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Anonymous 157176

My aunt and uncle have a non-verbal autistic son. Now about 18 years old, their autistic son has the mind of a 2 year old with the body of a linebacker. Huge and muscular, he spends his days screaming at his parents for food and slamming his head against the wall in his room.

He's punched and beaten his mom, sometimes accidentally and often times intentionally, and he's bitten her so hard that she bleeds.

I wonder why my aunt and uncle take care of him personally instead of giving him to a home to take care of him or something, but I guess that he's still their son and they love him.

What would you do in this situation? Take care of the kid? Give it up for adoption the moment you realize it's mentally disabled? Kill it somehow?

Maybe I'm cruel and heartless but I can't imagine myself caring for some autistic brute forever. Maybe that would change if I actually had a kid.

Anonymous 157208

>retard strength is a trope
why does this happen? What is the bioligical explanation for this>



>not being a celibate women's separatist

Anonymous 157242

in my cousin's case it's because the only activity he actually enjoys doing is eating. So he eats and eats and eats far more than what a normal teen would be eating. Like the other poster said he also can barely register pain (talking completely out of my ass here, idk) so he is able to run and push and pull harder and faster than normal people can. So he grows big and strong.

Anonymous 157298


because it's a funny picture and autism isn't always immediately visible


Damn his hand is gentle gianting the shit out of that poor woman's face

Anonymous 157314

you ok? nta but as a wheelchair user stfu


I already live screaming so it would be fitting honestly lol

Anonymous 157330


why u downvoting my post


You were mean

Anonymous 157341


how was I mean
I will improve

Anonymous 157404

this, always. Esp autist moids.

Anonymous 157413

This is one of the many reasons I will never have children.

I don't think it's "heartless" so much as it is "unfortunate, but true", there should be a limit to how much people sacrifice themselves out of love. It's not your cousin's fault that he was born severely autistic but at this point taking care of him is self-harm, he's a lost cause, he has no future, likely doesn't even like being alive or doesn't even think about his life, is a waste of resources, and only makes those around him miserable and abuses them, so I'd probably euthanize him if something like that were legal, but since it's not I'd have no choice but to send him to a psychiatric hospital, but then I can't help but feel bad for the staff there who have to take care of people like that all the time. And I still would feel sad and guilty about having some that to my child because it's almost impossible not to develop an attachment. Taking care of an autistic manchild for the rest of his or your life must be hell though. I know they do it out of love for their children but I don't think it's objectively obligatory to love your child or parent, especially if they're abusing you. Sometimes, in particular cases like these, it's fine to not love your family, but it's hard for most people to accept that, so you get judged a lot for hating your parent or child even if it's for a very justifiable reason. In short, people think being blood related is some sort of unbreakable emotional bond, when it's really not and you didn't even choose to be born or to have a child who abuses you. This sounds cruel, but your aunt and uncle probably sometimes think about how much happier they would be if their son was gone but feel too guilty about it to every admit it.

I also think we as a society promote too much empathy for these kinds of people, who are different from people who are born without arms or whatever because at least those are capable of thinking and functioning like a normal person and are not dangerous. Yes, it is unfortunate that they were born with a mental disability that renders them unable to function in society and makes them violent and dangerous, but excessive sympathy is detrimental for you. Most people probably agree with this to some extent but wouldn't admit it. There's also this sentiment that preserving all life, even if it's hopeless or detrimental to others, is the "right" thing to do, which is how you get situations like the Hartley Hooligans' parents who exploit their half-developed babies for sympathy and money from people who have this mindset that all life is precious and should be preserved (those babies quite literally were incapable of thinking and they would not live long but their parents took advantage of them, and kept them alive as long as possible even though the girls' existence was probably full of pain). This philosophy of seeing every life as sacred also goes against the right to suicide and assisted suicide, which I think are not necessarily bad. Morality is very subjective and sometimes prevents us from seeking better alternatives or addressing issues directly and honestly.

I believe this situation is similar to people who are born sociopaths, why should we not be able to weed them out before a future serial killer or sadistic abuser is born? People are scared of eugenics (perhaps with good reason, since it's been advocated for by racists), but it can be beneficial to all of us, we could detect and prevent birth defects, genetic illnesses, and probably even conditions such as severe autism and sociopathy, before the baby is born. In the past, children with disabilities didn't survive or were discarded as soon as they were born, but now that we have made enough technological advances to allow them to survive and live comfortably, we don't need to do that anymore, however why should we encourage passing down disabilities instead of giving birth to healthy babies if we can do so? People with disabilities could have children without worrying if they'll be born disabled too. But I'm getting too off-topic.

