes wrong?

Anonymous 157776

I'll try it rn

Anonymous 157781

samefag by male raiders I mean those who post dick pics, their discord tag, asking if he can find a gf here, etc. not the ones who try to blend in

definitely, some nonas will think this place is nothing but scrotes but the fact is that most women who end up here came from 4chan and other moid imageboards so they will naturally still have pickme tendencies in them, and since CC originated from LCF several years ago the culture here evolved in another direction from lolcow's, this place is slower, less drama focused and has more depressed NEETs given that it gets most of its new users from chans instead of TikTok, Youtube and Twitter like LCF

Anonymous 157783


here comes the blanket

Anonymous 157784

Oh yeah I meant /img/, my bad. Not related to the argument but I love how cc has /media/ and /img/ separate, I wish lc did the same

>male raiders don't count

Sure, but all 4chan moids I knew on a game related discord server knew of cc, as does my irl bf who does not really even use img boards. It's not your fault everyone knows of cc, but it does suck. It's a shame, cc would be so comfy

Anonymous 157785

not when I was here quite a few months ago
they deleted stuff that was super obvious trannies and moids (like nazi image spam, porn, slurs, pro troon posts, wojak spam, etc) but not the more subtle ones
there was weird trad religion threads and posts pretty often, anti-abortion posts, stuff about how anons need to have kids or they have no purpose in life, sperging about how this is a site only for "femcels", hatred of normies (I mostly hear 4chan scrotes freaking out about normies but maybe it was extremely autistic women) things like that

Anonymous 157787

> and it’s common to see women like this.
In QLD and some coastal areas of NSW, maybe but she’s not how most Aussie women look at all but Aussies to have a weird inflated view of themselves.

Anonymous 157789

Was the Matrix taken down after the Discord server came back? Because I can't seem to get in. I should've not deleted it before.

Anonymous 157790

It's really a shame, I wish both CC and lolcow had stayed underground and only known to imageboard women, but with scrotoids ruining everything for us everywhere they go, and with social media making it easier for tech illiterate retards popularizing everything that was once niche, this was inevitable

Anonymous 157792

This must be why I can’t fucking read any discussion here because the damn replies have been deleted.

Anonymous 157794

cc needs redtext, maybe "user has been thrown into the coal mines" or something kek

Anonymous 157796

"This user mined straight down and met the creeper the big bag minecraft reaper"

Anonymous 157798

im sorry I don’t speak zoomer

Anonymous 157801

Shut the fuck up you spergs

Anonymous 157802


well that sucks

Anonymous 157805

The one you had. She basically saw it as a good development, men acknowledging that women are superior and voluntarily castrating themselves over it. Does sound like cosmic justice. I think she just didn't predict the rise of AGPs and how much they would be let into women's spaces.

Anonymous 157806

sniper saxophone.p…

you are correct. we all know who the true Australian sex bomb is

Anonymous 157807

Sorry, hold on, I'll be more appropriate to your age

"𝔗𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔲𝔰𝔢𝔯 𝔥𝔞𝔰𝔱 𝔪𝔢𝔱 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔠𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔭𝔢𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔟𝔦𝔤 𝔟𝔞𝔡 𝔪𝔦𝔫𝔢𝔠𝔯𝔞𝔣𝔱 𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔭𝔢𝔯. 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 𝔦𝔫 𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔫, 𝔦𝔱 𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔱𝔥 𝔴𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔞 𝔥𝔦𝔰𝔰, 𝔞 𝔟𝔞𝔫𝔤, 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔠𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔨𝔩𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔣𝔩𝔞𝔪𝔢𝔰 𝔣𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔰 𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔦𝔩𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱. 𝔐𝔶 𝔡𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔰𝔱 𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔫 𝔦 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔯𝔢𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔫𝔢𝔱𝔥 𝔣𝔯𝔬𝔪 𝔴𝔞𝔯 𝔰𝔬𝔬𝔫 𝔪𝔦𝔫𝔢 𝔴𝔬𝔬𝔡𝔢𝔫 𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔭 𝔡𝔦𝔡 𝔠𝔯𝔞𝔰𝔥 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔴𝔢 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔥 𝔟𝔢𝔢𝔫 𝔡𝔦𝔡 𝔡𝔢𝔩𝔞𝔶. ℑ𝔱 𝔴𝔞𝔰 𝔬𝔫𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔢 𝔪𝔬𝔫𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔶 𝔡𝔯𝔞𝔴 𝔬𝔫 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔢𝔡𝔤𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔞 𝔪𝔞𝔭 𝔬𝔣 𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔣𝔩𝔞𝔱 𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔥"

Anonymous 157808

Anonymous 157809

i hath telekinesis

Anonymous 157811

Lie because if you did you would have avoided the monster on the edge of the map and then been burned for having witch powers

Anonymous 157813


Anonymous 157815

But normies shouldn't be here. They should be busy with real life or using twitter/facebook. Wth is a normal person doing on anonymous imageboards.

