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Anonymous 162319

Is patriarchy really humanity's default? Are we doomed forever?

Anonymous 162324


OP no there's plenty of examples of societies throughout history that were much more egalitarian and once we lower the birth rates men will have to wisen up anyway

Anonymous 162486

I can't see it changing within my lifetime

Anonymous 162493

Only top tier men benefit from patriarchy.

Anonymous 162542

Without some technological breakthrough that radically changes humanity, probably, yes. I'm pretty pessimistic about the prospects for both egalitarianism and matriarchy.

So many attempts at egalitarianism end up having unwanted consequences. Like maternity leave disincentivizing bosses to hire or promote women. Like quotas creating the image that any woman gained her position, not through merit, but to fill a quota. Or sexual liberation ending respectful chivalry in courting as a norm.

In my very limited anthropological knowledge of the very rare matriarchal societies; the men are not actually being dominated by the women. The women own everything, and make all of the political decisions. But the women also do all of the work (including child-care and domestic work). The men in these societies just gamble and get inebriated.

Anonymous 162584

Truth is that the so called better times never existed, before the concept of diversity quotas existed (which were created to prevent scrotes who held all positions of power from not allowing women in the workforce, and were brought in to prevent them from trying to form boys clubs simply so they could behave degenerately among other men when women workers were the better candidate but assumed less competent because of the social bias stemming from scrote propaganda created and pushed throughout history, scrotes making it so scrotes control everything leads to shit like trannies trying to censor and isolate anyone who says no to mens degenerate coom seeking behaviour) scrotes still seethed that any women who got a better position then them slept her way to the top. The so called chivalry time never existed as “chivalry” only existed for a small group of women (who were still seen and treated as property so its not really a privilege) while scrotes were happy as long as another subset of women such as prostitutes could be treated poorly so they could pretend to be chivalrous while not actually respecting or pursuing women for romantic reasons. Truth is men propagandise to inflate their value due to reproductive anxiety from being the sex not meant to decide reproduction, they bastardise nature to circumvent evolution and live parasitically. They believe they are better than us because they have said so, which is why most troons even in the past were scrotes. They claim to be the logical sex when it is projection. They believe their words and beliefs are law even when it goes against reality.

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