Curiously, I don't think I've ever heard about a severely autistic womanchild. It seems to always be moids.

Anonymous 157430

> I don't think I've ever heard about a severely autistic womanchild
Likewise, or at least the closest ones to severe autism aren’t violent.

Anonymous 157453

>I also think we as a society promote too much empathy for these kinds of people
this is a really good point.

Anonymous 157454


extremely, extremely based

Anonymous 157461


Anonymous 157464

Yeah but female sociopaths who target shitty scrotes are based

Anonymous 157499

tbh I was mostly talking about male sociopaths kek

Anonymous 157577

>I'd have no choice but to send him to a psychiatric hospital, but then I can't help but feel bad for the staff there who have to take care of people like that all the time.

is it even free to drop off brainlets at psychiatric hospitals like that?

My guess is that if the parents have money they are going to get royally fucked. On the scale of $50,000 or more if you don't want your kid to be abused for being retarded.

Anonymous 157623

That fucking sucks and your relatives need to bite the bullet and put him somewhere else where people are trained to deal with behaviors like that. Society conditions us to put up with fucked up relatives with the cope that "it's God's challenge" or some other bullshit and then outsiders shame families who do put their relatives away.

I truly believe that if a caregiver doesn't enjoying taking care of their ward, they need to put them in either a home or an institution, it's really what's best for everyone involved. Situations like that pretty much always lead to abuse. You've really got to be built for caregiving or else it will whittle away your fucking sanity.

I definitely agree that euthanasia should be an option, I watched a client actually waste away because they couldn't legally euthanize them (and even if assisted suicide was available, they weren't functioning enough to even agree to it) and many tube-feeders are literally failing to thrive. However, people are kept alive artificially for as long as possible because more bodies = more state funding.

Funny enough, the top two most autistic people I've met have been women, I've never seen them act up, so I don't know if they're violent.

From what I understand, it's complicated to get someone in an institution/hospital because it depends on need and availability (similar to a state waiver program). If someone has extreme behaviors, then they're usually recommended for a more severe facility, with the state hospital being for the worst, including criminals (in the USA). I'm actually not aware of the exact costs to the family, but usually it's state funded.

Basically, I have some involvement in the field and I want to get the fuck out.

Anonymous 157633

>However, people are kept alive artificially for as long as possible because more bodies = more state funding.
jesus fuck that's depressing

imagine being trapped in a body you can't control surrounded by people who don't even look at you as human

Anonymous 157666

I have a neighbor who has a severely autistic son. She is a single mother and kept care of him as long as I remember myself. I don't know how old he is right now, but he is definitely ten years older then me. I can't even imagine how hard it is to care for a brainlet as a single mother. He used to scream so loud that the whole street can hear him at night. He also had a fit when he saw my dogs and always ran away from them. Can't say he is as violent as he used to be. I once visited them and they were in the middle of cleaning their flat. He carried stuff around, like putting shoes in the closet and dusting the flat. He also helps his mom carry groceries and knows how to throw out the trash. The mom told me that he also somewhat knows how to take care of himself, at least he knows how to shave and clean himself. He also knows how to buy groceries, but he can't cook.
Maybe he was an autistic sped before, but now he is less dumber then he used to be. So maybe speds can learn something after all. Still, I don't think that he can survive without his mother. I honestly feel sorry for her and hearing stories like OPs, about autistic people, I feel even more sorry, who knows what goes around behind closed doors. But it seems, at the end they can change, but that dude is at least 30 right now, and he still as good as a small child.

Anonymous 157697

I'd get him arrested and jailed, let the criminal justice system deal with "it". Should be easy enough if he's that aggresive. One single instance of applied pain to someone else already counts as abuse (where I am) and can get one sentenced if proven, which should be do-able with both parents at home.

If that's not possible somehow, wait until 21 (mandatory age to take care of your kid here) and kick him out on the streets, very literally. Replace all the locks. No mercy for a creature that's not human and threatens the life of his mother.