It's better when they just get deleted, red texting but leaving the offending post up still gives the trolls attention.

Anonymous 157816

Because no one cares about or wants anything to do with moids. They can create a small forum or image board that suits their own niche interests and not have to worry too much about moderation outside of spam and off topic posts, meanwhile our spaces are coveted by moids and larpers with infinite time to spam and shit up our communities.

Anonymous 157819


nonas. It took like 2 weeks to get /ot/ to work when we were banished to the bunk threads in /g/. Despite this, my hope for lolcow's reopening is waning

Anonymous 157823

same but I'm going to give it until the end of today before starting to lose hope, it's still the weekend so maybe admin is actually working on the site and doing finishing touches before the work week

Anonymous 157824


Friends are so fucking inconvenient. When are my s returning?

Anonymous 157827

(The lolcow word is filtered here, you know what I meant)

Anonymous 157828

samefag also admins email is listed on the lolcow_farm twitter, is anyone willing to reach out and see if you get a response?

Anonymous 157829

Its actually male sexual selection that leads to shorter overall population, men choosing shorter women leads to more and more shorter men and women being born, its similar to why east asians are more neotenus features, fucked up unequal sexual selection

Anonymous 157830

many "normies" particularly "normie" women are just masking that you wouldn't tell they're autists at the first glance

Anonymous 157831


do you think the sniper has stds?

Anonymous 157832

i've seen it before lolcow on tumblr and livejournal

Anonymous 157833

no? what word are you talking about

Anonymous 157834


Anonymous 157835


lana del rey is cringy but she's a good lyricist. she's very good at nailing movie vibes using words alone

Anonymous 157836

don't treat me rough treat me really niceys
my pussy tastes like pepsi cola
my eyes are wide like cherry pie

Anonymous 157838

gta vi leak if anybody here cares

Anonymous 157839

You're right. No one gives a shit what they're doing, but when it's women, they lose their minds.

Anonymous 157841

I can only see the thumbnail bc my internet is shit but I'm already in love with her.

Anonymous 157842

hope they release it on PC at the same time as consoles

Anonymous 157844

It looks like 2 women main characters, one man. Watch the whole thing when your net works!!

Anonymous 157846

no matter how old i get, cubicles by my chemical romance will always hit me in the chest

Anonymous 157849

So, I'm supposed to think this waist is real…?

Anonymous 157854

Yeah, I that might be why it was banned here. I'm not and oldfag so I don't know the full story. I do know that non-nie/ny are filtered to red text on lolcow because they were common on those two sites, though.

The only variation that's not filtered here is nona (one n)

Anonymous 157855

this is gonna cause so much scrote seething

Anonymous 157857

aren't white guys obsessed with smoll tiny Asian waifu
Sweden has the largest population of thai wives in Europe lmao

Anonymous 157858

>there was weird trad religion threads and posts pretty often, anti-abortion posts, stuff about how anons need to have kids or they have no purpose in life, sperging about how this is a site only for "femcels"
Might've been because of the Depp trial and other happenings that attracted scrotes here

Anonymous 157860

I hate it when Asian girls always cry about how "fetishized" they are. it's giving humble bragging and "look at me I'm so small and young and all the guys want me, it's so annoying" lol.
as a west Asian woman who gets shit on by guys and gets targeted for racist behavior that kind of shit pisses me off also they always try to say west Asians are not Asian and it has the same energy of "you can't sit with us".
the worst part is a lot of them want to pretend being Asian is such a negative thing as if there aren't like 100 positive stereotypes about Asian girls(east Asians especially). tho I know there is a couple of harmful stereotypes too but please don't act as if being considered pretty and exotic is a negative thing.

tldr: venting

Anonymous 157861

>Sweden has the largest population of thai wives in Europe lmao
As always privileged first world scrotes are known for being sex tourists who exploit third world women

Anonymous 157863

i get what you're saying and i've never said it out loud bc i don't want to be seen as a bitter jealous (race) woman. at the same time, holy racebait lmao

Anonymous 157864

West Asian? So, what, Middle Eastern?

