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how to get my mother away from tinder Anonymous 162259

My mother uses tinder and I fucking HATE it. How to put a stop to this egregious development?

Anonymous 162260

why do you want to stop it? do you want her to stay single?

Anonymous 162263

As if she will get a bf from tinder

Anonymous 162275

Tell her to use hinge

Anonymous 162327

mind your business anon, she can do whatever she wants

Anonymous 162339

NTA but if I had a mom who I actually gave a shit about I'd be more worried about her meeting sociopath men on those literal hookup apps rather than getting a new daddy

Anonymous 162340

if she's technology impaired, you can just delete the app from her phone, and change the password required for installing new apps.

Anonymous 162341

Not to hijack the thread, but what's different about Hinge?

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