Anonymous 157741

Aborto before any of that could happen :l NO REGRETS

Anonymous 157744

I hate threadpic

Anonymous 157746

Anonymous 157754

with autism there's no way you could ever tell before the kid is like 2 years old

Anonymous 157758

Can you detect autism in the womb? I know there's methods of detecting various of problems while still at the abort-able stage (while that's also not available to everyone or for an equal time frame obviously) but does that include autism?

Anonymous 157769

get your doctor to try and gauge the fetal response to its exposure to the Sonic franchise

Anonymous 157793

Unfortunately, it doesn’t it can be solved by aborting males. As other nonas have said, this is not just autistic behaviour.

Anonymous 157797

Literally this, there’s no reason to have males number more than like 10% of the population. Aborting due to the Y chromosome defect should become more common

Anonymous 157803

I think we’re getting there, I saw some studies working on it and boy when they figure it out.

Anonymous 157804

Good. There's a notable increase of autism, like everyone knows someone who has an autistic kid these days.

I don't know if it's because of an increase of diagnosis that weren't diagnosed before or because of tech addiction/21st century lifestyle increasing the numbers or both. But there's more of them.

Anonymous 157851

Gene editing as well as gene therapy will definitely make it possible to prevent or cure autism, respectively, in the future.

Anonymous 157852

Yeah but will that be available to the average person.. doubt it.

Anonymous 158039

try to raise him properly would be my first response, which if he's acting like that i think is safe to assume your aunt and uncle didn't do. if i can't figure that out, then i would consult psychologist to see what i can do. sending him away would be my absolute last resort.

Anonymous 158051

Autism isn’t a gene and even taking too many Tylenol while pregnant causes it. You just sound like a eugenics enthusiast

Anonymous 158080

There is definitely a polygenic basis for autism as well. Personally, as an autistic woman, I only want to marry and have children with an autistic man and hope our children will also be autistic. The autistic masterrace can't be stopped.

Anonymous 158135

Good god anon please be careful with that. My mother's life (and by extension mine) was ruined because she married and had kids with a man who later got diagnosed with autism. He didn't show his true colors until he had trapped her. Please think twice about specifically seeking out autistic men, they're not like you.

Anonymous 158140

Anonymous 158163

Yeah, speaking as an autistic girl who was abused by autistic boys, it's like night and day for each sex. I notice girls tend to be more functional despite their disorder and are diagnosed late, meanwhile boys get diagnosed early and their parents coddle them and let them get away with things because "they're autistic, they can't help it".

Anonymous 158180

ugh, autistic boymoms are worse than regular boymoms.

Anonymous 158218

Yeah, one autistic boy family member literally is addicted to porn and posts hentai on Facebook where my mom and his mom can see, and constantly initiates offensive/controversial political topics with randos, and his sister just wrote it off as "he's autistic, that's just how he is". However, I'm sure if he was diagnosed late and learned to mask like girls do, instead of being diagnosed as a kid and having "autism" be his identity, things would be a lot different.

Anonymous 158400

OP where did you get this picture? The girl looks 100% like an old school friend of mine.

Anonymous 158527

I've seen documentaries about autistic people (I think Louis Theroux did one) where this becomes a massive issue if they have a moid son who's now an adult. The only thing they can do is put them in a group home or a place dedicated to dealing with people with disabilities. They're a danger to themselves and especially others (and women) at that age/size.

>Take care of the kid? Give it up for adoption the moment you realize it's mentally disabled?

If they had autism I'd wait it out to see if they'd be max chris-chan autistic, which I could handle (minus getting fingered by my son) or if they're screeching future domestic-abuse autistic, which I couldn't. I'd give them up in the latter case. It's a sad situation but it's also a dangerous one if you choose to live with them if they get older.

This is one of the many, many reasons I hope to god I have a daughter and not a son.