Anonymous 157865

it's funny how people always go on about swedish or scandi girls being so pretty and amazing but the scrotes of their countries hate them. they call them uppity, masculine etc and say that women from other countries are way more pretty. moids always hate their own race's or country's women

Anonymous 157866

yep but the middle east is southwest Asia and many people wanna act like it isn't part of Asia

Anonymous 157867

Well about twice as much I'd say.

Anonymous 157869

I don't get why so many moids are into Slavic women in particular - they don't really look any better than Western European women on average, and even the very pretty ones often look kinda weird. Is it just because they're stereotyped as "easy" and slutty bimbos (and as submissive tradwives at the same time somehow)?

Anonymous 157870

it's not race-baiting cause I'm not saying it's inherently based on their race. it's just a behavior I've seen a lot of them do.
also yea you get called jealous but you can't pretend as if it's not radiating pick me energy to behave that way.

Anonymous 157871

I'm sure it must be hard to be shat on by moids all the time but being fetishized because misogynistic pedo scrotes see all women of your race as childlike submissive tradwifes mustn't be that great either and certainly not "positive" unless you think being told that you're attractive because you look like a child is a good thing

Anonymous 157872

Asia and Europe as seperate things is kinda silly in general geographically and culturally speaking - it really only makes sense from a historic European perspective. The enlightened take is that Eurasia is one continent, and Europe is a subcontinent like India (which I guess makes Europe "West Eurasia")

Anonymous 157873

because the women in Northern Western Europe have higher standards and don't actually need those scrotes. The scrotes would rather have a mail order bride who is dependent on them and who they can exploit easier, instead of actually having to put in effort. It's why they were so excited about the war in Ukraine, lots of women desperate to just get out of the country, easy to exploit.

Anonymous 157874

i feel like men always gravitate towards women who they deem less masculine than them.
I don't know if this makes sense but I think Asian women are seen as most feminine and white people are kind of in the middle of it, this is why a lot of black men go for white women and white men go for Asian women.

Anonymous 157875

NTA but true. What's now called "Middle East" used to be called "Orient" in Europe. I don't like the term "Middle East" myself because it's usually politically charged in a certain way.

Anonymous 157876

plenty of documentaries on how slavic women take courses to attract rich moids. the russian hooker stereotype isn't there just because they look hot. it's a culture of being dependent on men to get out of their miserable tiny stuck in the udssr hometowns.

Anonymous 157877

>i feel like men always gravitate towards women who they deem less masculine than them.
well duh.

Anonymous 157879

>which I guess makes Europe "West Eurasia"
lmao, it would be great if it were called that

Anonymous 157880

I'm from a country that is genetically almost identical with North Russia but not considered Slavic for historical reasons. Logically women from here would look the same as Russian women, but scrotes from here still sperg about Slavic women being super attractive. I'm guessing it's the stereotype that they are submissive and wear more feminine clothes.

Anonymous 157882

>it's a kvlture of being dependent on men to get out of their miserable tiny stuck in the udssr hometowns.
as a slavic woman who grew up being brainwashed by my parents to "attract a rich moid and be a housewife" i can agree it's certainly strong here

Anonymous 157883

yea but you're acting as if 9/10 Asian girls don't have a white bf lmao.
it's just honestly hilarious the cognitive dissonance some of them have.
and tbh I rather be stereotyped as submissive and youthful than ugly, hairy, masculine, and barbaric.

the whole thing of Asian women acting like they are tired of it is just a victim-playing thing tbh, I doubt they actually feel that way but they don't wanna admit their privilege. come for me if you want but idgaf lol

Anonymous 157884

kek this summer when a dimwit moid thought it would be a good idea to pull his dick out in order to convince me to be his gf. almost threw up.

