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Anonymous 162193

Man I wish I lived in Hawaii or some other tropical island paradise

Anonymous 162197


With how cold it suddenly became in my country, I'd give everything to live in an ever sunny place.

Anonymous 162216

I'm getting so sick of living in California tbh. Went to Hawaii on a vacation recently and everything about the state exceeded my expectations in every way. Definitely going to escape california soon, either to Hawaii or some other country

Anonymous 162242

I'm from CA too, going to Hawaii in a few months. How was the food/fruit prices?

Anonymous 162322

same. lets all pool our money together and buy a giant house for everyone to live in on hawaii.

omg I am also from california. we need to escape

Anonymous 162989

isn't Hawaii expensive? And other tropical places have thirdie problems.

Anonymous 163731

honestly wouldn't want to live somewhere warm cuz of the bugs. i.e. australia has massive spiders. idk about hawaii tho

Anonymous 163732

I lived there for 4 years, and it sucked. Expensive andm they hate u for white

Anonymous 163733

Yeah it has huge cockroaches and more mosquitoes and flies than anywhere else I've lived.

Anonymous 163735

I live in a hot country and hate it. Hate it, take me out of here, I can't stand the heat no mo

Anonymous 163737


>tfw you will never be stranded on an island with a cute moid

Anonymous 163748

How bad is the bug/reptile situation there though? I don't want to move where dangerous animals can get in my house frequently.

Anonymous 163752

>Grow up in cold country
>Move to hot country
>Everywhere has the aircon set at 12 C
>End up being colder than I was before

Just why

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