Anonymous 158626

At least in the us, in the state where I live, you can’t just chuck someone in a mental hospital for acting like a non-functional autist. Like many anons in this thread I have a manchild brother. He’s never been diagnosed with autism but he fits the criteria to a t. he is a former heroin addict and likely has brain damage from an overdose, which muddies the waters a bit. There have been numerous occasions where me and my mom have been afraid of him because of how unstable he is, and we have called a crisis team to come in and take him to the hospital, and the crisis team couldnt do anything because he doesn’t pose an “imminent threat” to himself or others. This effectively means that unless he actively tries to kill us or himself, we couldnt do anything about it. He was eventually admitted to the hospital because he tried to kill himself.
Since this time he has somewhat stabilized and has left the hospital, but I am still afraid of him. What isn’t scary about a 30+ year old, 250+ pound, 6’6 man that has the mind of a child? All he can do is talk about his special interest and food. he is incredibly stunted. To be totally honest, he disgusts me on a primal level and I feel so creeped out by him. My mom sometimes asks if he touched me inappropriately because I have such an aversion to being alone with him in any capacity. He never did, but he scares me nonetheless. I am scared he will snap again one day, and he will take his aggression out on all of us rather than himself. I feel like I’m living with a ticking time bomb.

Anonymous 159324

wtf lol

Anonymous 159523

There are autism prenatal tests available in China and Australia, but they're only about 60% reliable, which isn't much. But with research, they'll be more and more efficient. Sadly, in most western countries they probably won't be available because "muh eugenics bad" and wokie "neurodivergence" activists.

Anonymous 159603

tfw they are about to commit genocide against my people

Anonymous 159606

It's not possible to test for autism wtf are you guys talking about?

Autism isn't a binary "yes or no", it's a variety of disorders that result in similar symptoms

Every single non-verbal autistic is different biologically, unlike something like Down's Syndrome which is very clear cut

Anonymous 159622

>he spends his days screaming at his parents for food and slamming his head against the wall in his room.
This makes me think he's being abused or neglected. What a sad situation; autistic people don't act like this unless something is very wrong

Anonymous 159625

Meds dude

Anonymous 159637

Someone forgot their meds today ooopsie poosie. Hopefully mommys little “girl” remembers to take them before she has another episode.

Anonymous 159675

Lmao, you clearly have not met many autistic people, anon.

Anonymous 159712

to be clear he's like veeeery low functioning. Maybe that description wasn't entirely accurate, but he can't communicate normally so like a baby he has to scream or cry if he wants something

also his parents are both super nice doctors they aren't abusing him lol. They do literally everything correctly that needs to be done for a kid like him. They put him in a special school filled with experts on his mental condition, they fill his life with enrichment and personally make sure he never feels like he's being left out of activities. They unironically love him so much that their other kids sometimes feel left out.

Anonymous 159720

I am autistic. Banging your head against the wall is an unhealthy form of self-stimulation, which is something we do for emotional regulation. Ideally autistic kids should be taught healthy stims that are not self-harm (this is why you see some autistic kids in helmets), but that doesn't seem to have been done here.

So if this person is doing this, we know he's in an environment where his sensory and emotional needs are not being met. It's a sad situation. I'm not justifying him hitting anyone, but for those who understand autism it's pretty clear there's neglect happening

Anonymous 159738

What's being described in the OP is as clear a sign of neglect and/or abuse as a kid showing up with bruises

Anonymous 159783

it would probably depend on your moral compass, upbringing and many other things.

i don't know if i'd be able to take care of the kid tbh. it would be too much for me and i would probably feel unprepared. i'd most likely give him to a home where his needs would be met. i feel like that would lead to a better quality of life for everyone involved.

Anonymous 159931

I couldn't do it. My life has been shit and filled with hardships, an autistic child would probably push me over the edge.

Anonymous 159989

What country do you live in? Women tend to end up having kids younger (early 20s) when they're not ready where I am, 30 is hardly "too old". 40+, on the other hand, is, especially if the father is old too. My mom had me too young, but my dad was older, so I think the issue is usually older fathers.

Anonymous 160095

You're neglecting the existence of non verbal autistic children (i.e. people who just moan and scream and do not speak, never had), autistic children who are in their teens to 20s and still use diapers, etc.

Your experience is limited by you seeing yourself as autistic and not realizing there is a spectrum. Most online autists aren't of the extreme variety.

Anonymous 160153

I used to have the normie "Well look, that's just life. You can't just abort the baby or lock them away because they're inconvenient" attitude to it…right up until I became pregnant. I would have instantly aborted if my baby had a severe physical or cognitive disability.