Anonymous 157885

why did you spell culture like that

Anonymous 157887

I guess I really don't get the moid mindset, because wouldn't it be a sign of "being alpha" to get a woman who isn't dependent on you - since it proves that she's actually into you and not just your wallet or passport?
Like the way I'd figure having a mail order bride would be low status and sad - which to be fair in my social circles it is

Anonymous 157888

Aaah I was waiting for someone to call asian women pickmes for the sins of men

Anonymous 157890

i used to think this was the truth behind the race thing, but now i think for a lot of men, it's about dominating an "other" rather than femininity
example: a lot of asian men gravitate to white women because they want the status that white people have (in korea they call it "riding the white horse"). same goes for black men fetishizing white women (there was some screenshot an anon in lc would always post where a black moid activist said he considered being with a white woman an escape from slavery/racism, and there are tons of black moids who racebait/sperg about cucking "little white boys"). white moids fetishize ME, asian, black, jewish, latina and all other types of women because they want to "colonize" them

Anonymous 157891

true . I feel like people inherently have a view of the middle east in their head and they think everyone there is living in middle age times, don't have access to modern technology, and shower in oil.
this is why I rather identify as west Asian to negate some of that

Anonymous 157892

This was only really a thing after the fall of the Soviet Union. The sudden transition to capitalism left millions of Soviet people homeless and desperate. That's why human trafficking, child trafficking, CP, prostitution, pornography, mail order brides, etc. are so prevalent in ex-Soviet countries and that's where the sexual stereotypes about Slavic women come from.

Anonymous 157893

browser extension for auto replacing words

Anonymous 157894

>moids always hate their own race's or country's women
literally just negging

Anonymous 157895

why would i want to see one

Anonymous 157896

and instead of geography nerds debating about to what degree Russia is European and/or Asian we can just call it "North Eurasia"

Anonymous 157897

>you're acting as if 9/10 Asian girls don't have a white bf lmao.
Ah, you're talking about western ones.

Anonymous 157899

Must say that as a white woman myself I've rarely encountered the ~Asian women are more submissive and tinier and desirable~ sentiment among (seemingly) well adjusted white men my age irl. All my white girlfriends who're mostly tall and ""masculine"" (quote on quote I don't think they are masculine) compared to Asian women, date white guys no problem. I've mostly seen that online and weird tv shows like 90 day fiance. I guess they could be hiding it though.

Anonymous 157900

it's not pickme to be considered attractive, youthful, feminine but it's pickme to act like you hate it and humble brag about it and at the same time only date white guys.
sorry, but it is a PRIVILEGE to be considered those things whether you like it or not, and stop acting like you're opressed for it.

Anonymous 157901

Euros and especially "western Euros" need to get over their special snowflake complex lol

Anonymous 157902

A couple of seconds ago when I pictured my husbando and I fucking in my mind

Anonymous 157903

it's always the absolute bottom of the barrel white men who obsess over Asian women

Anonymous 157904

the issue is that losers of every race seem to fetishize east asian women, like its honestly depressing

Anonymous 157905

>being stereotyped by moids as sexual object

Anonymous 157906

Holy shit I missed half of the challenges in yesterday's event on Microsoft Solitaire Collection because I kept browsing this fucking site until morning FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Anonymous 157907

I think the lolcow admin email is different now, I remember it looking different in ban messages

Anonymous 157908

Yeah, before that the sexual stereotype was either "dainty cultured ballerina princess" or "stocky assertive proletarian housewife"

Anonymous 157909

The venn diagram between them and weebs is almost a single circle

Anonymous 157910

moids are extremely insecure and inadequate fragile narcissists who need to control those who are weaker than them to protect their own ego

Anonymous 157911

but, why?

Anonymous 157912

so you'd say white women are oppressed cause they were the beauty standard for such a long time? be fucking for real

Anonymous 157914

The positive stereotype I hold of west Asian people is that their food is great and they love to absolutely stuff their friends, family and even strangers.
My positive stereotype lookswise about west Asian women is nice regal noses, Disney Princess eyes and amazing hair. Behaviorwise, very studious, easy to talk to and very willing to share cool aspects of their culture. I'm not a scrote though, so I don't know if my opinion counts. Just wanted to say something positive.

Anonymous 157915

according to dating site data, Asian women are rated as the most attractive so it's not just "losers". the vast majority of guys prefer them.
it could be because they are on average thinner than other women tho.

Anonymous 157916

it changes "cult" to "kvlt" so "culture" also gets affected
as for why, idk it's hilarious sometimes

Anonymous 157917


From a ban message I screenshotted on the first of September. Was it always this one?

Anonymous 157918

>""masculine"" (quote on quote
It's "quote-unquote" and you only use it when you're speaking as we can see the quotes when you type them

Anonymous 157919

Yes, in fact I would, because it's objectification.

