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Anonymous 162088

You get one wish, but 70% of the entire population also gets exactly what you wished for.
What's the wish?

Anonymous 162089

Mine is to achieve my personal view of what world peace is

Anonymous 162096


Anonymous 162099

That my abusive ex dies. Then everyone's abusive ex would die!

Anonymous 162101

Dumb wish but cuter face

Anonymous 162111

a free dentist appointment. i don’t like smelly breaths when interacting with randos, and rn i have cavities…yup…

Anonymous 162119

Screenshot 2022-09…

this is it nona

Anonymous 162123

my dream appearance

Anonymous 162125

Best answer yet, would be very helpful to the population generally.
Does this mean 70% of the world looks exactly like you?

Anonymous 162126

More time with loved ones who have passed on without it changing the past. You can talk to them and hold them and invite them to activities. They're alive again, sort of…

Anonymous 162128

With as much freedom of choice, you ought to disappoint yourself and any choice will turn out to be the wrong one in the long run. I think knowing you could choose anything and everything will do that to you, you will end up dissatisfied because "what if i chose this, or that, or this". It's a trap.

Like this is some monkey paw shit, and when the world isn't exactly like you imagined because things are complex, you'll realize shit i should have been more selfish and chose money or something.

This would probably feel so good at first, but then your quality of life doesn't change because the moid was your ex and wasn't in your life anymore so… You realize you wasted a precious wish on someone you hate instead of adding to your life.

This is nice too, but i'm sure as soon as life throws shit at you you'll realize being cute doesn't make your life perfect and same as the others you'll ask yourself "what if i chose differently?" (for instance, i wish my cat never dies or i don't know, any other trauma you could avoid with the given wish).

Even this meaningful one could turn out to be shit. I have many dead people in my life, my own mother died when i was a child and this wish sounds the best to me. But when people disappear you keep them in your head and twist the reality of what they were like when they were alive, you're filling in the blanks everytime you think about them. Sounds risky to bring them back because so many expectations wouldn't be met and i can see how traumatizing it could be.

Anyway i think i would be a nihilistic piece of garbage and not wish for anything, and tell the genie to fuck off.

Anonymous 162130

to find true love.

Anonymous 162131

To be very wise

Anonymous 162133

Rolling odds for >>162096 evens for >>162130

Anonymous 162136

that's a really good wish nona, i'm surprised i didn't think of it

Anonymous 162138

Inner happiness

Anonymous 162146

Handsome husband with fat dick

Anonymous 162158

Choosing money would be stupid, 70% of the world would get that money too causing inflation

Anonymous 162159

Nah, that one has it's issues too. 70% of the world absolutely involves some awful people and having them suddenly turn very wise could result in them doing some nasty things and getting away with it.

Anonymous 162168

That's why i said that i wouldn't wish for money either.

Anonymous 162172

What if your abusive ex was so delusional he genuinely believed you were abusive?
>when the world isn't exactly like you imagined because things are complex, you'll realize shit i should have been more selfish and chose money or something
If she regrets it, is it really her version of world peace?
The world is now 41% handsome husbands, and the instant 70% population jump is expected to lead to billions starving and societal collapse

Anonymous 162179

To go vegan

Anonymous 162183

Sis. Do not take my lemon chicken. Wish for death if you have an IQ of 105 or below. You will be unaffected. That'll clear out hundreds of millions and the world will be a better place for it. It would also decrease the need for industrial farming on the scale it's on. We both win.

Anonymous 162184

I wish that all my prejudices would disappear and I could look at the world unclouded by bias.

Anonymous 162185

That I am not a victim of rape, murder, or abuse of any kind.

Anonymous 162186

>hundreds of millions
4.8 billion. The world would most likely collapse, ending the lives of most first-worlders without survival skills

Anonymous 162196

Get perfect health, mental and physical.

Anonymous 162213

To be a peaceful person who isn’t racist and shit. Would probably solve a lot of wars.

Anonymous 162215

lel those are very subjective words there.

Anonymous 162220

Eh true. I mean just like. To not start wars with other countries I guess???

Anonymous 162221

Hmmm. That might backfire though. Be pacifist unless another country is attacking you. There that works.

Anonymous 162244

Minimal work fruit trees and vegetable garden.

Anonymous 162499

True peace, perfect happiness and love. For you, too!

Anonymous 162603

if they were wise, thy wouldn't be doing bad things nona. you're thinking of intelligence.

Anonymous 162859

I agree but then I think of how subjective all of this is and mi dumb brain hurts

Anonymous 162866

to have grown up with a mother

Anonymous 162879

A fatal curse on anyone who goes into the rainforest to log/mine it. A fatal curse on real rape apes and violent psychopaths, child abusers, molesters and anyone who hurts cats.

Anonymous 162881

Also middle eastern rape apes. Just torch the extremist males there honestly. Grab some popcorn while I watch CNN live as heads explode on live TV and the middle east women go out and celebrate

Anonymous 162882

I know this is more than one wish. I know, i fail.

Anonymous 178041

Women can choose when they get pregnant. Abortion/ contraception would be totally pointless and Republicans/ men would throw a priceless tantrum.

Anonymous 178043


That everyone has loving, supportive parents. Most fucked up people end up that way because of upbringing.

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