Anonymous 160179

>You're neglecting the existence of non verbal autistic children (i.e. people who just moan and scream and do not speak, never had), autistic children who are in their teens to 20s and still use diapers, etc.
What are you talking about? Apraxia of speech has nothing to do with what they mentioned

Anonymous 160183

Like, you're just mentioning things unrelated to anything in that user's post and then suggesting they're neglecting these subjects. Are you trolling?

Anonymous 160282

Fuck it, get an abortion

Anonymous 160315

The distinction is clear, severely autistic/mentally disabled minimoids and moids suck and should be aborted or abandoned/put in a mental facility the moment they're aggressive.
Meanwhile, severely autistic or disabled girls can be useful for a household, my cousin has Down's syndrome due to being born from incest (brother and sister) and she's amazing, she raised another one of my cousins, she's the one that keeps an stable income at my grandpa's home and such.
Girls are superior even when they're disabled, while boys develop tard strength and are unstable as fuck.

Anonymous 160418

Aren't most disabilities and diseases passed on through the Y chromosome or something? I remember reading something about the Y chromosome carrying more bad genes than the X chromosome. Also let's not forget that women and girls academically perform better than males on average, so that tells us something about female intelliegence being superior.

Anonymous 160421

hold on, i need the story of how your aunt and uncle had a retarded incest baby

Anonymous 160467

the Y chromosome is a birth defect

Anonymous 160877

i’m sorry nona, having to grow up with a scary individual like that is rough

Anonymous 161492

idk nona, i have a sister who has autism and a couple of other mental diseases and i hate being around her. she used to attack with our mom a lot, and i mean physically attack her, and it was always over something really minor like difficulty with a math problem or something like that. she's always trying to cause drama without any regard for the people around her and can cause a lot of damage in the process. on the other side, i have an aunt who used to work with a lot of people with down syndrome, many of whom were male, and she's always said that they were a delight to be around. i think it's a lot more complex then you make it out to be.

Anonymous 161562

Fuck, having a violent, disabled son like this is one of my greatest fears. My fiancé is thrilled to have kids and I know he'll be a great dad, but I'm so paranoid of something going wrong and ending up with a mean, violent moid of a son that I don't love.

>Girls are superior even when they're disabled, while boys develop tard strength and are unstable as fuck.
This. When I was working on my teaching credential, the girls I taught who were on the spectrum were pretty awesome. I could connect with them and talk them through meltdowns and they were genuinely sweet, funny girls. Autistic boys (while some of them could be sweet,) can honestly be scary when they get bigger and I'd rather not be left alone in a room with one. I have no idea how parents do it.

Anonymous 161941

try to get NIPT done without your fiance knowing and do what you want with the results whether thats an abortion or keeping the baby

Anonymous 161995



Anonymous 162229

It's related because they're saying the autist in OP is abused hence why they're doing what they're doing. But what the autist in OP is doing is not necessarily due to abuse especially if they have an extreme variety of autism as I was pointing out. Nonverbal doesn't mean they're mute, it just means they don't talk, they often still communicate with grunts, screams, etc. so it is possible OP's case is one of those autists.

Anonymous 162235


OP here, I know I don't have to clarify for some random person on the internet but my cousin is definitely not being abused lol.

his parents try so so hard to make sure he has a good life, he probably has a better life than 99% of other people in his situation. They've tried so many different things to make sure he's comfortable, they keep up to date with the latest research on autism, have a very regimented schedule for him to make sure he's not confused, etc.

You aren't an expert on autistic behavior cues, there are so many different types of behavior present in autistic people and my cousin (who is likely FAR more autistic than you realize) tends to enjoy biting people and slamming his head into stuff when he's stressed

Anonymous 162245

They weren't saying he was being abused, but rather he is abusing his parents.

Anonymous 162256

i only agree with like 30% of this, but this kind of effort posting is why i come here

Anonymous 162270

I have aspergers and i honestly fucking hate low functioners. They're literally useless "human beings" and should be eradicated if ever possible.

Anonymous 162273


Samefag, but as I job search, there are HUNDREDS of openings for "ABA Behavioral Therapists," AKA specialists who have to deal with these literal retards. They're such a giant burden that there is an entire industry for dealing with them, with thousands of job openings every day.

Anonymous 162285

This is my living situation. I shall never forgive Nazis for discrediting eugenics.

Anonymous 162287

>They're such a giant burden that there is an entire industry for dealing with them, with thousands of job openings every day.
idk anon, the fact that they can support hundreds of livelihoods and help stimulate the economy simply by existing makes them seem more like an asset than a burden.