Anonymous 157920

>the vast majority of guys
Those are losers tho

Anonymous 157922

Are you into black metal or something?

Anonymous 157923

losers are overrepresented on dating sites to be fair

Anonymous 157924

girl bye.
you know if you had the chance to be reincarnated as any race you would choose either east Asian or white. do not lie to yourself it's because they are the ideal beauty in the west and anything other than that basically makes you a femcel and a target of bullying and harassment by other men.
not to mention all the positive stereotypes that would help you not only in dating but in day-to-day life cause you are more likely to receive better treatment and help.

Anonymous 157925

well would anyone be willing to email both this one and the other one from the twitter account? surely admin must check one of them right?

Anonymous 157926

memearrow using quote un quote quote un quote quote un quote in text topkek

Anonymous 157928

Seconded, ever since I moved to a college town I've noticed so many stunning SW Asian foreign students and it's usually the noses and eyes that give them this aristocratic, regal vibe - they also usually seem really gentle and emotionally mature

Anonymous 157929

not really, but adjacent at times noise
i wanted to get into BM for a while
nta, yes, i'd prefer being completely ignored

Anonymous 157930

Wow, I didn't think female ethnicels were real but here we are talking to one.
I wouldn't like to be bullied, but being ignored doesn't sound that bad. Better that than being chased by men who fetishize your whole race

Anonymous 157932

I'd want to reincarnate as Scandinavias to live in a comfy rich first world country. Other than that slightly different flavors of misogyny aren't privilege and I'm not so insane to base something like that on what moids desire. And you know what moids desire? Subjugation.

Anonymous 157934

Being petite scares me sometimes as moids can overpower me more easily

Anonymous 157935

Samefag I wanna kill myself (not really) I don't even like Klondike but I only did that half and now it's going to be reflected on my profile, fuck I could've gotten into the top 10

Anonymous 157936

I mean when you're ignored you're ignored solely based on your race too so what's the difference lol?
being ignored also means you don't receive any help from anyone. eg you're carrying heavy bags and no one offers to help you. basically the same thing as pretty privilege but even worse.

Anonymous 157937

Which Nordic country would you choose, n o n n i e?
I used to think Iceland because a small remote island country sounds comfy, but then again that means travel is expensive and only possible by plane. These days I'm thinking Norway.

Anonymous 157938

you're kind of right. some women are really weird about this. like, they'll argue that it's a form of oppression to be sexualized and put on a pedestal more than other women because of their race, but then another day they'll actively be shitty and racist toward other races of women and put their own perceived sexual/social desirability among men as a point in their favor. if they can't insult you, they'll make it about your race and say you're ugly or a loser because you're this or that race.
i've seen it happen so many times. at the same time, i've never been ignored because of my race AFAIK (bullied yes) and i'm neither white or asian. men objectify and fetishize us all, it's just that some races of women often get less cruel treatment than others because they're seen as status symbols. i don't think a lot of anons are ready for this conversation though lol

Anonymous 157939

>you know if you had the chance to be reincarnated as any race you would choose either east Asian or white.
>East Asian
Really. I wouldn't. I don't want to live in East Asia and I also don't want to live as a minority in the West. So I'd go with white without a single doubt.

>more easily
I'm 1,75m, so far from petite and moids and I'm fairly certain moids can overpower me just as easily if they want to. I've never had it happen to me though.

Anonymous 157940

even tall girls can't defend themselves against a man. carry a gun if you're so scared smoll bean(that's if you live in the us)

Anonymous 157941

>being ignored also means you don't receive any help from anyone.
i noticed that women don't care about your "beauty" all that much (except pickmes ofc) and offer help anyway, god bless women

Anonymous 157942

my uncle got a mail order bride and I definitely see it as pathetic of him (but now I have a based and very successful aunt)

Anonymous 157943

nta but Sweden because half my favorite bands are from there and will never visit my country.

Anonymous 157944

Come to Malmø

Anonymous 157945

Let me guess you're from Brazil

Anonymous 157946

I guess norway too, iceland does look so nice but not as practical.

Anonymous 157947

Nta but the metal obsessed latin American country is Chile.

Anonymous 157948

To be fair, if you live in one Nordic country the other ones are not far away (except Iceland ig) and you can freely travel between all of them thanks to the Schengen agreement

Anonymous 157949

NTA, but women care more about whether you're attempting and succeeding at performative femininity, even without being obvious pickmes. In a sense, yeah it sounds more equal, since technically anyone can do it and it's not tied to genetics, but being gnc is one way to get treated worse over beauty standards.

