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Being patronized by others Anonymous 161125

My entire life I've been treated as less capable than I am. fyi I'm blonde, small, and look pretty young for my age.
I'm just getting reeally tired of being infantilized, called pet names, and bossed around even by strangers even when I'm more educated and have more life experience than many of them.
Has this happened to any of you? Is there any way around it?

Anonymous 161171

How do I make them fear me?

Anonymous 161225

I have the same problem, and whenever I would stick up for myself or argue back people would treat me like a toddler having a temper tantrum.

Anonymous 161315

Just dye your hair brunette, maybe wear glasses

Anonymous 161342

i feel you. being short, and looking younger than you are just gets no respect from anyone. i wish i was taller.
i think wearing more black clothes helps tbh. wearing glasses for sure.

Anonymous 161345

this is probably going too far, but if OP is really desperate:

>gaining 10 or so pounds/bulking from some muscle

>wearing shoes that subtle give some height
>wearing very bulky looking clothes

it's really dumb but the littlest things can actually throw off a ton of men off. even the very mousy brown hair thing can help.

Anonymous 161415

no dice sis i'm brunette and this shit still happens to me

Anonymous 161416

Say "piss off, cocksucker" when people look at you wrong

Anonymous 161442


I built some muscle, don't shave any of my body hair, and make my dark circles worse with eye make-up. Plus I naturally have a deep voice for a woman, which helps. The most important part is to be a belligerent bitch who's confident in her own abilities. I became very good at my job, and I spend time working at my constructive hobbies. When guys compliment me I always say "I know" instead of "thank you". I exist to make moids uncomfortable. Thankfully I'm a lesbian so nothing is holding me back from my destiny. My next goal is to learn how to fire a gun and start carrying. As Maya Angelou said, you teach people how to treat you.

Anonymous 161445

Anonymous 161476

Nona I look up to you.

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