Anonymous 162328

>This makes me think he's being abused or neglected
Girl, what, it obviously is being stated they think the KID is being abused. Retard.

Anonymous 162342

Non retards know to regulate strength both consciously and subconsciously, so that they don't hurt others or themselves, retards don't generally have this mechanism it seems, surely consciously. Source: my ass.

Anonymous 162359

I tell myself that, as soon as any retardation is detected, I'd probably abort him as a fetus, give him up for adoption as an infant/child, or legally put him in the hands of the state when he's an adult.

But the truth is, I've had cats that bite and scratch the shit out of me; to the point where I've gone to the ER twice. And I'm too sentimental to give them away, abandon them in the woods, or have them euthanized. I just deal with the abuse, cause I love them. So, I'd probably just deal with my hypothetical retard-son's abuse too; as much as it seems like a bad idea.

Anonymous 162368

yea, I can empathize hard with my aunt. For every single time that my cousin bit her or punched her, there were the times that he smiled and laughed when she picked him up from school, when he would run up to hug her, etc.

The longer that she cares for him the harder any separation will be. My cousin is already so intolerant to any minor change in his routine, imagine how scary it would be for him if his parents left him? Any sense of peace he has in his life would disappear. At least that's what his parents probably think, who knows what he thinks, if at all.

Anonymous 162455

He's an adult, move and don't tell him where you're going.

Anonymous 162463

I don't think that's allowed for mentally disabled people, they have legal guardians just like kids

Anonymous 162544


What salary do they make? Low skill jobs high stress jobs make people miserable. Nobody dreams of tard wrangling for their career.

Anonymous 162545

post birth abortion. i'm never taking care of a sped regardless of what they have

Anonymous 162546

Thank you, it means a lot, I don’t really get a lot of support from my family. Parents feel bad for neglecting my brother in his adolescence so now they overcompensate for it by spoiling and coddling a 35 year old man.
Fwiw, I’ve babysat nonverbal autistic girls and am friends with adult autistic women and they aren’t nearly as bad as autistic boys. My autistic girl friend says and does bizarre shit but she’s never aggressive or violent. She’s prone to being sexually exploited by scrotes because she’s so naive, which breaks my heart. Shows how much worse scrotes are in general than women imo

Anonymous 162547

I have lots of stories of retarded downies from middlechool to write a horror book. From my own experience, retarded people are some of the worse subhuman out there. Violent, loud, abusive, manipulative, lying, stinking pieces of shit.

I saw them beating non retarded girls, stealing from little children, sexually arrasing girls and raping each other while howling like slaughterhouse pigs. While they did all of this, teachers came to their defense. Tard enablers are just as bad as them. They should be all euthanized, so children and innocent bystanders do not have to deal with them. Also OP, sorry about your aunt/uncle.

Anonymous 162549

Trannies can’t have kids dumdum

Anonymous 162566

The pay is awful. $18-21 USD per hour is what I usually see. There is the occassional company that pays $25+ but I'd still never put myself through handling these subhumans. It would be especially distressing as a high functioning autist myself.

Anonymous 162617

Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you a tranny. Women don't have the obligation to be caregivers, some of us dislike children even.

Anonymous 162844

who said i was a tranny retard? maybe i don't want to slave away my adult years to a manchild who will never serve a good purpose. good luck taking care of your pea brained moid son with downs

Anonymous 162850

Good luck dilating.

Anonymous 162891

Ignore it anons, it's probably one of these catholic tradthot that shits up the site with her ~wholesome misogynist religion~ and does not understand that women that didn't go through her sexist brainwashing are still women

seconded lol

I think the removal of the distinction between autism and aspergers in the DSM-V is to blame for a lot of confusion in this thread, and in society in general.

Anonymous 162896

Fuck off troon samefag

Anonymous 163010

>waaah tranny waaah


Anonymous 163013


Anonymous 163069

Things look bleak, don't they?

Anonymous 163090

I think, things look bleak, no matter the perspectrive now.

Anonymous 163095

Reminder the troon blatantly lies about samefagging all the time. He always "mysteriously" appears in the threads where he's suspected of shitposting, though. There is not reason to believe him ever, assume every retarded infight-stirring libfem is him and report.

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