Anonymous 157950

you worded it perfectly this is EXACTLY what i meant.
like black women are fetishized but it's called ||jungle fever|| honestly it's disgusting cause non-asian POC women fetishes are kinda seen as primal??
but when Asian women are fetishized they are seen as status symbols and they are so dainty and pure and in need of protection etc.
it's just a different kind of desire and you only truly understand if you are Indian, black or west Asian

Anonymous 157951

Am I the only one who would choose Denmark if it has to be Scandinavia? From what I heard they have a bike culture there which is very convenient. If not Scandinavia then Germany. But I guess I'm biased towards countries with most alike culture to my own.

Anonymous 157953

maybe I'm too austistic to get what you mean, but can you explain?

Anonymous 157954

objectification happens in most "privileged" situations so i'm curious as to what in hell your point is.

Anonymous 157955

How do we actually get blaine to kill himself so we no longer have to deal with his spam. Every single post he makes is of the lowest quality and ruins any community he decides to spam. How do you trigger a schizophrenic into realizing that jumping off a bridge would be best?

Anonymous 157956

>but when Asian women are fetishized they are seen as status symbols and they are so dainty and pure and in need of protection etc.
Never heard of yellow fever?

Anonymous 157957

I feel like women respect you based on your status and it's mostly from how you carry yourself, your fashion sense, and wether or not you keep up with modern trends.

Anonymous 157958

images (7).jpeg

Samefag. And Rio Grande do Sul, you're still not European.

Anonymous 157959

Copenhagen at least is really great for bikes, that's true!
As a German myself, it's definitely not as nice here as in Scandinavia in terms of social wealth and infrastructure, though I do like that's it not cold here all the time. That's probably another point in Denmark's favor since it's not as far north as the others

Anonymous 157960

NTA but if you think moids with "yellow fever" treat asian women the way moids with "jungle fever" treat black women, you're not being honest anon

Anonymous 157961

yes i have but it doesn't have the same energy as jungle fever jennifer

Anonymous 157962

Danish hail storms though

Anonymous 157963

Swedish women are fully aware that they're top of the food chain when it comes to beauty standards. I have a Discord friend in Sweden who told me that women in Sweden know they don't have to settle with average uggo and that's literally most of Scandinavian men, so they cope and seethe all day by claiming Scandi women are just men kek it's pure cope for having a population of absolute Stacy tier women who are self aware

Anonymous 157966

>it's just a different kind of desire and you only truly understand if you are Indian, black or west Asian
literally this. the difference in treatment, approach and even description is insane. it's a weird mix of dehumanization and sexual obsession. it's depressing and not talked about enough

Anonymous 157967

anon there's far more to life than the ways in which men desire you. we're told and treated as though that's what makes up our lives, but we shouldn't give in to that as it doesn't truly dictate our happiness. i'm south asian myself and while i have had intense periods of wishing i was white so i wouldn't be "settled for" and would be the beauty standard instead, i've always come to realise that it is an absolutely vacuous and self-destructive way of thinking. that it is just incredibly sad to discredit your heritage, your skin colour, the beautiful things that make you yourself, in the name of men. they are just not worth this self-hatred. as other anons have mentioned, any race will be fetishised by a man and while they go about it differently depending on the race, its all the same sick monkey brain coomer disease in the end

Anonymous 157968

Same thing in the Netherlands. Problem is I'm not a Stacy and I'm a lesbian, but I understand not wanting to settle.

Anonymous 157971

my live in sex slave aka boyfriend sleeps naked so i saw it just this morning uwu

Anonymous 157972

I do like my culture and history of my country etc and I don't even think that being desired is the only thing that matters in life, I've accepted this is how I am and I have other goals in life that I pursue but whatever I said before is true and I just needed an outlet to say these things cause I would never say this irl lmao.
south asian culture is very beautiful btw

Anonymous 157973

sure i can do that

Anonymous 157976

That's funny because I'm Dutch and I know plenty of attractive women in my own circles who settled for moids less attractive than them. Maybe it's just my area idk.

