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Anonymous 161323

Last Bladeethread was deleted because it was created by moids.

Let's correct that. Real drain only.

Anonymous 161346

I prefer Gaydee

Anonymous 161348

if ur over the age of 20 and care about bladee or dg, you need to grow up

Anonymous 161351

there are a lot of young users here, i think

Anonymous 161408

Bladee is 28, zoomers can't even appreciate the real depth of his music.

Anonymous 161441

It's always funny to me when imageboard users tell people to grow up. Because using imageboards to begin with is a very grown up and mature thing to do right?

Anonymous 161446

This seems like one of the only original music subcultures happening right now. I don't care much for it but I'll respect it for that.

Anonymous 161662

who the fuck is bladee and why should i give a fuck?

Anonymous 161750

bladee is my husband and i love him

Anonymous 161765

this reminds me, where is the anon who said she saw fishy dm's from bladee? we're still waiting.

Anonymous 161766

redpill me on bladee

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 161780

Moved to >>>/media/26712.

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