Anonymous 157977

I think I would become depressed in Iceland.
people in Europe didn't seem very friendly when I traveled there and practically no nightlife. everything was closed by 8 pm

Anonymous 157978

Yeah, it does still happen. Yet scrotes are already whining in newspapers and online articles about how Dutch women are too masculine because of wearing jeans and T-shirts kek

Anonymous 157980

a lot of women settle for men less attractive than them cause it's hard to find a decent guy in the first place(personality wise).

Anonymous 157981


ah okay, i got the wrong sort of idea from what you wrote lol. it does really suck being aware of how much better your life would be overall simply if you were born a different race, but i'm glad you do like your culture

Anonymous 157982

Some anons here seemingly think anyone's problem is being solved by being desired by men, when the only true "upper hand" white and east asian women have is that, in relation to other women, it's easier for them to be financially independent from men. I'm not white and I'm from latin american but I can relate a lot to eastern European women even if they might be considered prettier, because similarly to women in my country, they are seen as easy prey by moids whose fetish ultimately boils down to material dependence.

Anonymous 157983

>looks are everything
moid mindset

Anonymous 157985

hello nonitas. I already miss our beautiful farm. I've lurked here before but the pace is a bit slow for me. does anyone have tips on integrating? I'm worried that may become necessary.

Anonymous 157988

>everything was close by 8 pm
where did you trabel lol

Anonymous 157989

yes if you're living in your native countries they have the upper hand cause their countries are not as oppressive as the middle east or south America but if you live in a multicultural society like America I don't think there is any difference? please explain to me coz I'm dumb

Anonymous 157990

As you get older you usually start to realize that looks aren't even in the top 3 qualities you really want in a partner. Plus the really good looking moids often have something rotten about them

Anonymous 157991

shut up this is scrote propaganda by ugly men. ugly men literally are more terrible personality wise than good looking men, no, same doesn't apply to women.

ugly men are bitter creeps who take out their bitteress on women

Anonymous 157992

Do you have a pic? I'm in jeans and t-shirts all the time and I want to read about moids seething about it kek.

I did read moids complaining about us having too high standards though on some news article kekkk. God I wish I had screencapped that.

>looks are everything
How did you get that from my post? I'm just stating my observations in my own life, it didn't include my personal views on how women should date. Funny you should say that though. I got into an argument with my mom just recently when I said my cousin could've gotten a guy more attractive than the ugly troll she settled for because she's a beautiful girl (and young too). She told me "well maybe he's really nice!!!!!" well an attractive guy on par with her looks could be really nice too.

Looks aren't everything indeed but women are too often pushed/told/convinced to completely ignore their physical attraction while dating. There's a middle road you know.

Anonymous 157993

goodlooking moids have a lot of options and they get hyped up a lot by everyone so their egos are massive and they never learn to actually develop a personality cause everything is handed to them on a silver plate.

Anonymous 157994

this is literally what moids say but switching women with moids kek

Anonymous 157997

yeah, lot of things what men say about women is pure projection, thanks for observing it moron

Anonymous 157998

ideally for moids looks should not be everything but still the bare minimum required while for women looks should be far less relevant

Anonymous 157999

honestly every flavor of man is the same you just gotta find a good one that is compatible with you.
going for ugly men hoping that they will treat you right and won't cheat is a big mistake.

Anonymous 158000

Anonymous 158001

Sorry, any difference between what? Where women of different races stand on financial independence?

Anonymous 158004

it is the ugly incels who always have the most hateful view on women, just go to /r9k/ etc spaces and see what the bitter manlets and so think of women. good looking moids are still psychos but they're not on ugly men's level. good looking man will cut your throat while ugly moid will lock you in the basement and torture you for 20 years

Anonymous 158005

It's really infuriating but we must remember women are pushed into competing with each other because of men. They force us into this anti-natural competition, when it's moids who should he killing each other for our attention.

Anonymous 158007

oh you're a kiwiscrote kill yourself

Anonymous 158009

Oh my fucking god racespergs get out

Anonymous 158010

I wish I had cut it out of the newspaper and framed it, but no I don't have it anymore and it also doesn't pop up when I try to search for it.

Anonymous 158012

I also miss the farm . Which cows do you follow?

Anonymous 158013

autism really neve…

racebaiting is gay let's talk about how the longest piece of literature in history that is still ongoing is a loud house gary stu fanfiction

Anonymous 158014

wait he hasn't updated since july 3rd. wtf happened.

Anonymous 158015

The guys who get wives from SEA are bottom-tier middle aged men who couldn't find a girlfriend their entire lives. If white men really prefered petite Asians, you'd see the top tier guys with them. In Sweden, I only saw attractive Swedish men with Swedes or other Europeans.

Anonymous 158016

yea like in America what is stoping Latina women from gaining financial independence?

Anonymous 158017

But all my failures and hardships are because of white people :(
LOL stupid incel moids think all their failures and hardships are because of women. What fucking idiots.

Anonymous 158018

Damn right. No one should give these retards any chances. I fell for that shit before, "just give him a chance" but it's funny how that doesn't apply to scrotes huh? Why don't they just give the weirdo, fat or ugly a chance? When it's with them the girl is the pushy or creepy and they make her the butt of the jokes. In the end of the day these uggos you give a chance will treat you like shit and jump at the chance of being with a woman they find more attractive. Ugly males can fuck themselves, I'll never again date a guy I don't find 100% attractive, no fucking giving chances with me. (Don't) fuck them.

Anonymous 158019

90 dollar nail appointments

Anonymous 158021

every time I go on 4chan I see a thread about ea women(mostly Japanese) and all the poltards sperging about how they are superior to western women.

Anonymous 158022

>loud houss fanfiction
I rather talk about anything else, loud house fans give me the creeps

Anonymous 158023

we never said that what??

Anonymous 158028

i'd rather laugh at autistic moids than racebait like a /pol/tard

Anonymous 158031

tranp blonde.jpg

imagine if Trump had trooned out while he was president

Anonymous 158032

i think it's because a lot of them are weebs and think asian women are just like in their favorite japanese animes

Anonymous 158033

The left being forced to concede he was actually the first woman president would have been pretty funny

Anonymous 158034

i kind of wish he did, it would've been funny as fuck

Anonymous 158035

would liberals have forgiven Donna and hailed >her as the "first female president"

Anonymous 158036

transbian putin an…

Anonymous 158037

bolsonaro emo.jpg

That would make his brazilian boyfriend sad

Anonymous 158038

no because she'd be a lesbian in lesbians with fellow trans lesbian Vladimira Putina see >>158036

Anonymous 158042

>MSNBC hails the Trump-Putin monkey pox anal gape accords as a triumph of diplomacy and a seismic shift in global LGBT perception. My lowering the age of consent to 4 months sissy trump and daddy putin have finally cemented trans rights as human rights in the worlds two most important white democracies.

Anonymous 158043

my sides LMAO

Anonymous 158044

i too would date Alfred Fucking Jones the American Hero

Anonymous 158045


lolcow is down, kiwifarms is down, n o n n i e s idk if i can last

Anonymous 158046

cause apparently they are not feminists like western women kek

Anonymous 158047

Even if they grew up in first world country, it doesn't mean they had as many resources as other groups, especially not local white men, maybe they lived in a bad neighborhood and the school there was no good, maybe they had to work to help their family, you know things that ultimately lead you to have less options in life, or maybe nothing like that happened but they were still raised with the mentality that you need a man and it can be hard to grow out of this mentality, even if analyzing their situation rationally they didn't need men to support them materialistic.

Anonymous 158048


this painting sucks and if I were her I would be so offended by this pedophile ninja turtle's depiction

Anonymous 158049

anon it's not hard to get a job, literally just apply for one and get a flat studio for urself

Anonymous 158052

They don't, typically.
Telling the truth in any blind-sighted society isn't without a struggle.

Anonymous 158054


it's his troon fantasy though

Anonymous 158055

Who is this, human ken?

Anonymous 158056

yeah, if someone painted me and made me look like a tranny i'd be so pissed

Anonymous 158059


no I mean this. I like it when he's phat

Anonymous 158061

nta but homelander from the boys, he’s stupid hot

Anonymous 158063

I'm 24 and work from home living with my parents and they don't make me pay for anything except my own phone bill. It's like being a NEET but being paid to sit in front of the computer and also not having to worry about your tugboat.

Anonymous 158064


No more fighting with bad faith racebaiters. Only yaoi

Anonymous 158065

ugly meme painting

Anonymous 158067


Anonymous 159176

That doesn't mean it's superior it means they're more empathetic, I've seen so many suicide posters in the vent thread on lolcow get told to do it or stop attention seeking. That's a scrote tier reply not something to feel superior about weirdo, kek

Anonymous 162271


Anonymous 162272

Can I write that fanfiction please, please please

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